This is how you can see through “Fake natural cosmetics” :).

Today I want to provide some clarity on the subject of natural cosmetics. Many who read this now probably already know the Most, I was at the time but often addressed how to recognize real natural cosmetics because and when you see, that a company only greenwashing (So apply natural ingredients although still very much stuck in the non-natural product) operates.
A few months ago when I started with the ingredients of cosmetics deal I looked at the products in my bathroom to take a closer and searched for include parabens, Ingredients, that can affect the body at high dose hormone-changing.
And what a lot to me because on? Products from The Body Shop, for example, contain considerable amounts of different parabens. And so it went from one product to another. Soon I realized, that well-known brands such as Yves Rocher and The Body Shop, I actually always green and of course kept as much as conventional cosmetics chemistry contained.
And there I was suddenly faced with a problem because it means yes, that I need to check every single product on the ingredients to rate the "naturalness" can.
However, after further investigation, I then came across some seals allow only natural ingredients and to which I now buying even orient myself. This I want to introduce you today!

The famous Seal:


EcoCert shares its label into two categories:
In EcoCert natural cosmetics must 50% of the ingredients in the formulation and at least 5 % the ingredients are obtained by weight percentage from organic farming.
In EcoCert organic cosmetics is as high as 95% of the ingredients in the formulation and 10 % the ingredients by weight percentage.
Can be found on the logos .
The precise conditions can you here (Unfortunately English) read up.
Briefly may no chemical fragrances, Silicone, Dyes and animal ingredients (with the exception of milk and honey, or genetically modified organisms) be included. I am also interested, that the packaging must be completely biodegradable.
The duration of the certificate 1 Year, which also periodic monitoring is ensured.
This term stands for Federation of Industry- and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, Reformwaren, Dietary supplements and cosmetic products eV. and was 1951 founded.
Needs to obtain the BDIH seal product meet several criteria. Just read you can the here.
In summary, the products are then free of synthetic color- and fragrances, Silicone und Erdölprodukten. In addition, only certain nature-identical preservatives may be used. The production processes are limited.
If the word "organic" in their name, so the organic content must (except water and minerals) at least 95 Percent are.
I think this seal is to exclude a first step at least harmful substances from supposed natural cosmetics, allowing only natural substances. For 15 Substances is also an organically grown prescribed.


This seal was designed by leading natural cosmetic manufacturers such as Weleda, Dr. Founded Hauschka and Logocos.
In order for a product at all the NaTrue seal must obtain at least 75 % its product line certified natural cosmetics. In addition, such certification is only 2 Year valid.
The precise criteria can be here read up.
Briefly only natural substances shall be used, the fragrances may consist only of essential oils, Only natural preservatives are allowed (then stands on the product "preserved with…") and also the methods are limited.
Previously you could next to the logo a, see two or three star. This meant:
1 Stern - natural cosmetics
2 Stars - Natural Cosmetics with organic portion (min. 70 % Organic quality)
3 Stars - organic cosmetics (min. 95 % Organic quality)
This categorization, there are still, However, they can no longer see on the product itself, but they have to look on the Internet.

Demeter has incredibly strict criteria. Both the production and the processing are strictly controlled. A product that receives this award is also a minimum of 90 % Demeter raw materials.
So far, unfortunately, very little natural cosmetics certified by Demeter. (u.a. Martina Gebhardt.
These are the seal that I trust, because even if there are seals which again, to deceive consumers and actually say anything. And soon falls on a, that favorable natural cosmetics are certified partially accurate as expensive with important seals. As you can see also all the products on my cover picture some of these Seals. And there are more expensive products as of Logona, but also represented cheaper products as of Alverde.

So companies like Yves Rocher not familiar or The Body Shop really make much money from it, Around out consumers by the nose. To be honest makes me angry again and again, I see it over and over again people shop there and think they are doing something good because they buy chemical-free cosmetics seemingly.
And by the labels you need from now on no longer long to study the ingredients, but may next purchase also just search for the small icons on the lookout. Because everyone can be a "natural cosmetic" hang on its product name, since there are no guidelines in Germany.
Of course that is not, that any non-certified natural cosmetics is equally bad, just as consumers without a lot of time has to be no other chance unsure I think to look at the ingredients you, to catch any "fake natural cosmetics". Meanwhile, I am informed by some some research, so that I can see about also at the ingredients whether they are natural cosmetics and whether the price for more expensive ingredients (such as rose oil) comes about.
What are you familiar with the purchase of natural cosmetics? Did you already, that there are many brands pretend the only "natural" products?

14 thoughts on “This is how you can see through “Fake natural cosmetics” look through.”

  • The seals are a good first indication, When you a deal not so much with ingredients. You also give me still serve as orientation, whether I myself even a while with the NK- Pursuing themes ;)

    By the way, really bad, I find the greenwashing. On the one hand of course by the company, but on the other hand also by consumers, sell themselves so easily for stupid leave or it does not matter which…

    Liebe Grüße,

    • I also find, that they are in any case an orientation! Especially when I discover new NK brand.
      It is true, Consumers are also very naive, but I have to say makes you also often not so many thoughts especially as a teenager and thinks this will have been relatively natural ingredients. I even thought unfortunately much too long so.
      Especially if often come from major cosmetics companies statements, which justify the chemical ingredients and natural cosmetics as “exaggerated” represent the quality of the products for a normal consumer I think is hard to see through.
      But I'm glad that I know now so much more (If still slightly too little!). :)

      Liebe Grüße

  • Thank you for the great and detailed report! Only a few days ago I read a report about a Yves Rocher cream on a blog, the author claimed absolutely convinced, This is pure natural cosmetics… I found it scary. I even just only gradually switch on natural cosmetics, also products from Yves Rocher and the body shop lie with me. There was aware but when purchasing, that has nothing to do with NK. Many people don't know this but and that then being set up by the companies, I find really bad.

    • I find this very confusing, that it represents this as pure natural cosmetics!
      This will lead around the company's nose made by customers of in my opinion too much to easy.
      Or what today everything on products is seen on posters is not more normal! Thank God most often know that, that the skin naturally is not just Immaculate.
      Is so little indeed prohibited in other countries, the other day I saw that an advertisement was banned with Julia Roberts, because it has been retouched to unnaturally. I think of as a poster you can imagine but still rather the truth as in cosmetics.

      Liebe Grüße

  • Thank you for this post! You need exactly such information at the beginning and later it is good, If you are once again brings to mind the seal and what is behind it.

    I respect both to seal, as well as the ingredients. Often I inform me before buying into the net via the product and then deliberately go to the store and buy that. Spontaneous purchases, I was the one or the other time disappointed stop. I had too little time in the hustle and bustle around to read about. Because I buy my cosmetics only in Germany, can I access the time not on the code check app (Roaming to say hello) and I know not all ingredients by heart.

    • Thanks for the praise!
      I find that also very important for the beginning, because as I told in my circle of friends from my moving to NK and clarified, that I so not the body shop and co. my, so often raised the question, How do you because then even recognise whether could it be to “real” Natural cosmetics are.
      To be honest, I will inform me also always on the Internet before making a purchase, the many Fehlkäufe were one reason for this blog too :D.
      And personally I find the code check app unfortunately not quite sufficient for me. :S

      Liebe Grüße

    • Yes exactly, You must first explain that with the greenwashing. The responses vary widely (from horror to deny just about everything is).
      What's wrong with code check? Or. where notify you you else and what respect you?

    • I find the idea very very good code check, Unfortunately, I think the categorization with “recommended” etc.. something inaccurate. The function to enumerate alternatives without certain ingredients is really good! There, but also the one or other errors can happen, because as far as I know z.B be. the ingredients specified by members and since it has happened probably already one or the other times, that something has been forgotten. I no longer trust the page 100 Percent but I think it is a good guide.
      Mainly I will inform myself on the Internet about the individual ingredients, What is also the basis of my reviews. There are lists of bad ingredients should be avoided also every now and again, but there, too, it is always difficult, because some materials are bad if they are chemically manufactured, However harmless if they z.B. Part of an essential oil.
      Therefore I Orient myself mainly to the seals, If a product very interested or has a very small list of INCI, then I take a look at the ingredients and the research, I still don't know (What is fortunately less from review to review :D). There is also a very good page, I think that's cosmetics check.
      I've used at the beginning to Furthermore look just like “bad” is my conventional cosmetics. Here you can enter the first digits of the INCI name and obtained in an assessment of the substance in the form of smileys. (Much like in code check.)
      Also I trust only own research so far (Depending on the amount of the ingredients are relatively time consuming) or the seals. :)

      Liebe Grüße
      Julia :D

  • I can connect just the other! :) I knew the mentioned seal so far all. Because I buy my cosmetics only at the health food store and via the Internet, It falls to make me even more on the label and ingredients. In the health food store, you can rely almost always on the good quality and on the Internet you can look up faster, If you don't understand something.

    Dear greetings

  • I totally stands on argan oil for my hair.
    There are some products, which contain this either in pure form or mixed.

    Since pure argan oil is dear to me (no harmful additives or even Silicones), which was won in the cold extrusion, so most of the vitamins are still included. Maintain this & nourish even hair and scalp with hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

    And a genuine natural product in any case is dear me, as all mix, where one is only ever has to deal with the list of ingredients.

    many greetings

  • I like only natural products for my skin and hair. I discovered pure coconut oil for myself and that is good for both. For indoor use, I regularly add minerals from Schüssler salts. This works well. greetings Sophie

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