Terra Naturi – Lovely Paris LE and novelties

Hello my friend!
While I just go from the wonderful alverde Event home (More info can be found on Instagram) I would like briefly to new Limited Edition, as well as some Sortimentsneuheiten the miller natural cosmetics brand Terra Naturi introduce!
I have to say, the design of products can I find this time really nice, much better than the brown slightly stale :D.
Lovely Paris LE
Also, the stand is nicely decorated and modern :).
The LE consists of the following products:

Lip Cream
The Lip Cream costs 3,45€ and is available in three different colors.
It is quite thick and creamy, the product name fits so, but also very glossy, like a lip gloss. The Lip Creams are highly pigmented and can be mediocre spread good, since the formulation is feels less nourishing
Highlighter Pen / Dip Eyeliner / Mascara
Of these three products, there were no testers. The Highlighter Although supposed to be champagne-colored, but seemed very white. It costs 2,75€, the Dip Eyeliner (classic black und stars brilliants) 2,75€ and the Mascara “Field March” 3,95€.
Blush Pearls
The Blush Pearls of € 3.95 have me frankly most addressed, Again, there were no testers and I was once reasonable, Finally, I have just enough cosmetics ;).
The Color “blush rosé” looks beautiful korallfarben, rather tends to reddish orange than to.
“Blush gold” looks to me, however, more like a bronzer with shimmer pearls.
Both products contain as one sees only a series of beads.
Trio Eyeshadow
Wunderhübsch designed I find the trio eyeshadows for € 3.45. The bright tones are not very well pigmented, this is the pink or. dark blue very intensive.
(click on it to enlarge this image)
The ingredients are okay but nothing special, similar to the standard products of Terra Naturi or other NK-drugstore brands.
Assortment Novelties
After the LE-Display, the new products have gained my attention immediately Releases.
Four Eyeshadow
I especially like the Terra Naturi Quattro Lidschatten for 3,95€. It is immediately noticeable, that they are much larger, for example, than competing products. alverde.
The pigmentation is okay, some colors (especially the dark) are very well pigmented, the brighter tones contrast rather weak. They are not soft, feel on the skin but still pleasant to.
Duo Eyeshadow-Stick
Also of interest are the Duo Eyeshadow Sticks, one side is thin, comparable to the Lakshmi eyeliners, the other thick. There are two colors, cost € 3.95 each.
The colors I find very beautiful, the order they are very creamy and melt easily during application. Pigmentation is good and they can spread easily.
Effect-Mascara / Extreme Volume
In addition, two new mascaras found in the product range, which are to have each € 3.95. The design of both models looks great. At the bottom of the image at the names you see the brush. (Click to enlarge).
Duo Lip Pencil
Unfortunately, the last novelty was not yet available, I'll add to my next visit Müller more images and swatches to this post. For 2,95€ there are new Duo Lip Pencils in three different colors.
Liquid Soap “Happy-maker”
Limited Edition
My last discovery I immediately taken!

The “Happy-maker” Liquid Soap is vegan and available in Refill.
Until now I had since always limit it to the alverde Products, since they are the only readily available, offering refills. But the current soap I like less, which is why I'm glad to have discovered this wonderful after lime scented liquid soap!

Unfortunately, almost all the new products with carmine.
The alte Limited Edition is now in the way Webshop reduced (in the store I have the remains of the old LE not found)! I told you here already presented. Some old range products is there better.

What do you think of the new products?
Something here that you interested?

I wish you a relaxing weekend!

6 thoughts on “Terra Naturi – Lovely Paris LE and novelties”

  • Oh man! I curse it again and again, that there are only three Miller in a so huge city like Berlin, of which one a anyway forget (garage-station store), one is at the other end of town, and the third not just around the corner… :/
    The products look beautiful, but since nothing would now, What would irritate me so aaabsolut.

    So Blushperlen there was also done by alverde. The Rosé dark looked really pretty as well. The others I don't know. At that time I had bought it in a LE. Then they came in the standard range and when she left this and were reduced, I bought still backup. You shimmer pretty, in the summer but are a great thing, conjure up the glow and freshness in the face! :)

    • And, I'm super happy, that one is now in the vicinity, just because Terra Naturi, even if not a nature shop in there is (the Miss again very). And, for me, there are only the blush pearls, I have such a thing still not xD. I imagine that then something as blush and highlighter together :D.

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