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Dear Mexicolita showed on her Instagram account the new Terra Naturi LE called “Vintage Love”. In the last time I am not a big fan of limited editions, just because I can’t rebuy the sometimes good cosmetics. But this time not only the design is great, also they produced a six-color-eyeshadow-palette and they look great! The ones by lily lolo are on my wishlist for ages :). Palettes are so useful on travels and if I have to hurry up in the morning.


The limited edition contains two eyebrow gels (3,95€), a mascara (3,95€), two eyeshadow palettes (4,95€), two blushes (3,95€) and two lipsticks. (2,95€). Here are some swatches:


The lipsticks are very creamy and I like the colors but I have similar products at home. The blushes have a great design but the pigmentation ist not that good.


I liked the eyeshadow palettes a lot, they are feeling incredibly buttery. The dark colors could be a little more pigmented. I decided to buy the warmer one, called “Once upon a Time”. Maybe I’ll buy the other one, too, when walking into Müller next time. :) 




The colors of the palette are a great combination, a very light, glittering shade, a rosé shade, three dark shades from reddish to ashy and a cinnamon-shade.


The darker shades are not that pigmented, so without using a primer or applying the eyeshadow wet, you won’t be able to use it as eyeliner or to darken the upper lashline.

My tip: Use the eyeshadows with your fingertips or a very firm brush, so the color is more intense than with a fluffy brush. I tried the beautiful rosé shade on the whole lid and the darker tones in the crease. Also I used the lightest shade as a highlight on the lid and in the corner of the eye. The result is very natural and not that pink as it seems on the first picture:


It is more like this:


I like the contrast of the color to my red hairs but they also look less intense in real life. My hair has a color gradient from slightly red to ashy.


The whole make-up looks like this:


I also put some of the rose eyeshadow on my lips. It is so buttery, that it doesn’t feel crumbly at all, it’s just like a dry lipgloss :).

Finally, here are the ingredients of all products: InhaltsstoffeVintageLoveLETerraNaturi 



How do you like the new vintage rose limited edition by terra naturi?

Do you like eyeshadow palettes as much as I do?

Do you like limited editions in general or do you prefer to stay with products from the standard range?

Lots of love,



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