If the hair color interferes? – Then of course hair color!

Hello Hello!
Do you know that, if you in the Mirrors look and something does not fit? It works like this day after day, at some point you know: It's your hair!
Before my switch to NK I was the ultimate hair-dyer. In summer blond, Brunette in winter, in between times hair trends to try bleaching as Ombré or simply tips. I do not know how, but my hair has always been through it!
Shortly before my transition, I felt like a little red, but since it was rather patchy and fire red (What a cruel Hair Color!), I colored brown several times over.
Left behind were red, glittering reflections in her hair.
At the beginning I thought it was very nice and also the outgrowth it was rather a soft ombre look as to a hard transition.
But exactly these reflexes, the artificial glitter like little gems, bring me the moment every morning to despair and I want my dark, brown natural hair color again.
This may sound weird, Finally raves also in the advertising of gemstone sparkling hair, but for me it just looked artificial and has repeatedly been using my makeup, was just very striking.
As I waivers since my switch to chemical bombs, I once tested a natural cosmetic variant, namely of

Logone – Herbal Hair Color


LOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe VerpackungLOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe Verpackung
She is vegan and carries the BDIH, EcoControl like that NaTrue Logo.
It is available under different at Müller or in health food stores, for nearly 9 Euro.
This color is to the Mix yourself (of LOGONA are also ready coatable items available).
Included a pair of gloves, a heat hood and the plant powder (100g). Of course, is also a Instructions at.
You also need an old garment (If some paint drips on) or an old towel (if you want to wear nice clothes :D) and for a higher color intensity some black tea.
LOGONA PflanzenhaarfarbeLOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe Inhalt

I have vacillated between this and a bright shade, but according to some testimonies, the colors would be rather brighter, Therefore I decided ultimately to darker Ton the two, „braun-umbra”.
The Herbal Hair Color One should only Washed (not with flushing / Kuren) dry or wet hair apply.
There are also other products made by LOGONA, which should seal the color result or clean the hair previously particularly thorough. I have omitted this in my application it.
1. 300 cook ml of hot water (alternatively black tea for intense color).
I have the black tea left only very briefly in the water, da man ja das boiling water to mix with the color. Alternatively, you can also on the stove to cook longer black tea, However, I have used a kettle.
It intensifies the color due to the contained Tannins. This makes it also dries the hair out more.
2. Stir boiling water with the powder.
LOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe PulverLOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe Pulver
That's a bit of a drag fork, a whisk I did not unfortunately at hand.
Nevertheless, it does not take long until a halfway Viscose final has arisen.
The Consistency is comparable to a thick soup.
The Smell is a bit strange, kräuterig and reminds me of the hay of my rabbit, just not quite as fresh. And somehow something for cows, do not ask me why ;). All in all very “country”.
Care should be taken, that this Not inhaled powder shall, it can lead to allergic reactions to breathlessness in the operating instructions.
LOGONA Pflanzenhaarfarbe Pulver verrührt
3. Apply with gloves and to impose the heat hood, then wrap a towel around your head.
This step works better than expected! The “Soup” let yourself Apply easily and rub, in other field reports I have from “straw-like” Read hair, of which I could not see anything. Certainly, the Application may take some getting used, if you only know creamy or frothy colorations, I found them not difficult.
4. 30 Minutes to 2 Leave on for hours (dependent on the hair color and the desired result).
I chose the full 2 Hours to obtain the full color intensity!
As long as the color is now applied, I can devote myself to the ingredients ;)
Click here for a detailed ingredient analysis!

Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder
This is the name given to the powder of ground walnut shells. It is mainly used in hair colors to enhance the color of. Also coming It is in some skin care products as an exfoliant element ago.

Henna (Henna) Leaf Powder*
This is powder from the leaves of the shrub Cyper (Henna). It turns reddish and is used in hair color. Caution is advised when not natural cosmetic products, since the henna as often to darken a chemical component (which can even be allergenic or carcinogenic) is mixed.

Indigofera tinctoria (Indigo) Leaf Powder
This is the name given to the powder obtained from the leaves of the indigo plant. It stained by the contained Indigo blue to purple and often occurs in natural cosmetics for coloring the hair.

Indigofera Argentea (Indigo) Leaf Powder
This is the name of the powder from the leaves of a plant, which belongs to the species of Indigofera (Indigofera Argentea), is obtained. It stained by the contained Indigo blue to purple and often occurs in natural cosmetics for coloring the hair.

Cassia Auriculata Leaf Powder
These are the ground leaves of the plant Cassa Auriculata and are considered very hair- and skin conditioning.

Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Powder
The powder of coffee beans is both coloring and caring. In addition, it is sometimes used to change or elimination of odor.

Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract
This is the name given to the roots of beetroot extract. It becomes dark.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
This substance is produced by the hydrolysis of wheat. It is often used in hair products, because it compensates for static charges on the hair. It also cares for hair and makes it easier to comb. Even in products for the skin, it is used as a nourishing agent.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*
This is Jojoba oil that nourishes the skin and is considered a re-moisturizing. It is very appreciated for its vitamin E concentration and the many minerals, which includes it.

This is an acid (Alginsäure), which is produced from brown algae and some bacteria. It gives the product a better job behavior, because it has a thickening effect.

Perfume (Essential Oils)
This term different flavor and fragrances are combined. However, there is a list of substances to trigger the allergic reactions often. This must also be specified in the INCI list. In natural cosmetics here mostly only essential oils are used. One should therefore on instructions on the packaging, Eighth info in the shop or the manufacturer's website.

* from organic farming

Conclusion ingredients
The clear INCI list is composed of natural, colorants such as henna, Indigo, milled coffee beans and beetroot extract together, as well as care substances, such as jojoba oil or wheat. Only that Algin affects consistency factor. Why yet Perfume was admixed is not me so clearly, because the smell I felt not very pleasant, However, perhaps the individual ingredients smell more unpleasant, I can not judge. (After dyeing, I can now say, one could calm more perfume can add, it smells after dyeing really hard!)

5. Rinsing and washing

Get ready for the dyeing on a Ordinary mess before! :) It takes really long, flush out all the color and smudge everywhere. Therefore it is from smooth surfaces leaves no sticky residue Washable (but pass on the shower curtain ;))!
The small crumbs the colorant remain quite strong hanging in the hair, so I had some time out of patience, I got into the shower and have it with Shampoo herausgewaschen. Once washed and it was out almost everything. In addition I have some of my Santé flushing used, because the hair was not now matted, but also not as supple as usual. Washed a second time and was all perfectly washed!


So here it is, the Effect of Herbal Hair Color!
(Approach dark, Length red lace and much brighter)
In reality, my hair is much darker, become less red and more evenly. In addition, the lighter areas are darkened and weakened the Red (but not completely disappeared). The Most Beautiful: the glittering reflections are gone!

The Herbal Hair Color has managed, What three chemical brown stains have not have got done: The sparkling red while still shine no longer to let sparkle!
I can explain that to me by, that these color sets to the hair, while chemical colors destroy the hair and alter the pigments deep in the hair.

I am using the Result satisfied, however, it is become not quite as dark, as I expected (which are now. it was displayed on the packaging) and the Red looks somewhat by. Maybe I will or in a few days. Weeks (I decide spontaneously ;)) again the same color or even a darker, which would be after all black, color about, maybe mix :).

My hair was not overly dried, by intensive washing with shampoo sees it somewhat dried up in the pictures, but it feels nice and soft and with little irrigation, the peaks again look a bit nicer!

I am also keen on the shelf, should not indeed be right back away!

I would like to mention, I with the unfamiliar scent really had to struggle, the evening went this penetrating odor me so on my nerves, I both my Hair Care Spray of alverde (even the old model with sweet-scented) as well as my On spraying Rose Facial Toner by Logona had around him somehow mitigate. Am next day he was Fortunately no longer as intense!
After washing, he is indeed back, However, I have found a solution:
The "Soothing fresh water" in Citrus Verbena von Acorelle covered or. neutralizes the odor almost completely!
Nevertheless, in chemical coloring the hair dye smells much more severe and biting, then a perfume-bomb is then placed over it in Conditioner, so the hair only slightly stink.



– natural, no harmful ingredients
– even trim
– Covering the glittering red reflexes
– Smell not so biting, as with chemical coloring
– comfortable on the scalp


– long exposure
– no lightening possible
– Odor
– medium opacity

Despite the negative aspects I am Pleasantly surprised, because I did not think, herbal substances can achieve so much. Again a natural cosmetic Prejudice less ;)

The results speak for themselves, in the Exposure one can do anything Beautiful,
as work on the Swatch folder or pursue more unpleasant activities like learning :).

Finally the artificial Glitzerrrot away and I am looking forward to my next time color!

Therefore, there is of me


8 from 10 Points

A point Deduction is available for the smell and another for the medium opacity, which is probably just sit do not get better in a natural product.

Have you ever Experience with Herbal Hair Color made? How satisfied are you with the result?


11 thoughts on “If the hair color interferes? – Then of course hair color!”

  • I've never dyed with herbal hair color and won't probably for the first time also, that my wild Färbephase is over and I would like to wear my natural hair color. Also I have to something watch Indigo: only a small percentage is in the colour red, no longer goes out. Never again. :-(
    I have read your report but very fond, because I love everything, What has to do with hair, and look at me like beautiful pictures of application: so thank you :-D

    • My wild Färbephase fortunately is also gone (Hopefully it comes not soon again ;)) and that's why I my natural hair color is so urgently wanted back! Ojeh, If it's with the red so tricky is, would I let the fingers of them also prefer :D
      Thanks for the praise :)

  • Very nice result, How do I find. The color has become pretty evenly.
    Umbra I haven't tried yet the Brown so far. For the Khadi dark brown and the Braun Logona natural.
    So I know that PHF still darken. That's why I would have washed it maybe not directly with shampoo. The pigments worsen, If you don't directly completely wash it out. But I also don't particularly like this Sandy feeling in your hair. What I z. B. also can recommend is, that you not touch dark PHF to hot water. At Indigo, the pigments are destroyed rather. Enough hot water from the Krahn.
    I'll color again soon, I have really desire it. Even if there is a huge mess is. And I find the smell isn't bad at all. I have not the sensitive nose.
    You must also tell us of your next application, would be happy.

    • Thank you for the many tips, I missed that in the leaflet ;) It was rather compact ^^
      Dyeing is also always fun, even with mess ;) Of course I will keep you posted, If I dye again!

  • What a detailed post, beautiful :-)
    The result pleases me very well, I myself have dyed back also only recently with PHF. The result is just so nice of course. I'm wearing Indian summer from Logona at the moment, a nice color, in which no one believes, It is colored ;-)) Speaks highly for the result, everyone always thinks, I am a natural redhead (Ok, as a baby I was also).

  • Hi Julia, My wife raves of a different color, but has nothing on the hat with chemistry. Here comes just at the right as an alternative. I hope that as a colouring for long hair is suitable ( up to the Po) would be super disappointed if the result would fail. VG. Maik Strunk

    • In principle, this shouldn't be a problem :) She needed but then 2-3 Packs, Depending on the hair length, as a pack for shoulder-length hair is appropriate as far as I know. To make sure, also all goes well you can search yes maybe a review by someone who has very long hair and maybe the one or the other tip to colour with long hair, I'm sure, that there is some :)
      Liebe Grüße!

    • @Maik: In principle, this is no problem even if you have very long hair. However, in long hair, sometimes very hard to distribute the color and wash out is.
      Look at me under the label “Henna”, Here I have collected some tips, Since I've dyed yes even two years with herbal hair color.

  • Huhu! :)

    I have often heard, that the colors of Logona and Sante will be not so good, I dyed but never so.
    At PHF with Indigo the color washes out most quickly. I've experienced that unfortunately even.
    Fürs next time I would friends the colors of khadi empfehelen. I know no PHF is so often praised and more used by Haarnerds. It is easier to apply, the result stronger and supposedly more durable. Just as a tip, If you want to dye again. :)

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