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“We must not regard nature as our enemy, to master and overcome, but relearn, to cooperate with nature. She has an experience of four and a half billion years. Ours is a lot shorter. “
Hans-Peter Dürr (1929-2014), Physicist
“I came to a simple realization: What's good for the Earth, is also good for people.”


Vandana Shiva, Physicist, Activist



Hello my friend!

Great, that you found my tiny place in the big internet! I'm Julia and besides my studies, I'm fascinated by beauty products and all the many ingredients, one finds in it. This is my focus on the natural cosmetics, because I want to do something good for me and the environment. Tried it Out.de is a platform where I would like to show you all the great things for me, that I care about! Including make-up, DIY recipes, small tips or the one or other treat.

Here on the website I write long and detailed articles, but I am also on Instagram. There, I want to have you part with pictures and my Instagram stories on my small discoveries in everyday life. Watching over me on Instagram! :)


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By the way: Not every product is the perfect choice for every skin type, so it may be, that I love something, and you try it, but unfortunately you don't like it. Therefore, it is worth, previously a look in my Beauty profiles to throw, This is where you can compare our skin types and decide, if one of my recommendations could also be perfect for you.

I wish you a lot of fun on my page and look forward to talk with you in the comments!



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