Get out of the comfort zone, purely in the spring – Purobio collection “Beleza” Spring/summer 2017

Hello my friend!

Spring is finally here and I am in love with the sun, the temperatures and the great smell of flowers and plants! But the feeling of spring came already some weeks earlier because a big parcel full of new and colorful Purobio products arrived!


There are two new lipsticks (I wrote about the other 8 lipsticks in this review). They contain 3,5g and are not vegan.



Eye- / Lipliner

There are also two new, vegan eyeliner, a bright “nude” color and a sky blue. Also new is a transparent lip- and eyeliner that can be used as primer for the lips, brow pomade or as a base for an eyeliner with eyeshadow.


All four new products have a great pigmentation and a creamy texture.


A small demonstration of the phantom eye primer: I applied the same eyeshadow on both sides and you can easily see, where I applied the primer.



A green and a yellow eyeshadow are new, too. They come in two versions you can buy, a refill or the “normal” product.


The refill has a simple packaging with some plastic and a recyclable cardboard box and uses less ressources. Also it is a bit cheaper than the original product.


Every eyeshadow is magnetic so you can easily put it into a magnetic palette.


Eight eyeshadows fit in the palette from Purobio.



A big higlight are these four, vegan blushes.


Two warm and two cool colors suit to soft everyday and intense night make-up.


These are also avaliable in refill packaging, but you can buy them in the “normal” one, too, if you don’t have a palette or travel a lot. The refills are a bit cheaper, though.


It is very easy to remove the eyeshadow from its plastic packaging.


There is enough space for eight eyeshadows, two eyeshadows and two blushes or three blushes in the palette.


The matte eyeshadows are not as buttery as the shiny ones I own from purobio but the blushes don’t feel a bit less dry and smoother.


A tiny nudge in the pan with a brush already gives you a lot of color!


The last new product is a new, angled brush. Like the other Purobio brushes it has many, firm but fluffy bristles.

Here is the make-up I did with the products:

Spring look Nr. 1


// yellow eyeshadown. 18,

a bit of the green eyeshadow n.17 in the crease,

bright eyeliner n.42 for the upper,

phantom eyeliner + green eyeshadow n.17 for the lower eyeliner,

eyeshadow n.01 (“Champagne” from Purobio, not new) in the center of the eye and under the lower lashline,

mascara LAM (from Purobio, too, not a new product)

Alterra eyebrow gel (LE),

lipstick n.09 on my lips//






Spring look Nr. 2

//bright eyeliner n.43 as a base and a bit of theeyeshadow n.01 (not new),

skyblue eyeliner n.42,

grey color of the Dr. Hauschka eyeshadow palette 02 (LE), (thank you so much, Melanie <3),

mascara LAM (not a new product),

Alterra eyebrow gel, 

Lipstick n.10//




// Overview //

In the end I want to show you some pictures of the blushes:


Okay, this was only goofing around. :D

Vergleich_Blushes_Purobio_01, 02, 03, 04

Now I am so excited!

How do you like the colors and my look?

Too colorful or great? :)

Do you like the refill concept?


I hope you enjoy spring as much as I do!

Lot's of love,



12 thoughts on “Get out of the comfort zone, purely in the spring – Purobio collection “Beleza” Spring/summer 2017”

    • I'd love to! :) Was not so easy to photograph the abstractions more or less recognizable, but I hope you can see the difference a little :)

  • Since you have makeup really two very nice looks, love Julia. I like both very well and are really spring. :)

    I had the opportunity to admire the products from puroBio on the Vivaness and found it great in the first impression – especially the abstractions and the transparent lip liner. Since the left the range of alverde, I miss something in NK quality. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Many Thanks, Jenni! :)
      I was very impressed on the Vivaness, but still a bit skeptical, whether one with the bright colors also “normal” make-up can, which by the way, great work, If you only ever accents, rather than to try much in the looks like me. :)
      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • I am very pleased the new products; especially about the phantom liner and the abstractions. And although the Eyeshadows really that my, I have great desire, they try to. By the way, both looks on you I liked very well!

  • Love Julia,
    Thank you very much for your detailed posts about the news and LEs (: .
    Your looks make really big appetite for spring-like make-up and are very well <3 . I wonder however whatever, why so few pans in rectangular or square form are offered. I would find that also optically just nicer and it's practical for empty pallets to be filled anyway.
    Blush 03 I like worn very well on your carrying photo!
    And wow, How long your hair have become *.* …Totally love (Spring) Greetings <3 .

  • Ooha these lipsticks! The eyeshadow I'd get too colourful, but the two Lippi fall exactly within my prey scheme :) Thank you for the many swatches! Liebe Grüße

  • Hi Julia :) I could imagine now but no bright colors as eyeshadow on me, But friends is yes even yellow really excellent, had I not expected honestly watching the eyeshadow. :D I wish you a beautiful beginning of spring!
    Many greetings, Kristina

  • Super, Thanks for the detailed review and photos! I think it's great, There are even blogs, where is someone really are trouble and not only 3 Packaging in the camera stops and maybe up a swatcht fast dash.

  • Love Julia,
    even if your post is already a while ago, is it still useful. I have rummaged through the Purobio range and am hard to order me some products in temptation. To first of all the Liptints smile at me there (really great colors), but also the abstractions and Eyeshadows. And Jiffy I landed there on your blog.

    I like both looks on you, where I vl even still find special the first look. The white line looks great between yellow and green.
    And I like your fresh Wängchen in two looks! Which Rouge have you used?

    Greenest greetings

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