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Hello my friend!

Sometimes there are but the strangest moments in which to handle decisions. I've played so long with the idea to grow my hair long and cut them less and less, but I really set me, When I saw the movie Oldboy (the Korean original is worlds better by the way, the American remake pretty bad) and looked so cute in a scene hair by Elisabeth Olsen. The length of their hair was about as my current length up briefly on the chest and even though the scene was relatively small, and unglamourös (normally, such inspiration comes more from Pinterest), I decided to try it out myself, whether I would like such a length of the hair.
A photo of her hair, something like she looked in the movie, can be found here (Unfortunately wrong just something to do with embedding pins, so click on the link, to see the photo.)




Looking at the hairstyles but also on Pinterest I have often seen pictures, running me the structure of the hair and the cut very liked. Here's a few examples:






Even if I find very cute especially the wavy hair, I even just light waves in the hair and would like to use currently no curling iron, Once because it's destroying my hair and also hairstyles with me must be quick and easy and I have not leisure to spend much time. That's why I wear them currently somewhere between the images above, not smooth, very wavy.

I think so long I want to grow them even about, probably a little shorter. A length would be ideal for me, front ranging up to the navel, back about up to the waist. Would you adhere to the following dimensions, would it be between mid back, more in the direction of lower back.




Beautiful, I think also of the hair by Sarah of Holistichabits, only personally so long hair would me much too long!

So you can make friends a picture, How long are my hair now, I made you a few small photos, Here you can see the hair once quite normally open, then (as I's otherwise wear with a Barrette) the upper parts together and finally from the front, often I wear them just on one or two pages front.

So it looks like, will I it so a little bit continue to grow to the length of my request and then see, How long I think she's still pretty and. they cut again and again to this length. Because I notice also how they are getting heavier and just there so a limit is reached, a few centimeters to go yet but very much harder, I want to leave then but they will not.

Sometimes I see but also beautiful short hairstyles, I find the following photos so adorable and somehow something brash as long hair:




Here comes me the idea to cut them off then ever, because so much would not make that me. I enjoy but just, they are so pretty quickly, because I have huge volume to shorter hair and need to be blow dried smooth and always something styled to look after anything. That would be me then again too much effort and hair a lot more fly in the face. That's why I'm staying now with my long hair, but do not be surprised, If I come at some time suddenly from the salon and the hair is again short. :)

You can find more articles of the girls on the topic of dream hair as always on the hair band page, There, all the articles are linked:

As another new Member I must announce by the way quite happy the dear Sandra by Mexicolita. You know probably already their great blog about natural cosmetics, and now she will fill it somewhat with hair gang articles, I am looking forward! :)

Sandra aka Mexicolita has left the time of perms and chemical hair colors behind. Since 2013 She dyes her fine, over shoulder-length hair with henna and herbal hair color and since then is looking for the perfect Red.
On her blog she writes about vegan natural cosmetics. And there are also delicious, simple & plant-based recipes for making up.




What length of hair do you have just?
Do you prefer short or long hair and why?
Are there any persons, you have inspired to your hairstyle?

Lots of love,

5 thoughts on “Dream hair and desired length [Haarbande]”

  • I really like your hair *.* And forward them even longer to see. (xD I like Yes long hair)

    Unfortunately the pins do not charge all when I go to the link :( can see only your mounted photos.. I like you, but very!

  • Always amazing, how different are the perceptions! My hair was never too heavy to me and I could not imagine that – only when the “right” long hair from knee or very thick long hair. Naja, now I have Polange hair and feel well off and on, How can's tweets :D but it's nothing, What bothers me and you get used to it.
    Interesting anyway,, your pictures to look at!
    Am also very excited about, how this further evolved with you. Of the regain here I'd cool yes even longer hair, because that could give your hair in any case and with a beautiful edge. Have a look, am curious on your target!

    Liebe Grüße

  • Love Julia,
    Madness, How long your hair have become *.* . They look great and so nice dick…my hair is currently somewhat shorter than yours, because I cut it a few times * hehe *.. They grow very fast, are unfortunately rather thin, What is of course always striking the length.
    I look forward to more hair images in the future from you (: .
    Liebe Grüße.

  • Wohoooo.
    Really amazing to see, how quickly your hairs have grown in a relatively short time. You look so wonderfully healthy and thick, Hach!
    I'd also like your problem with too much volume in my fine lint. :D

    Liebe Grüße!

  • A movie showed friends your desired length? This is really super cute somehow :)
    I wish me well, that one every day on the new can decide whether you want to have your hair long or short. I totally loved my Long Bob, but I can make much more hairstyles with long hair. A dilemma :)

    LG, Notd from http://www.braids.life

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