Vivaness 2015

Hello my friend!

While I cuddle just under my blanket, I dream of the sea. It is the Biofach, more specifically Vivaness 2015 and the wonderful state of Oceanwell blame. I even started one of my favorite books "Oceano Mare" again to read, because the desire has to gently heaving mass of water grabbed me so.


The products of Oceanwell contain algae extract, which is cultivated and harvested in two own algae farms in Kiel. The individual plants are not pulled out of its anchorage, as with other industrial process, but near the “Root” isolated, after which they grow. Therefore, the cultivation is particularly sustainable.

The thus obtained Laminaria seaweed extract contains many antioxidants, Algae sugar, Minerals and trace elements, Amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, So a true skin-Booster. The special feature of the products is the kind of preservative, the algae are namely fermented, similarly as in the production of wine and so occurs significantly skin friendly alcohol, makes the many products Stable. In addition, an alcoholic beverage based on algae is produced, I could try at Vivaness. It tastes incredibly delicious, while otherwise, as traditional brandy, since you clearly the “More” herausschmeckt.

Oceanwell Basic-Serie

Here are the basic series of Oceanwell products with a slight lemon scent. It contains cleansing milk, Sea-Tonic, Facial Exfoliating, Vanishing cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Marine gel, StemEnhance, Shower Gel, Body lotion and body oil. All products can be used as multifunctional. Exciting, I found also, that the surfactants in shower gels and cleansing milk also originate from the alga. Have you also ever seen the many sparkling seaside? The coming into being partly because of the algae, contain natural surfactants.

vivanessoceanwell copy
New: Oceanwell Cell Support Serie

 New Cell Support the series is for dry and irritated skin, earlier it was known as the "MED", Now the textures were slightly revised and the products appear in a new guise. Personally, I find this series very appealing, since it is similar to the Basic series, However waived perfume. The new series includes a Support Cell "Moisture Cream" (for moisture), a "Nourishing Cream" (something more substantial), a "Regenerating Lotion" (for the body), a "Restructuring Oil" and a "Pure Cleanser". When trying out on the back of your hand to me, both the Basic have, as well as the Cell Support series much and leave a glamorous silky soft skin feeling.

Oceanwell Pro-Age Serie

The Pro-Age series was issued, which contained collagen of a Pacific jellyfish species, So jellyfish is obtained. Deliberately these jellyfish were elected, since their existence is not threatened, on the contrary, in some areas there is real jellyfish overpopulation, oust completely the few fish species. The series received 2012 even the Spa Diamond, sparkles so beautifully in the background!

Oceanwell definitely gave me fancy “More” made :).


Zuii – Single eyeshadow

If we on the subject “More” are: When love Mia on Zuii Organic status was waiting for me a slightly different sea, this time of many small flowers! After a wonderful conversation with her, could I look at all the shades of eye shadow, which I had long been curious. As might be expected, the eye shadow were all extremely well pigmented!

Zuii – Powder Foundation

The entire row of the powder was exhibited Foundations…

Zuii – Concealer und Sensational

…and concealer and lip liner.

Zuii – Eye Shadow Duo pallets

Here are the new duo eyeshadow, of which already "The Black Beauty"And"StrawberrymouseHave "reported.

Vivaness2015 8
Zuii – Quattro eyeshadow and rouge

In addition, the new Quattro eyeshadow palettes, of which I see the wonderful palette of brown tones in this post have presented. By the way, the eye shadow, who have accompanied me on my fair days. :)


Brand new come out the way are also the Sheerlips Lipsticks and Lip Tints Flora, and three new primers in mauve, apricot and mint. I was by the way the color "mauve" sent as a press pattern and I can tell you already betrayed, I am convinced! This little miracle cure I owe it, that even after seven hours train- and bus ride my makeup still halfway tidy looked and my skin felt baby delicate itself!


Dabba – Last Update:

A feast for the eyes was the very pretty state of DABBA, a brand, manufactures the purest possible water flowers. Here they are extremely gentle, preserved with fermented radish, why it after opening“only” have a shelf life of two months.

Dabba – Hydrolate

Both the products and the packaging are the best example, that natural cosmetics should look not at all boring. ;) The hydrosols smell quite different and my first impression was very positive, because they have left a very pleasant soft skin after application. What I really liked in addition, was the size of the products, so you can either buy a full size with 100 ml, or but to buy a set of three smaller Hydrolates 50 ml, suitable also well for gifting.


With great joy I discovered this new series for men on the Vivaness! My friend used the old "for him" for some time love series, but synthetic perfume includes.

New: alva – For him pure nature line

The new line "for him pure nature" is similar to that of the ingredients, for complete course. The first time you sniff the scent I liked, it was less intense and the synthetic “Fresh scent” falls away, still male and slightly spicy-sweet.

alva Matt Collection

In addition to these maintenance releases gets the color cosmetics growth in the "Matt Collection", which focuses on the nude look and three lipsticks, two eye shadow duo, Powder and mascara is. All products come without carmine or talc from.

Here I have to see the "Matt Collection" geswatched:

Swatches der alva „Matt Collection”

Angel Minerals

Angel Minerals Display

At the stand of Angel Minerals greeted me quality, vegan mineral cosmetics and Karin Hunkel, me and Melanie of mermaids hair even a matching Foundation Nuance herraussuchte. Thank you for the many tips! :)

Karin Hunkel lipstick me with their beauty on Angel-Minerals Stand. Picture of Melanie (Nixenhaar)

I would also love the Melanie thank you for the great photos! :)


The biggest new feature of SANTE is sure the new design of packaging!

SANTE range Care

I think it's modern and like the beautiful little planet, which is displayed on.

New packaging design of SANTE

There will also be some new products:

SANTE flushing, Hair Treatment and Schaumkur

Here are a new irrigation and a mousse…


… and new deodorants.

SANTE In-Dusch Bodylotion

Very controversial, however, is the new shower body lotion, which was presented in various forms by some manufacturers at Vivaness. For such a product is unnecessary and water-Schwechat Sartorius membranes for many, on the other hand tried natural cosmetics course with conventional products “keep up”.

Fabulous Nude LE von SANTE

Also SANTE jumping on the nude trend with the new "Fabulous Nude" Limited Edition, consisting of mascara, Powder fate, multicolored Rouge and two lipglosses. The Kabuki in the picture is not with this.

Swatches der Fabulous Nude Limited Edition von SANTE


New to benecos: Eyeshadow Quattro, Mascaras and eyebrow pencils.

My favorite new feature of benecos clearly this fantastic Eyeshadow Quattro "coffee & cream”, I still like so much cinnamon tones! Here I told you once geswatched the Quattro, and the "Eyebrow-Designer" pins, of which there will now be an ash-blond color.

Swatches of Quattro eyeshadow and eyebrow pencils of benecos

Also new are two vegan Mascaras, die Natural Mascara Vegan Volume in „magic black” und die Natural Mascara Vegan Wonder in „steel grey”. The brush of black mascara looks like:

Bürstchen der Natural Mascara Vegan Volume

Also at benecos packaging design of toiletries has been changed, I like it much better, than the old one, what do you say?

New design of toiletries in benecos.

The reason for this was, that you can distinguish the different fragrances better.

New design of toiletries in benecos.

Been added are Aloe, Melisse, Seabuckthorn and a mixture of apricot and elderflower. There are also some new: Haarspülung, Deo Roll On, Deospray, Body Scrub, Hand & Nagelcreme, foot cream, wet wipes and cleansing gel and cleansing milk.

The new products will be from May / Be available in June.

Perhaps there will be soon completely natural nail polish and perfume of Benecos, the prototypes have already been presented, but are still in the testing phase..


We were particularly pleased it took me, look past at E2. The "dynamising Raumspray" helps me on a regular basis with my asthma.

Massage oils of E2

The range also includes massage oils, which were enriched with essential oils.

Aroma Diffuser with capsules of E2

For me, until then unknown, was the new Aroma Diffuser, heated the small capsules with essential oils to a maximum of 45 ° C degrees, to distribute them very gently in space. It reaches an aluminum capsule between four and six days. A pack of three capsules in "Air", „Detox”, „Energy”, "Jetlag", „Love”, „Mind”, „Sleep”,  „Smell”, "Smile" or "Zen" will cost around 15 €.

In addition, there are three therapeutic creams, which will specifically help to complaints. This includes "SOS for lighter legs", "Care for stressed joints" and "anti-aging face care".

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum

Dr. Hauschka is launching a new night serum..

Dr. Hauschka deodorants sage-mint and Rose

and new deodorants with rose and sage-mint.

The new Foundations were formally gelaunched, Also see PuraLiv.


Herbal hair colors of khadi

For khadi there were the new colors for blonde hair to see! My personal highlight was but, that my love of Anita "Anita's world"The Rose Shampoo brought Khadi, since they themselves no longer used it. Thanks a lot for this, because since I tried a sample of it, is it for a long time on my wish list! :)


kivvi quince series for young skin

The love Sirkku of Hilla natural cosmetics introduced us bloggers the new kivvi series for young skin, has appealed to me the same when trying out! It is based on Quince (and Kiwisamenöl, Like all products of the brand). I like, that the concept is consistent, so attention was paid to quality ingredients, nevertheless tries, to design adapted to the price of the target group, This makes the series also considerably cheaper with 9-14 € per product. It consists of a facial cleanser, a serum, zwei Toner ("Moisturizing" for humidity and "Harmonizing" against troubled skin), and three creams (intensive „nourishing” – particularly rich, „balancing” – for normal skin and "intensive moisturizing" – for a lot of moisture). I have to admit, that I have convinced the order and smell the serum and the "intensive nourishing" cream.


New: Pomegranate care of LOGONA

The new series with pomegranate of Logona smells pleasantly sweet. It contains Q10 and is designed for mature skin.

New: Heat Protection Spray, Its Spitz Fluid, Hair Treatment and Hair Oil from Logona

One of the novelties, personally I like most, is the new Heat Protection Spray from the hair care line, which does not contain oil. For this purpose, a hair tip fluid journeyman, a conditioner and a hair oil.

New: Moisturizing, Shine- and Caffeine Shampoo of LOGONA

There will also be three new shampoos, for moisture, Gloss and with caffeine.

New: Herbal Hair Color “chocolate brown” of Logona.

The herbal hair colors pushes the new Nuance "chocolate brown", Until now I have only "dark brown"Tried.



neobio Care

In addition to the wide range of care cosmetics there by neobio finally decorative cosmetics.

New: Cosmetics of neobio

The swatches were very promising! In addition to intense red hues also light nude colors are.

Swatches of decorative cosmetics of neobio


vivanessradicostand 1 vivanessradicostand 2

It was nice, the people behind Radico, as well as to meet Ralph Luther "Amarantus lounge". The Radico colors are the best herbal hair color for me, I've tried so far, There is a detailed review of this here.

Herbal Hair color by Radico on gray hair

Here you can see all Radico dyed colors on gray hair.

Herbal Hair color by Radico on gray hair


Body butter and shower gel from natural cosmetics STYX

The level of natural cosmetics STYX was beautiful, with a huge, white canvas, by an artist was painted during the trade fair. Soon you can see a video of this work of art in time-lapse. Presented were the deliciously scented body butters, and the new shower gels. Fun fact: Did you know, that STYX is the best-selling natural cosmetics brand in Russia? – No ..? Neither do I :D.


Unfortunately, my time has been lacking, to pictures to make the lovingly designed Primavera booth. But one thing I can show you, namely the new "Light Learning" fragrance, which has already helped me a lot in the last exams! :)

“Leichter Lernen” Primavera
vivanessprimavera 2
“Spring Awakening” Primavera

Also new are the fragrance “Spring Awakening”, the moisture serum “Neroli, Cassis” and face with oil capsules in smaller form.

I hope, I could you with this glimpse something of the Vivaness 2015  show and share the wonderful experience. Unfortunately, one and a half days too little, to discover everything.

More impressions you can find at Beautyjagd, Nixenhaar, SonnensprossenPretty Green Wo|man, PuraLiv, Alabastermädchen, Herbs&FlowersAnita’s WeltBeautyjungle, Without WithSonnensprossenPink and Coral, Kosmetik Vegan andWoman wuselig. It was great to meet you personally and to seeing girls! Both bloggers breakfast and delicious dinner at vegan restaurant “The tasty leaf” were a great success.

Do you know all the featured brands already?

What innovations do you find exciting, which tend to be less?

All The Best,


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  • A very nice review of the Vivaness.
    Who me is right but also a little bit sad. Sad about, that is the fair only for trade visitors and sad about it because you and Melanie Mermaid hair seems sympthisch and I would also like to time personally meet you.:-)
    Anyway, some interesting products are! That's me have done to. There would be the brand of Alva, which I have given so far still no attention. But that will change now. The nude limited edition by Sante laughs at very me. Since I am a big fan of the nude look.
    Also done to it has off the new series by Kivvi for skin 20 as well as the products from Ocean well. Learn fragrance sounds interesting but also the Primavera of lighter. Could be something for my friend. He's working on his master's thesis. As well the new Alva series for the treatment. Will be recorded immediately.

    • Many Thanks! :) It's really a shame, that is the fair for trade visitors only, I think at least on Friday or Saturday you could open it for all. :) It would have been nice, you time to get to know! :)
      It is my pleasure, that you have discovered some new products and brands! :)

  • Hi Julia,
    Thank you for your very nice report :-) Since there are already almost as me, as if I wasn't but it.
    Great I think, you're attention to the decorative cosmetics of neobio. I own an eyeshadow Duo and a lipstick of this brand and am very satisfied with both.
    The new “Leichter Lernen” Spray of Primavera speaks to me. I'm going to my students (work in a University Library) pass :-) Is the spray already available?
    I've already ordered me the Zuii Primer in mint. Furthermore, I'm interested in the hair care products from Logona, the night serum and the new products from benecos. Where the latter remind me of children's products, because they are so beautifully stained ;-) The new packaging of Santé looks also very nice. I am very, that so many NK brand “fresh” look.
    Also, Thank you again :-)
    Liebe Grüße

    • Dear Nicole,
      Oh that is nice, good to know, the neobio products to beat well application! :)
      Unfortunately, I'm not sure, When you light learning fragrances will be available, in some online shops, you can see them already, However with “soon available” marked. Oh, the Zuii Primer are fantastic! :) I am considering whether I sometime still apricot put to me. :)
      A little something youthful and fresh have the new packaging of benecos and sante really ;) . Maybe you're the next time with the Vivaness, would love to me! :D
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Sky, This is the longest Vivaness post, I think :-))

    I'm very Downhearted, that I Angel minerals although repeatedly seen in passing, me but just not to deal with it could. But just so, a day is way too little. And I should have seen Oceanwell Yes thanks to fragrance-free care.

    Neo organic decorative things look very cute, a good addition the drugstore price segment, I think.

    Sante and Alva have made things pretty nude. I got one of the lipsticks by alva, Matt but not even that is me. Unfortunately pastig looks.

    • Hihi, This is probably my chronic love for one-piece articles ^^. I was just as, I would have seen as yet more! And, I also find, I find very nice especially the Red shades! I also not very like shades on your lips nude :P.

  • I can connect just my preface gutters: a very great and detailed article. :)

    To Oceanwell and Angel minerals I failed unfortunately also, While both would have interested me. You can have everything but unfortunately, for this time is much too short. Unfortunately. No matter, How long there is. For this, it works out hopefully next time. ;)

    The “in - shower” Body lotion by Sante I have discovered at the Noveties and me discreetly over it annoyed. I belong to the Group, She keeps this product type totally unnecessary. If you would like to apply a under the shower, one can any body lotion or any body oil for it, WITHOUT wash it off again. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Thank you! :) Yes that's true, I've annoyed me also somehow something, that I just “little” have done and discovered so much new, in hindsight I filled but it properly the time ^^. Luckily the Vivaness is Yes every year on the new! :)
      That's right, I'm also not a big fan of it, Perhaps some would drain the oil off the towel, but then wipe? I have no idea :P.

  • Now, that's a detailed post times :-)
    I'm interested in mainly the Make-Up by Benecos (in particular the Eyeshadows Quattro) and the new line of Quince by kivvi. I find interesting the decorative cosmetics from neobio. Because I'll take a closer look, If I discover you somewhere.
    The new design of Sante speaks to me also very. The globe to find very pretty. I find also an unnecessary product the in shower body lotion. Jenni has already said, You can every body lotion or. Apply body oil in the shower. The new design of Benecos care products is not mine by the way. But yes as you know not quarrel leaves taste.
    Liebe Grüße :-)

    • Hihi thank you! :) The eyeshadow-Quattro is also one of my highlights! To Kang, I will then probably attack, If my current skin care is empty. Neobio is available in some health food stores, I'm also very excited about whether to buy around here with me!
      And, This is always such a thing with the design, where I honestly didn't liked the old benecos design of care! :)

  • Many Thanks, You so wonderfully and clearly didn't touch together all. I think the new design of Benecos not quite as pretty as the old. With this slightly reflective surface has made it difficult, Photos to snap. :) So this is now better.
    The herbal hair color look very nice. Great result on the strands. Thank you for the many impressions.

    • Very much like! :I never really had a problem D with the old benecos design, which are now. It has not addressed unfortunately just me. Now more, but some room there to the top :D. I also find, It is amazing, What herbal hair color now get everything out :D.

  • It is always very special, When it finally times personally got to know the people behind the blog. So read the posts now again differently :)

    Thank you for this verbosity, even though it was itself at the trade fair, never could all see and so I can walk again through the Hall and more visit a few stalls. One and a half days are definitely too little and I hope, I can make next year the full four days.

  • Love Julia, Thank you for the great impressions (: !
    Neobio there soon decorative cosmetics? I think it's great. The swatches look anyway, very promising.
    I find very interesting the brand Oceanwell by the sea theme. Zuii's color palette is really great! By dabba I must try the Apple water, because I love apples (: …for the same reason I want even the night serum Dr. Hauschka test. That should be it also in the sample size. I find very appealing the new kivvi line (: …Liebe Grüße.

    • I'd love to! :) And, I also really like the color selection! :) Apples smell so nice, that's why I like Apple products also, now I have the same on my baked Apple body butter from an alverde LE think ^^. Haaaach!

  • Love Julia
    Even if I am repeating, but I totally love reading every single post of Vivaness. Neobio is z.B. somehow completely vorbeigegaangen by me. I've not seen. I found totally exciting Oceanwell. I fell in the new series (so as perfume Avoider). I'm curious, When it comes to stores…
    All The Best

  • Neobio decorative products are completely gone over me, even though I was also at the booth of Logocos. :D Super, you've got even a picture of it. Know when the stuff in the trade to come?

    • And, I was pretty impressed by the products at the swatchen! :) Unfortunately the Lady at the booth could say nothing to me and I can't find anything in the press kit, You can order them already on :) I think that's why, that they are already sold!

  • Thank you very much for the detailed report on the products! There are really so many exciting products, I can hardly wait, about to try out. Particularly looking forward to the news by Benecos, because it is a very cheap brand, the me so far not disappointed. Great, that the range of treatments is so extended and there will be even more facial care. Certainly there are products with high-quality components, but just look at I'll me the stuff in any case. The vegan mascara and the new Quattro, I am very.
    Absolutely testing I want also the new Kivvi facial care series. Kivvi is an interesting brand, which I unfortunately have also still not extensively enough could test. The series should be suitable for young skin and remain more favourable. I think really great!
    Great, that you have also reported NeoBio. Also a brand, who gets enough attention and which I want to try much. The Dr. Hauschka are certainly a look worth news.
    Dearest Greetings :)

  • I think it's very nice, that increases the market and the providers of natural cosmetics and further developed. For me, it would be but also especially important, that the products are not in Hui and outside Pooh, because, unfortunately, very few place emphasis on also, that the packaging is of course/bio-degradable or reusable best.
    Maybe one should take to a shop where you are the creams, Lotions, Shampoos,… can be filled from. Just as there are that for high quality/special oils/Vinegars or also liqueurs? And then you can come with the same GLAST Hedgehog again and pick up his Lieblingscreme.

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