Valentine's day?!

Hello my friend,

Valentine’s day is almost there!

I have to admit: I am not a big fan of this day. For me it is just too much commerce and the pressure to find presents, a bit like in christmas time. I like to make gifts when I see things and think of a person. I prefer spending a day together and enjoy it. Anyhow I understand that valentine’s day means a lot to some people, maybe because everyday life and maybe kids have a big influence on the relationship. Nevertheless today I want to show you how I put some romance and happiness in my make-up, because everyday can be valentine’s day! :)

Do you remember the puritybag? I loved the concept and the result of this customizable natural surprise-box

For valentine’s day they launched four different boxes(Head over heels in love, Love at first sight (Red + Pink) und Endless Love). They are great for trying if you are afraid to get the wrong products in a box full of surprises. You know what’s inside but you can choose the colors by yourself. :)

I got the offer to test “Love at first sight” and chose the red box:



The first product is the“STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!” Boylotion Sesame Sage.It is super easy to apply it because it spreads pretty good and smells fresh but subtle. I thought I’d like this product at least but I was mistaken, I love it and use it nearly every day.


“Fern + Moss” by Brooklyn Candle Studio has a nice, fresh smell. It is made from Soy Wax and was hand poured.


I was extra happy for this nail polish by treat collection. You can choose “Statement” or “Paris Paris”. 

“Statement” is a dark purple color and was in my puritybag. I wear it often because it looks beautiful to golden jewelry

Here is a swatch of the color:

From left to right: edding (171 dear dark orchid), Benecos (Wild Orchid), edding (165 reliable raspberry), Rival de Loop (High Shine 21), treat collection (Statement), Benecos (desire)

 So I chose “Paris Paris” because I don’t need two similar nailpolishes at home. It is a bright, classic red. I wear loud red lipstick a lot and this fits perfect! 

From left to right: edding (149 Wild Watermelon), essence (4 ever young), Rival de Loop (High Shine 20), Nailberry (Rouge), treat collection (Paris Paris), Manhattan (Lotus Effect 45P), essence (do you speak love?). 

My personal highlight is “Wild Child” by ILIA Beauty. You can choose between four colors. I prefer bright and loud colors because I have thin lips and these colors make me happy somehow so I decided to take this one. :)


The color is surprisingly adaptable weather you apply one or more coats. It also has a awesome consistency, nearly as nourishing as a lipbalm. This makes ist one of my favourite lipsticks!


At the moment I wear either pink or red :). I combine this with a subtle eye make-up: Light eyeshadow with the Terra Naturi Eyeshadow Palette, a matte dark eyeshadow from theFour Zuii “Natural” and the benecos Quattro “Coffee & Cream” as well as an eyeliner (blackAlterra eyeliner) in the outer part of my eyes. In the end I apply some“Extreme Carbon Mascara” by Alterra on thecurled Lashes. For my eyebrows I use the“Eyebrow-Designer” by benecos. Someblush by avril and some contouring with the ashy color of my Four Zuii “Natural” and I am done! :)


I applied two different colors on every side on my lips (pink on the left and red on the right) by the way and did the rest with Pixelmator. :)

You can see this because the left side (Zuii) is a bit more matte than the right side (ILIA).

At these two pictures in lighter surroundings I didn’t change any color:

I chose one of these colors spontaneous every morning. What is your favourite? Red or Pink? :)

Because I talk about lipsticks now, this one is a favourite one, too:


(I hold the smartphone in my hands because I need them to make photos with my camera ;)).

It is “red pepper” by alverde from the oriental bazaar limited edition. It is a loud, orange red, not too bright and not too dark. Do you know any a bit more pricy company that sells such a great color? If yes, then please let me know!

In the end I want to show you this beautiful shirt by Miomojo and Animals-Asia. I got it with two bags I bought in the E-Shop.


As you might know, I love their bags so much and own many of them. They have a great quality, are vegan, ecological and don’t contain any bad chemicals like harmful softeners.

I also love the work of Animals Asia. Such a terrible animal abuse like the moonbears have to bear has to be stopped.

Maybe valentine's day can to be just a day, where you do not only love your partner, but so fellow human beings, animals and maybe so yourself. Maybe this day can be everyday. Maybe you just have to enjoy your life and give some love and happiness to the world. It will come back, I promise.

What do you think about valentine's day?

Lot's of love,


7 thoughts on “Valentine's day?!”

  • I like the Ilia lipsticks incredibly, because they are so versatile. The Puritybag also very excites me, Although I'm otherwise not so much on boxes (at least not more).
    On you I prefer by the way Red :)

  • Red I prefer by the way also. General, but also on friends, love Julia. Beauty I like very much the lipsticks by ILIA. Use of synthetic colours doesn't bother me because personally. But I also always mention it, because it would be an exclusion criterion for some. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    P.S. The Puritybag I like it by the way right, really good. :)

  • Love Julia,
    the lipsticks look fantastic. All are exactly my booty schema and by Ilia I own now as some :) Keep you really very good and long on the lips. This happens with the synthetic color “fast” When vegan or Carmine free lipsticks. I believe, they are coloured with synthetic paints from Annemarie Börlind.
    I had the good fortune, I won my Puritybag Mexi – and I was looking so very on the bag. But the result was somewhat disappointing :( Although a favorite product in, It remained only for the one. I had only one full size, what I find quite a shame.
    Therefore I would not even get one me, even though I know exactly, What's in it. I have some red lipsticks, Body lotions I must need to finally after. The nail is beautiful, but also because I have some 7free in assortment :)

    Greenest greetings

  • God, I am so boring. I wear all year round “my” Colors. So for Valentine's day no red, because I don't like red. But pink…well, Nude pink or mauve tones then probably goes in the direction of pink.

  • Definitely Red. And here I must say, that really both colors are super friends. Red one looks just more bit classical and “adult”, ensures that certain girlie look during pink. Very cool effect with the images! LG from Berlin

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