Sun protection tips with alverde

Hello my friend!

The weather was very bad the last week but now the summer is here and I enjoy it a lot! Time to think about sun protection!

I shared some tips on the website of alverde withViktoria from beautyjungle andAnnemarie from Golden Beauty Moments, I hope you like them!

You can find them here or by clicking on the following pictures:


But I have a great tip left, that I want to share with you!

Did you ever have a natural mascara that was pretty white and you looked like a ghost after applying it? :) Well I did!

The solution is to mix it with a tiny bit of a foundation that is too dark or with a special darkening product like theColor and Care Mix Your Make-Up by alverde.


This combination workes great as a great tinted moisturizer and saves two products from being thrown away! :)

How do you like the idea and my tips on the alverde page? :)

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3 thoughts on “Sun protection tips with alverde”

  • This is really a good idea. I made also a Sonnendreme mistake, namely it alverde. The part turns one in a ghost, will try out the days. Thank you.

    • Thank you! And, that happens in terms of NK but more often! Now the alverde sunscreen has been redrafted and is more “yellowish”, me still but sometimes something to white :). Please!

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