Summer Essentials – Die Welt der Dufte [2]

Hello my friend!

It is getting warm and warm and I enjoy the great weather so much!  I do not only change my skincare products to ones with lighter textures but so the perfumes I use every day.


In colder months I prefer warm and sweet perfumes and I love products that contain vanilla. Right now I choose one of these two products most of the time: “California star Jasmine” by Pacifica and the Eau de Plage by Acorelle.


Both fragrances are different and perhaps precisely therefore almost always fit my moods.

Pacifica –  California star Jasmine

I wrote about the perfumes by Pacifica before, because one of my favourite scents in winter is “Iceland vanilla”. “California star Jasmine” is a vegan and completely natural scent. Unfortunately I didn ’ t get any other information regarding the ingredients from the producer directly.


I love the roll on because it is great for travels and needs only a few space in the bag. It has a characteristic fresh scent and reminds me of laundered clothes and jasmine. It is very light and not too intense.

Ingredients: Natural, pure grain alcohol and pacifica ’ s signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils.


It lasts nearly the whole day but not as good as synthetical perfumes.

Acorelle – Beach water

Less fresh but therefore feminine and flowery is the scent of Eau de Plage by Acorelle. It is not comparable with the very sweet and bonbon-like scents of the alverde I tried before.


The scent reminds me of suncream and the beach, fruity, flowery and a bit sweet. It lasts just one and two hours because it is a beach spray but that is enough for me :).


What is your favorite summer scent?

Do you only use natural or synthetical so fragrances?

Lot's of love,


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