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Hello my friend! 

I waited a whole year for it and two weeks ago, it started for the 10th time: Vivaness, the biggest fair for natural cosmetics in Germany! I am so happy that I could visit it althoug it was exam time. I had so many great discussions in these days with great people about philosophies, brands, products, ideas and so much more and I am looking forward to visit Vivaness next year, too! 

All of the experiences and information I gathered in this time would be way too much for an article, so I decided to divide this post in some categorys: Highlights, make-up, skincare, scent and framework program. This year I concentrated in finding small brands I did not know about as well as making lot’s of make-up swatches to show you the whole color-range of some brands. :)

My boyfriend took a look at natural cosmetics for men and found some at “be in blossom”, Primavera, FairSquared, Les Laboratoires de Biarritz, kivvi and i+m. :)

Small note: My theme gets a bit crazy right now, so the pictures in galleries may look pixelated. If you want to see the picture in a higher resolution, just click on ” Show picture in original size” on the bottom right, so you can see the full resolution. I will work on this after finishing my exams. :)


If you are only interested in one of the topics you can jump to them here::

Highlights  –  make-up   skincare   Aromatherapy  –  framework programme






Aimée de Mars

Once smelled at the fragrances by Aimeé de mars, I immediately fell in love! Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t like a lot of natural perfumes, loved the two men-fragrances. One perfume contains many different scents and they all smell nearly as fresh and light like synthetic ones, but without this very hard “fresh” scent. These are the best natural perfumes I wore so far! At Vivaness I liked “Belle rose” at most, but when I tried the samples at home, it was a bit too powdery for me. Therefore I absolutely loved “Mythique Iris”, a sweet and flowery scent, as well as “Sensual Rubis” which is a bit more fruity. The packaging is beautiful and is decorated with a small feather and every perfume has a gemstone in it. :)

Another special feature: Each fragrance contains a core of 21 aromatherapy oils to positively influence your mood in addition to its function as a perfume. The products are 95% natural, the remaining 5% are synthetical and used to make the fragrance last longer, not to change it. In my case this works perfecty, I can smell the fragrance even after a whole day. If I understood this correctly, it contains only synthetic ingredients, which exist in nature, too. :)

More info about the perfumeThis way please. :)


puroBIO cosmetics

The decorative cosmetics by puroBio cosmetics from Italy is just amazing, all of us german natural beauty bloggers agreed. The colors have an amazingquality but are absolutely affordableThe pigmentation is incredible, the ingredients arehigh-quality and puroBIOcosmetics has new innovations such as the new natural, silicon-like primerAlso all colors are very modern, but convince yourself! :)

They introduced three primer: One for oily skin, one for dry skin and one for the eyes. The texture is nearly like the one from silicon-primers, even though it has only natural ingredients. As you can see, I ordered the brush n.3 as well as the foundation 01 (I showed you both onInstagram), because I liked them so much on the fair. On my wishlist, there is still the primer for dry skin (I want to try a small sample before ordering) and the make-up remover left. I swatched so many different colors and with the remover I just had to wipe two times over my hand and everything was gone! It also left no dry but well nourished skin. The great eyeshadow quattros are still available but soon will be sold as magnetic monos. You can also buy a magnetic palette and store all of them. I depotted most of my eyeshadows, so I love this idea!

I think this will get one of my favourite make-up brands, because the quality is amazing and I only know such good performance from luxurious and pricy make-up brands, so I am sure you will hear a lot more about puroBIO on the blog :).


be in blossom

Science and natural products combined? I could not be more interested in that! :) Its not surprisingly that “be in blosssom” got my full attention. The concept is just how I like it: 100% hightech but also 100% organic. This describes the ucrrent trend in my opinion, because you don’t have to decide between modern technologies and natural products anymore. The skincare contains micro-algae from france that have an extremely high antioxidant effect(6000 times higher than vitamin c., 800 times higher than Q10, 560 times higher than green tea extract and 75 times higher than alpha-lipoic acid). Also one of the ingredients are phyto stem cells from sea holly which should strengthen the skin structure by helping the skin producing collagen. Other great ingredients are for example marine oak extract, cupacu butter, shea butter, aloe vera, babassu oil or moringa oil.

So far, the product selection is still manageableThe men’s series "Black coral"contains a face tuning serum, as well as a lotion. "Ocean flower"for women is a multi complex includes serum and cream in one.I really likethe concept of modern design, technology and high-quality ingredients.


AMO como soy

“AMO como soy” is spanish and means “I love myself, just the way I am”. A wonderful name for a cosmetic line, that should not only be skincare but goes hand in hand with a positive attitude towards yourself.

The care line is therefore called "major amiga"which means “best friend”.The idea behind thisTreat yourself like your best friend. This is an aspect of cosmeticswhich is very important to meI apply skincare to have some time for myself and remember me, that my life and body is a gift, every day. I also likethe text on the face cream ("What are you grateful today?") and the mask("What do you like about yourself? About the way you are and your appearance?). The founder of this brand, Schareska Antequera de Friebertshäuser, cares a lot about this message, too.Therefore she offers coaching on this subject in Stuttgart. :)

The face care has an additional feature: It is wrapped in hand-made organic cotton bagsinstead of cardboardThe logo and description can be removed easily, so the bag can be used as a gift of to store things. A great idea!

The product range includes a cleansing milka cream maska 24-hour cream and a regenerative facial oilHigh quality ingredients from the Amazon region and the rain forest of the Andes such as organic sacha inchi oil, passion fruit seed oil, extracts of organic Acai, organic aloe vera and vegetable hyaluronic acid make it even more interesting. In addition to that, two Euros per sold product are donated, to Bolivian children’s homes. All of the products are made in Germany. :)

If you want to find out morehere’s the home page of amo como soy. :)






A lot of news from benecos! There will be two new colors an the complete happy nails series of nailpolish gets a new formula, so now 90% of the ingredients are natural and are made of renewable materials. But nevertheless the nailpolish is 5free and not all-natural, you can find more about 5free nailpolish in this article. :)

All new products, avaliable in march, are in this gallery:



Lakshmi produces ayurvedic eye pencils and lipsticks. I haven’t tried one of them yet, so I had to swatch all the colors! Aren’t they beautiful? I love the shimmer! :) The eyeliners (one is without color for medical purpose), stimulate lacrimation and are great for people with contact lenses. The lipsticks are not vegan because they contain beeswax but there is no carmine in them. A new discovery for me were the perfumes, that smell oriental and floral.


Couleur Caramel

Coleur Caramel had no booth at the Vivaness but I had the possibility to try some of the new products that will be available in April:

The packaging will be changed in a white-golden design. The texture of both lip and cheek products is melting amazingly. Especially by applying creme rouge this is extremely important for me. The eyeshadow-sticks are easy to apply and strongly pigmented, the golden mascara has an instant “glamour” effect. The products are avaliable in april. :)



Uoga Uoga

I am a big fan of good mineral cosmetics and uoga uoga is clearly ahead in this segment. Also it has an amazing color range!

The lip and cheek colors as well as the eyeliners are newI also swatched all lipglosses and a few eye shadows. There are sparkling as well as completely matt ones. "Sparkle", a sparkling, apricot color (third of the first row) is so beautiful, maybe I will buy this.:) I wanted to try the mineral foundation, because I heard so many good about it, but unfortunately I had no time left to try it.






The hyaluron anti-ageing serum by Yverum won the best-product-award of Vivaness in 2015, so I definitely had to take a look at this product! :)


The hyaluron-cream and the hyaluron-serum contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep the moisture in the skinAlso the new eye&lip serum contains different kinds of hyaluronic acid as well as EctoinL-glutamine and Reforcyl (from ginseng and rockroseto get super hydrated skin and to help cell regeneration.

Also the new lip balm is exciting because it is available in two versionsOne has a stainless steel packaging with magnetic closure and one is a standard lip balmThe special featureThe stainless steel sleeve must not be thrown away after using itbut can easily be refilled with a balm in plastic packagingA great idea! :)

You can find more information about the products on the Yverum Web site!


I talked a lot about Radico Haircolor on this website (here is my review of brown and honeyblonde) and they are way more haircare than color for me, so this is why it is in this category. :)


New by Radico there are shampoos and a new line of herbal hair color which is called “Sunab”. All colors of this range are brown and not organic but therefore they should offer a better coverage.


Les Laboratoires de Biarritz

These products, divided in sunprotection “Alga Maris” and skincare “Meteologic” are based in the french surfer-beach Biarritz.


I tried the meteologic micellar water in the last week and really like it, especially the closure is super innovative, I have to show it soon! The products have a very neutral, maritime scent and are also great for men.

I tried the sun protection by alga maris at the vivaness and am super excited about it. It leaves no white streaks and is super easy to apply. I got a sample and I wonder how it will work in summer! :)


Zoya goes pretty

The concept of zoya goes pretty can easily be described with “less is more”. Instead of using many different ingredients, every product contains only one to three, high-quality ingredients.

The facial care got a complete new design. I like the white color as well as the symbol of the main ingredient. There are also some sorts of shea-butter which now also contain jojoba oil, so they can be spread more easily.



Congratulations, Primavera to the 30th anniversary! Therefore Primavera launched many novelties, some are also in the category “Scents”. 


There will be three plant wanters. A relaxing lavender water that smells typically but somehow different, an immortelle water against skin problems and (my favourite) a peppermint water, which gives immediate refreshing. Also there will be a pampering and an activating shower balm. It’s fresh scent is also suitable for men. :)

For the 30th anniversary there will also be many gift sets to say “thank you” to all customers, supporters and cultivation partners. One of the gift sets is “Much joy” (much pleasure) which contains a shower balms plus a bodylotion with lime-ginger-scent (favourite scents of my boyfriend) :). 



Weleda introduced their new perfumes (you can find my review about them here) and designed their booth all around pomegranate. I tried the nail-care products and really love them, I feel like they make my nails stronger especially after washing the dishes.



Fairtrade, organic, natural, vegan and halal, such products are rare! Now you can find a lot of them from FairSquared. :)

The product range contains for example shaving oils, a shaving soap, sweet designed children products and a vanilla-shower gel (which smells amazingly like vanilla pudding). :)



Just like last year the kivvi place looked fabulous, just like a small garden pavilion! :)


They launched a new series “ribes nigrum linea”, which is suitable for dry and normal skin. A great line for me because I have dry skin! The skincare will be a bit less pricy (like the “pyrus cydonia linea” from last year).


For men there is a whole series with hair & body shampoo, after shave cream, intensive eye cream, nourisihing night cream, all day and night cream and day cream.


i + m

Do you know what “i plus m” means? :) It’s the initials of the two woman who started the brand: Inge and Monika! :)

I + M_Vivaness_2016_3

I discovered their Fair-Editions, which are limited editions where all of the proceeds are donated to a social project. Right now the edition “Let’s support refugees” raises money for a great project: Young refugees, gardeners and neighbors make a garden from an old cemetery. :)

I love such campaigns and think it is awesome that i+m does them for years now. :)







Besides the skincare above, primavera introduced some new scents, too!

I was surprised of “All The Best” because normally I don’t like these red, harmonically smelling scents but this one is way more fruity and flowery, a well-being moment! So I can completely understand, why this scent is also offered as a massage oil, I can’t imagine a better smell to cover yourself with. :)

Who likes fresh scents should try “Good Luck” (good luck), which includes the scent plus cloverleaf from felt. I use such fresh spring-scents throughout the whole year to jazz up a day a bit :).




E2 now had new skincare with essential oils especially against blemishes. I love “28” because I have asthma and it helps a lot but I found out, that “47” helps even more! :)




Baldini by Taoasis has some great new products! There are demeter perfumes and amazing organic flavours. There are for example lemon, orange, chocolate or vanilla flavour that can be used to cook and bake. For example citrus flavour can be used in sparkling water, in cake instead of lemon peel or for salad dressing. All of the flavours are organic and all natural, a great idea! :)

Another novelty are the guardiang angel car scents that have a beautiful design (on the upper right corner of the picture). :)


So these are all the new products I found but I also want to talk about the great framework program!


framework programme


On friday morning we had a great

blogger breakfast

full of delicious food! Xenia Mohr even made vegan scrambled eggs by using tofu, silk-tofu and kala namak.

 But the greatest thing was to meet all the bloggers again and talk about so many things! :)

Afterwards we started the blogger tour, which lead us to pioneers, newcomers and special concepts of natural cosmetics :)


Meetup & Networking party

The day didn’t only start great, it also ended fabulous at the headquater of the Nuremberg Web week. Whilst eating yummy vegan thai food, we talked about all the world and his wife. :)

 Thank you so much, Nürnberg fair, UCS and all who recieved us bloggers so kind! :)


By the way: You can find all about the Vivaness 2015 here.


Which brands and products do you find most interesting?

Which products are you still searching for in natural cosmetics?


Lot's of love,



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    • Oh, thank you, friends, that's sweet! I noticed when you publish, that he will be fine long has become :S. I'd love to, I had to swatchen that just, now I can always see who, What nuances I uuuunbedingt (!!!) still need ;).

  • Thank you for the detailed swatches, looks like a lot of work! PURO organic I find totally interesting and the liquid eye shadow from the Couleur caramel LE I want to look at me also :) I'm looking for my very special perfume in the NK area, am but otherwise quite satisfied :) Liebe Grüße

    • Willingly! Naja, has made but also a lot of fun :D. It was then just 10 Minutes occupational therapy ^^. And, Perfumes are a difficult thing, I'm mega happy, that the Aimee de Mars fragrances are so good, am also using the benecos, Weleda and Pacifica perfumes very happy. :) Liebe Grüße!

  • Love Julia, wow, so many great swatches... many brands, you show that, was I not. The Lakshmi we like colors but really very. I'll definitely keep that in mind! And also the Couleur caramel eyeshadow sticks look insanely nice!
    I was very pleased to meet you both on the Vivaness (: .
    Liebe Grüße.

    • I've can see unfortunately not all brands, that I would like to visit, but I think this is always the case with the Vivaness, even though it's actually just a Hall, never does it, everything to see! :) I was also extremely positive surprised by Lakshmi and Couleur caramel :). I was also quite bad pleased to meet you! :D Greetings!

  • Love Julia,
    how expensive this is post. The madness.
    Your swatches will help surely so some, next time call the shopping desires :D does it help me tremendously and I thank you very much.
    With the Uoga Uoga and the Benecos swatches you've done me a huge favor! I wanted to order at Uoga Uoga recently and was not quite sure, What products it should be actually. Wonderful!
    The new eye shadow by Benecos look too fantastic. So what I like very much. Do you know, When entering the trade?

    About the new shower i + m, I am also. I had sniffed it and am really excited. The advanced Kivvi range interests me also. The brand is just consistently sympathetic :)

    Greenest greetings

    • Dear Miss periwinkle,
      with pleasure, I've made exactly for the reason the swatches, Thus my digital shopping trips are later easier! ;)
      Unfortunately I could not anything durchswatchen Uoga Uoga, because there were just too many colors! There are benecos news from may :). Kivvi makes really great products, I am always trying to order something like this :). Liebe Grüße!

  • The many swatches are awesome, thanks for that! I would not have this patience at the fair. :) And your pictures are a feast for a total as always.

    Liebe Grüße, Ida

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