Sent: Radico PHF “Brown”

Hello my friend! :)
Hui is the cold outside. Just when you made the holiday is not so long back and had little time, to adapt to the cold temperatures, receives one autumn with not quite as exuberant joy.
Still, I'm just, was Make-Up, As for hair color and generally around me, very voted autumn. Aubergine, Forest and various shades of brown and golden orange are my favorites at the moment.
This includes this product, which my Amarantus Lounge has sent to:
Radico – Hair colour organic Brown
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown
The Herbal Hair Color (PHF) is Ecocert certified and all ingredients contained are made certified organic farming. In addition to covered gray hair evenly will.
There are ten different shades: Golden Blond, Strawberry Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, Copper Brown, Soft Black, Mahagony, Wine Red, Burgundy, Auburn Red. That's a really great choice just for Herbal Hair Color, there probably should each find something! :)
I was easy for the “Braun” decided, because I did not want too far away from my natural hair color.

Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour BrownRadico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown
When Carton seemed to me to be honest very briefly some doubts, As for the quality. Because even though he really nicely decorated is, The leaves on the package are pretty verpixelt, just as the logos on the front. It affects a tiny bit so, as if they were swiped from the Google search results.
But good, it is, after all, to the content and I will not be superficial! :)
Because the equipment is anything but puny.
Next 100g of hair color powder are also not only as usual Instructions, Shower cap and gloves contain, but even a brush for coloring!
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown Inhalt
My brown hair color has (Like the last, I've used: Card, Health and Logona) in Powdered green color.
At the moment still quite unknown PHF is of the Amarantus Lounge, Hautbalance, Both and Wolkenseifen for the 10,95€ sold.
For more information you can find on the Radico-Homepage.
Actually, I should get the color already before my vacation, but unfortunately, the Post has not delivered me, the more tense I was, when I handed over the letter carrier and a half weeks before the second packet of hair color.
So excited, I summarily touched the color and reciting the same!
Touched, I have the Half of green powder with lukewarm water, because the manual was for short to shoulder length hair the Amount of 50g given, So the package stops at my current length (I could not help, than to go to Vietnam to the hairdresser) even for two applications.
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown PulverRadico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown angerührt
In black and Co. I renounced, because my original color is already very similar and I wanted gotten the full effect Care.
When mixed, I had not so much as turn up otherwise the nose: To my surprise, the otherwise penetrating odor was this time more from “You”-Dominated fragrance, less of the otherwise strong “PHF”-Odor, with which I, unfortunately, did not come clear.
Also from upside down with the mush! I have to admit, I have a feeling I will always seasoned and such a mess like the last time there was not. :)
The Färbepinsel I have solely for the recognition on the front of the forehead and the back of the head, and on the ears used, for the whole head takes me to the long. The I massage the color rather long and thoroughly as shampoo in their hair.
Then the Shower cap on his head, a small towel around it and completed!
During the usual half hours exposure, in the green Pflanzenpampe should accomplish marvels at my hair, I have done a lot and taken a closer look at the ingredients:
Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo)
This is the name given to leaves and / or extracts, derived from the indigo plant. It stained by the contained Indigo blue to purple and often occurs in natural cosmetics for coloring the hair.
Henna (Henna)
This is the name given to leaves and / or extracts, derived from the indigo plant. It stained by the contained Indigo blue to purple and often occurs in natural cosmetics for coloring the hair.
Emblica Officinalis (Amla)
This is the name given to the fruit of the Amla tree. This plant is widely used in Ayurveda (Indian medicine) used. She has both cleansing and nourishing properties, for the hair it can be used accordingly for washing or as a conditioner. Nevertheless, it can be also used for skin care, It binds free radicals and so counteracts the aging process.
Eclipta Alba (Bhringaraj)
This is the name given to the Eclipta plant. This is in Ayurveda (Indian medicine) often used, among other things, against suffering such as headaches or skin diseases but also more generally for skin and hair. It aims to boost the metabolism of the liver and the hair growth.
Trlgonella grass Greek (Methi)
In German easily: Bockshornklee. It leaves hair beautiful shine and protects against hair loss. It is designed to relieve even itching of the scalp. That is why it is often also in Form of a paste offered as a hair treatment.
Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Powder
The powder obtained from coffee beans is both coloring and caring. In addition, it is sometimes used to change or elimination of odor.
Acacia Catechu (Katha)
This is an extract of acacia, comes because of its high brown coloring effect in self or hair colors for use. In browns often a small amount will darken henna given to the color and change in direction Brown.
Blonde tinctorum (Manjistha)
This is the name of Färberkrapp, one of the oldest known, red coloring. It is used in various products such as natural hair color. In addition, the medicinal plant against diseases of the urinary system helps.
Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis (Wild)
The room hibiscus or Chinese hibiscus has an intense red color and can be consumed in various forms. It should help to split ends and hair loss, promises thicker hair and is used in herbal hair colors next Henna.


Interestingly, that the Ingredients in the order and type are identical to my previous favorite hair color from Card (Dark Brown) except for the last five ingredients (marked in blue), which are not included therein.
The content is perfect, Color and Care, more can not say! :)
Then went already back to the Wash out and here I have a huge tip for you:
The Air ebelin- and massage brush is perfect rauszuwaschen to PHF and all the little crumb of plants and-brösel to get out, even without shampoo and oodles of water!
ebelin Massage- und Shampoobürsteebelin Massage- und Shampoobürste
I bought it to me actually to shampooing and distributing the flushing. For the former, it is okay, I tie the hair but by too fast. But for rinses and hair treatments it is super useful. Even without Tangle-Teezer can be so even in the shower gently comb without any visible hair loss or tweet.
After washing with only clear water and no shampoo, which went really fast thanks to the brush, I have the hair a leave fifteen minutes to air dry and then blow-dried almost completely dry.
My hair was before colouration not just very well maintained, which on the one hand to the many Sun was in the summer, on the other hand also to Salt water from the sea. On Irrigation or other care was completely waived on holiday, simply due to time constraints.
It can be seen, the hair from the sun are a bit brighter and act as generally not as dark and they act somewhat strohig.
Even directly after the dyeing process they do not see too well cared for, because that many warm water and rubbing around do not get them as good.
What has me but unfortunately again driven to despair, are forward my familiar green highlights. Because even the last dyeing her blond tresses were green instead of brown and I had to dye the hair color of Santé think again about.
So I walked away from the next day to have to color a further meeting with the rest of the hair color over.
But the next morning was the big surprise, as I could find hardly a greenish tint. (Because herbal hair colors oxidize even after the actual dyeing process and further darken yet.)
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown Ergebnis
On The Contrary: The hair was not completely the same color, but beautifully colored in dark and slightly lighter brown, almost like homemade Highlights. But anyway not uneven or blotchy. This natural patterns just emerged from my original color, in which the sun has conjured up little Highlights.
Meanwhile, after half weeks, is this Green completely gone and the hair color fades not a bit.
The nicest thing about the PHF, but I find the splendor, I tried to capture it to you, but so completely succeeded I am not the, because in reality it is much more intense and more beautiful.
I must confess, my hair has never looked so neat from.
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown Ergebnis
Here in direct sunlight, at the top of the hair clip we see, how much the color “shines”.
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown ErgebnisRadico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown Ergebnis
Radico Colour Me Organic Premium Hair Colour Brown Ergebnis
The wonderful luster can be easily not quite bring on image, because that bit “Frizz” in the pictures you see yourself not at close range.
Here comes right up to the highly bonded hair conditioning performance somewhat out.
Another point, why Radico for me will be the only choice for hair color for a long time, is the acceptable smell.
Because I imagine, that of clear more hay smells and not so obnoxious to PHF.
In addition comes the Odour faster way, after two to three days (Daily shampooing) war er like spirited away.
Incidentally, I have applied my khadi Rose shampoo sample once and the smell is clearly drowned out by the shampoo fragrance. Who PHFen (like me) can not stand, I can also have the “soothing cool water verweine citrus” of Acorelle recommend to drown out the smell or just this hair color, because it smells much milder.
For the first time I did not even get them a slight headache.
“With still more astonished enthusiasm, I note: the Radico Wine Red is the galaktischste red Rolls-Royce of herbal hair colors […]”.
This also applies “Brown” without exception.
The ingredients are of course, certified organically grown and beautifully chosen, the Color result accordingly devastatingly and long-lasting.
Care and the beautiful shine are just bombastic.
Next time I'll probably just fade out maintenance reasons and not because of the color, 50g are still left!
Not even because of the typical “PHF” Odour can I complain, for two to three days of hay-scented think even I without problems.
Sag “Hello” the new generation of herbal hair colors!
That's why I love to forgive
10 from 10 Points
Have you heard of the Radico Hair Color heard?
What do you think in general of Herbal hair colors?
To awkward or much better than conventional Products?

28 thoughts on “Sent: Radico PHF “Brown””

    • Many Thanks! :D good, then I am so reassured, in real, the gloss is so terrific, I somehow never got it on photos. Even more intensively than get my silicone chemical bombs of the past have! :)
      Yes that's true, chemical color is not better, but it blows a load of perfume is right in the form of shampoo or conditioner again pure and ready. At PHF, the smell is not so easily surpass, at least with natural products. :)

    • Thank you so much! I'm glad, You can see on the pictures the too :)
      I think this shouldn't be a problem (Necessary you have to dye two times), just stupid, If you want to go back to the natural hair color, because then you'd have to do it Yes chemical, so far, there is unfortunately no brightening colours in the natural cosmetics. Best you ask me directly after, the Amarantus lounge or a different dealer, you sure better know as I :D.

  • Thank you for the great and detailed test! So far Khadi and chicken were my favorite color but I'm happy to expand my collection :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Acuh if I oute me it absolutely as hen non-participant: What is PHF? *shame on *.
    So I understood that correctly: After initial coloring you had green hair highlights and after you have applied a second time same color, the beautiful Brown came to the fore?

    The result looks really great. So if my natural hair color irgndwann times should go on the biscuit, then I know, What brand I will take first look at :)

    Liebe Grüße…

    • Oh I'm sorry, I will add that even top, PHF is simply the abbreviation of herbal hair color :D.
      The last time I had to dye two times to get off the Green, and even then it was still something to see.
      This time I had to wait only, because herbal hair color oxidize even after the actual application, They darken so. D.h. You can see the actual result partly after over 24 h. In my case I woke up just the next morning and the Green is by left alone, through the darkening! :)
      Many Thanks, I'm also super happy with the end result :D.
      Lots of love! :D

  • A nice review :) all are to me personally “Color intervention” simply much too expensive. Until I had everything eingepampt airy hair there… I stay there out of convenience just at the NHF :) How about when shorter hair but addess. worth considering.

    • Many Thanks! :) I can totally understand that, I think it's Yes somewhat exhausting and my hair is super short compared to your beautiful head of hair :). Besides, it's so sure incredibly hard to have all the hair plus hair color on the head one and a half hours, to get any headaches or neck tension you need are probably all the time :).
      Dearest greetings! :)

    • Thanks a lot, I'm very embarrassed!
      The weight's not go me. If I wash my hair, I have also always a huge beach towel turban on the head, the hair grades and that was never a problem.
      Much more it would drive me crazy, everything somehow to grease and then rinse out and having to clean everything.

    • Hihi :) Oh right, sure that would need an eternity. In particular is the question of whether the result is then evenly, because you have to start somewhere and there it worked a yes then longer.

  • What a very nice result and this gloss, Hui!
    I'm telling again at henna Red: the subsequent power of development of is definitely nothing to sneeze at, even though I probably at least twice as would have frightened in your place on the Green strands directly after coloring. I found the typical smell also very very acquired taste, now (one way hardly) I likes him even very much and prefer him to definitely biting ammonia. ,)
    The Verpixelte on the label copy also I noticed in my recently purchased to Burgundy. Full funny, on my first Pack that was not, because what part also seems to have gone, because that doesn't look nice.

    Dearest Greetings!

    • Thank-You, I also appreciate the <3.
      Well I knew already from the last time the Green Strähnchenen, so I busted out not quite in panic. :)
      Ammonia smells definitely worse, because you hit on it but just a ton of perfume then and voila! The smell bothers me when, then after dyeing, because he so long. By the way, I have a green tea at home, the I can not empty drink, because it smells just like PHF ^^:).
      Interesting, Perhaps what has really gone wrong, I just think, that seems somewhat frivolous and thats a shame, because I would buy the color as customer is probably not in charge.

  • What a nice result! You can see the shine of your hair really good. I ordered me lately also a pack of Radico – Mahogany. At some point I will overcome me hopefully, my hair dye. I have now after more than 4 Years finally my NHF, and already it itches me again in your fingers, them to color. Even though I am actually quite happy with the color – a dull dark blond, nothing special. Also I'm a little scared, that would the hair with mahogany are too dark and I then running around as a corpse. Also the hair never got mine (with PHF) himself dyed. But if you all so raves… ;)

    LG Sonny *.

    • Oh thank you! :) With the urge to dye, I know that only too well :). Have already tried such hair colours Internet tools? I did always love, where that looks differently anyway in real then. I think with darker one has hair like a always slightly paler but sometimes not “Body” but more like snow white :D. The dyeing is not so hard and so much can not happen, Not one color just yet once it ^^!

  • I've tried a seemingly similar product for me, is also a powder, but by Khadi. After my first attempts with Logona doesn't work at all have powder, was I veeeery pleased and satisfied by the result. The colors look great, and of course, really last forever and super grey hair cover! The company, you think that here, still I didn't. But thus it also works well and is worth to try them out. Thank you for the detailed product review and description!

    • Khadi has really significantly more power than Logona, I've noticed also when coloring :) I think it's so great, they break the hair does not like chemical hair dyes, But even still maintain! :)
      Here you go, did I like to! :)

  • I think your hair looks good after the application :) I love! I have uploaded just also my review to, got to: “Burgundy” dyed! I'm not entirely happy with my color results, but the effect of the care was good! ;) Will be tested again in any case!

    I'm there with you greetings!

    • Many Thanks! :) Your review I read me just and Yes, PHF comes out unfortunately differently at each. Anyway I like your results and you can see, that the hair got quite a bit of care! :)

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