Sunday at Deauville with Couleur caramel (LE)

Hello my friend!

“Sunday in Deauville” is the beautiful name of the new Couleur caramel limited edition I tested for the last weeks. :)


As you might know, I am not a huge fan of lipglosses, most of the products I used are sticky and only last for some hours. Nevertheless I decided to try these two colors “desert rose pink” and “pink red” because of the advertised long-lasting and the nourishing effect because of the cold temperatures right now.


So i tried the two jumbo kajal pencils in “Rock” and “root”. They are multifunctional and can be used as kajal pencil, eyeliner or for smokey eyes.


Here are the swatches of all four:


The earthy colors are dull and not too smooth or firm, so it is easy to apply as a good visible eyeliner but so to apply it on a larger area. The cool grey is somehow even a bit bluish.

Both lipglosses are highly pigmented but dissolve almost. This is the main problem I had with both, seconds after I applied them,, they started to run in my lipcreases making me look like I had halloween makeup on after a day in university. :D

Pink red normally applied
Pink red normally applied

I tried to use less gloss but this didn ’ t work either, so I tried it with a lip brush and suddenly it worked and I really like the look!

There is only one small disadvantage: The lighter color loose some of its brightness and looks a lot like the darker color.


Nevertheless I am happy with the glosses because they have a great texture and feel more like a nourishing creme or oil than a standard lipgloss. Especially in winter I prefer this.

Also the long-lasting effect is stunishing, it is hard to wash it away and lasts on my lips for the whole day, even some meals are okay. :)

The jumbo eye pencils are a bit easier to apply, “Rock” looks like this:


I prefer warm colors, so I like to use “root” a bit more. This is how it looks with “desert rose pink” and the lipliner “cherry blossom” by Terra Naturi:



I really like the combination of “root” with the color “Champagne” by Purobio, I applied on the lashline.


This combination looks great with “pink red” and a red lipliner:




How do you like this limited edition by couleur caramel?

Are you a fan of lipglosses or do you prefer lipsticks?

Have a great week,


21 thoughts on “Sunday at Deauville with Couleur caramel (LE)”

  • Yes that's true, not so pretty looks but shows very well, How blatantly passes the lip gloss! You're right, uncomplicated products are my also favorite, but since both glosses are so wonderfully pigmented and it still nurturing and not sticky, I also like to use it with brush :) Liebe Grüße! :)

  • I really like the gray tone of friends…but I'm also a grey fan ;)
    I totally like the lip colors, but the seeping effect is the main reason not to buy them. When a lip gloss for €5 I can get over that, in the price not.

    • Can I absolutely understand! I mean that is usually also one of the great features of a lip gloss, being simple and straightforward to apply :). Thank you, Sometimes I like grey also like, but that is not, If the skin so easily shines through love! :)

  • Very nice looks, that you've conjured up there, love Julia! :)

    MMH, I've heard several times unfortunately, that expires the lip gloss at some. This absolutely isn't the case with me! I can wear both colors without lip liner and they stay in place. I am totally satisfied, especially, because they withstand even really small snacks. My contribution goes by the way today against 30 online.

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Many Thanks, love Jenni! :) Oh how beautiful, This is of course great to hear, you wear a small amount on normal with the applicator? :) Then I'll link your article right away :)! Liebe Grüße! :)

  • The Jill gloss looks really creepy. I've never seen that so violently!
    The make up with the “Pink red” on the bottom pictures I find beautiful, It suits you really good.
    Liebe Grüße!

  • I especially like the last photo :-)
    I have to try so a dash with a hint of champagne!
    I had to experiment with the gloss, also for the first time, until the portable. Is basically already a great product!
    LG, Victoria

    • Many Thanks! :I'm incredibly happy that D, because when my drooping eyelids, Brown eyeshadow look something expressive and therefore I use them often, without will brighten me “Eyeliner” but usually much gloomy. :D I'm so, in the beginning, I was pretty disappointed, because he had felt so good and I found fantastic the color :D. Luckily I got the hang of now. :)
      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • I've seem intuitively done something right, because I have from the outset took a lip brush. :)
    Pink red is quite wonderful, looks great. Thank you very much for the link. I've also just added you and Jenni.

  • I like both looks really good on you! The tip with a lip brush is super, Although I'm still not sure, If I would get one of the two glosses me. But rather because, that I don't like usually the consistency and the things dry me always very quickly and I ultimately have less of them than of lipsticks…

    • Many Thanks! :D Yes it's true, I find it difficult in the winter, If hair in the face fly all the time a (unless you wear a Chignon or Plait) and if they are generally too sticky. It's lucky for these two, one of the reasons, which is why I quite like them. :) In itself, I like also prefer lipsticks, also because I think she's generally somehow more hygienic and easier. :)

  • Hello my friend,
    computers, the discontinued color makes it really something creepy look. This is not so ideal. Still super, you still found a way for the good look! And the looks look fabulous! :-)

    Many greetings

    • Hihi, ideal only for a scary look ;). Thank you so much, I am also very happy, I got the hang of it, would have been really bad, If they are then only unused in a drawer! :) Liebe Grüße! :)

  • Love Julia,
    the LE is great and there are also some other products in this included. Sorry, this is in all products, that would have interested me, Contain Carmine. I would like to refrain like.
    All products are quite wonderful friends! I love such luminous lips very much and think it's great, also you are apparently quite happy. As regards the consistency: I have such similar products from pony hat here. It was at that time under the name “Mini lips” to buy. Tolle, bright and very intense colours – but similar to walk, how you showed here. Alone with pencil and Pinselchen I could contain more or less the. But I must confess, that it takes me usually too long and I then just would rather attack to a normal lipstick :D.
    Have much pleasure in your products and greenest greetings

    • Dear Miss periwinkle,
      Oh yes the Carmine :S. Unfortunately too bad, that there are so few alternatives, which are now. You must Access otherwise always to synthetic dyes.
      I also love bright lips and sometimes it just needs a bright color on the lips, also somehow expressing joy for me :). I'm curious, whether I'm now regularly wear the lip gloss, because traveling refresh works out unfortunately not quite so good. :)
      Thank you very much and greetings! :)

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