Yupik Info Days 2015 (with baking- and matcha tip!)

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Today I want to tell you more about the

Yupik Info Days 2015

in Munich I visited two weeks ago. Yupik is a PR agency representing brands in the health and beauty segment. Every year there is a information evening, this years motto was DIY!

Therefore the german baking-queen Enie van de Meiklokjes took part and prepared sugar-sweet cupcakes.

ENIE bakes info days on the Yupik 2015

Her hack for decorating dainties: Just punch out some shapes out of edible paper with a punch press out of the stationary shop! This is how she made blue puzzles and green cloverleaves for the creamcheese-frosting on vanilla and chocolate muffins.


 I tried one of the delicious cupcakes of course and it wasn’t just tasty, but also super yummy! :)



For me as a natural cosmetics bloggerin the first place to go: Luvos!
Luvos on the Yupik info days 2015


I really like the products by Luvos, I use their healing clay for years to make my own facial mask including some extracts and oils! Also I tried the shampoo and the conditioner but it washed out my plant haircolour, so I had to stop using it even though I love the effect it had on my irritated scalp! Now there is also a new way to eat healing clay for detoxing. Taken in the form of granules it can even absorb histamine and moderate problems by histamine intolerance. Pretty interesting, huh?!

Sidroga und Sidroga Organic

A very interesting new discovery is sidroga. They sell all natural tea to struggle against a cold and the ingredients are great, so I guess they are good for facial steam, too!


Even more interesting is the new line “sidroga organic”, that tries to stand aloof from the classic pharmacy tea and offers different sorts of organic tea. Among others they also sell matcha, a drink I started to love last year!


[There are two types, you can buy 30g in a tin or in small sachets with 1g each, perfect for an average 80ml Matcha.


There is a great hack how to make your matcha tea wonderful foaming and creamy without having a (expensive) bamboo whisk: The magic tool is called cocktail shaker! It is pretty cheap and you can use it for so many things. Just put matcha and hot water in it (be careful because it gets pretty hot) and shake it for one or two minutes. Thank you so much for the great tip, yupik! :)


Besides matcha you can buy four other tea sorts, either single or all of them in a collection box.


Great Luck (rooibos with spices), Pure Optimism (black tea with spices), Hot Temptation (berries with a hint of cocoa) and True Thanks (white tea with vanilla and colourful petals).


They smell gorgeous and are not only organic but also fair-trade.

I tried Great Luck yet and I like it a lot, it remembers me on my favorite sweet Chai from EnerBio, it also gets it sweetness from the contained licorice.


sikapur / silicea

silkapur and silicea produce products with silicic acid, they are from the same manufacturer but one is sold in whole food shops and one in pharmacy.


I use these capsules by silkapur (pr sample) for a month now, they are supposed to strengthen nails and hair. The effect is visible only after three months, so I can’t tell much about them yet.


If you don’t like pills, you can also use this liquid without flavor, for example in smoothies or drinks and it has the same effect.


This lip balm is new and is made to prevent oral herpes. I can’t tell you more about that, but it seems to be a very nourishing balm and I will test it in the winter months. It doesn’t have a classic minty or fruity taste but is a bit spicy.


Ohropax normally produces earplugs but I found out, that they also offer a sleep mask, that looks a bit like a very small bra. :) 


The benefit: The sleep mask doesn’t touch the eyes, so it is very comfortable and good for travels, where you can’t remove your make-up and still want it to look fabulous.



How do you like the baking and matcha tip? 

Do you buy things in the pharmacy or do you visit it only if you are ill?



Lots of love, Julia

I got the shown products as pr samples without any conditions.

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  • great post, love julia!
    noticed any grade for the first time really, that the rim of your blogs Yes photo background fits perfectly to your!
    This looks really good!
    love greetings, Luisa! :)

  • That sounds like a nice event (: . I think the back tip super, However my baked creations look less artfully, taste me but. I am here not so artistically inclined x) .
    Luvos is a very sympathetic MarkR I find (: . I want to someday try the shampoos, because currently I'm testing lava ground to the hair wash.
    Hihi, the mini bra looks interesting. I slept for a while with a sleeping mask and in the summer,, If it is bright out quickly and you can darken the room not great, is this a super way to sleep (: .
    Liebe Grüße.

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