Delicate as a rose petal – Alterra 5-free Nail Polish “01 Rose blossom”

Hello my friend,

right now I am getting more and more minimalistic in all parts of my life, even cosmetics. As a blogger, it is not always that easy because I get a lot now and then of samples and buy things to try, too. I often give things I don’t like that much to my friends and family because they are happy about it and I don’t have to keep it until it is not usable anymore.

I also have many nailpolishes but only use a few. So this is is by a nailpolish that I use very often because it is a great allrounder!

My Nail Polish-ALLROUNDER: 01 Rose blossom of Alterra.

The nailpolishes by Alterra are 5free, avaliable in three different colors (rose, Red and brown), contain 11ml and are all vegan. They are not all natural, but do not contain the five most harmful ingredients of nailpolish. You can find more about nailpolishes and their ingredients in this article. :)

My favourite one of the three is “01 Rose blossom” and I bought it because “be my baby” from benecos got empty.

There are six reasons why it became my absolute favourite nailpolish:

It dries extremely fast. About one or two minutes and it is dry and you don’t get smudges in it.

One layer is enough to get a great result with a sheer coverage. It maybe gets a tiny bit streaky but that's only visible if you look at it from close up.

My Nail Polish-ALLROUNDER: 01 Rose blossom of Alterra.
Eine Schicht des Alterra Nagellacks “01 Rose blossom”.

The color is simple and elegant, the nails look sleek and fit to nearly every outfit, short and long nails. It is not too pink and not too yellow.

The durability is good and because of its color you don’t have to renew your manicure like with bold colors.

It is easy to remove even with natural nail polish remover, I use the one by Terra Naturi. :) It maybe takes a bit longer as with conventional remover but therefore my nails don’t get that damaged.

The price of 3,49€ is great because you get a 5free nail polish that can absolutely keep up with conventional brands. It even is great in comparison to more pricy nailpolishes for example from Nailberry or treat collection.

My Nail Polish-ALLROUNDER: 01 Rose blossom of Alterra.

I therefore own the red nailpolish by Alterra but it is a tiny bit too bright for me, so most of the time I use “Rouge” by Nailberry. But if this one will be empty I definitely want to buy the nailpolish from Alterra again.

How do you like nailpolish?

Do you use different colors or do you have your favorite three or five ones?

You can find mor information to 5free here nailpolish.

Lot's of love,



11 thoughts on “Delicate as a rose petal – Alterra 5-free Nail Polish “01 Rose blossom””

  • I can understand, why you like it so much. He looks really great. Very natural and above all suitable for everyday use. Thank you for the post. Liebe Grüße, Britti

  • I'm mutated inappropriately to the nail polish junkie since I'm moved to NK. And in my collection, my friend move regularly with the ears :D at a glance, I thought, nothing for me is the paint, but at the moment I like like to be so bright and everyday colors. Thanks for the tip!

    • Hihi, It may be! I used to be an absolute Nail Polish junkie, but by the NK change a bit of it came off and then large crap out but again started. :) I previously rarely wore such Nail Polish but the benecos paint gave me totally on the taste. :) Willingly! :)

  • Hi Julia,
    I am usually quite striking colors on my nails for a walk, but then, and when I feel like real time on a such delicate, clean look. Looks really really great!
    I like Bekennendermaßen Alterra correctly (especially for hair products, but also to other, and then enerBIO) and will look determined times for varnishes.
    Liebe Grüße!

  • I find the paint also class and have the same hue! Alterra should necessarily extend his nail varnish assortment! Who came with the product development on the idea out to bring Nail Polish, should get a price! :D

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