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Hello, my friend!

Dear Mexicolita showed on her Instagram account the new Terra Naturi LE called “Vintage Love”. In the last time I am not a big fan of limited editions, just because I can’t rebuy the sometimes good cosmetics. But this time not only the design is great, also they produced a six-color-eyeshadow-palette and they look great! The ones by lily lolo are on my wishlist for ages :). Palettes are so useful on travels and if I have to hurry up in the morning.


The limited edition contains two eyebrow gels (3,95€), a mascara (3,95€), two eyeshadow palettes (4,95€), two blushes (3,95€) and two lipsticks. (2,95€). Here are some swatches:


The lipsticks are very creamy and I like the colors but I have similar products at home. The blushes have a great design but the pigmentation ist not that good.


I liked the eyeshadow palettes a lot, they are feeling incredibly buttery. The dark colors could be a little more pigmented. I decided to buy the warmer one, called “Once upon a Time”. Maybe I’ll buy the other one, too, when walking into Müller next time. :) 




The colors of the palette are a great combination, a very light, glittering shade, a rosé shade, three dark shades from reddish to ashy and a cinnamon-shade.


The darker shades are not that pigmented, so without using a primer or applying the eyeshadow wet, you won’t be able to use it as eyeliner or to darken the upper lashline.

My tip: Use the eyeshadows with your fingertips or a very firm brush, so the color is more intense than with a fluffy brush. I tried the beautiful rosé shade on the whole lid and the darker tones in the crease. Also I used the lightest shade as a highlight on the lid and in the corner of the eye. The result is very natural and not that pink as it seems on the first picture:


It is more like this:


I like the contrast of the color to my red hairs but they also look less intense in real life. My hair has a color gradient from slightly red to ashy.


The whole make-up looks like this:


I also put some of the rose eyeshadow on my lips. It is so buttery, that it doesn’t feel crumbly at all, it’s just like a dry lipgloss :).

Finally, here are the ingredients of all products: InhaltsstoffeVintageLoveLETerraNaturi 



How do you like the new vintage rose limited edition by terra naturi?

Do you like eyeshadow palettes as much as I do?

Do you like limited editions in general or do you prefer to stay with products from the standard range?

Lots of love,



20 thoughts on “Vintage Love – Terra Naturi LE”

  • AAH, Thank you very much. When I read of the LE I was already hoping, showing more swatches :-) I like really good eyeshadow plates, I just don't know, which I would take. Perhaps the 02, I have some Brown here. Or both? The lipstick colors I like well, Let me see. Fall also within my usual booty scheme and have I son similar to ensure even. I think, next week I'm just going to see!
    Many greetings, the Alex

    • Han as I stood in the Miller and found it really hard decision, I then but because of the beautiful Rosé tone and something to relieve to my Zuii Quattro, the Brown range selected. :) But as I said, who knows, If the others don't even joins to :D. Have fun with the LE! :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • I looked at yesterday the pallets me and found it pigmented too weak for me. Your swatches look but quite usable with base! Instead, I took some parts of the last LE at reduced prices. Thank you for your great photos!

    • Yes that's true, just the dark tones could come out even better without base. I'm guessing, the range together with a base for me will be ideal for the holidays. :) I also really liked the past LE, Since I've beaten to Yes when the powder pearls! What did you take friends away? :)

  • Incredibly, the range reminds me of the nude palette of Catrice, except that Terra Naturi seems to have fried something apparently more pigment on the color scheme as the KK ^. ^ the sounds actually worn look like in the range :) And the pink on your eye looks very hübschs!
    Damage, I can't get to the brand, otherwise, I'd imagine the cooler range 100% have a look at!

    • Hihi, This is a special feature for once rather, otherwise you have to search once the pigments at NK with a magnifying glass :). Many Thanks, otherwise, I've still never pink worn, I kind of like it but just like :). Müller stores are somehow really pretty rare :S.

  • AWW, beautiful! Unfortunately it did not exist the new LE, I recently in Dresden the first and only time in my life a Terra Naturi stand as. Anyway thank you for showing this beautiful eyeshadow. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Your picture looks so great!

    I did it after the holidays haven't to the Muller, want to look at things but happy times. I have absolutely nothing against LEs, Since I've purchased to honestly never an eyeshadow palette or even a lipstick. With the crowd, that I have at home, is it hardly possible or necessary…
    Liebe Grüße!

  • Thank you so much! :) Yes that's true, just lipsticks are pretty hard to use up, for eyeshadow but I'm actually sometimes sad. Sometimes beauty is also bad or. You should dispose regularly and there some pieces missing me already. :S

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