Purobio Fall/Winter 17 Collection, Highlighter und Bronzer [+Herbs]

This article contains press samples.

Hello there! :)

While it is already snowing outside and I have equipped myself with tea and blanket, I am now getting ready for this article. Maybe I should have cooked myself a whole pot, because I can already predict: It’s gonna be a very long one.

For a while now it was as quiet on the blog, the reasons for this would fill up a lot of lines again, so I’d rather say thank you to my great community, yes, especially to you when you read these lines. Thank you for the fact that it’s no big deal if I take a little time off from blogging and thank you for the feedback when I finally get to write something. Thanks that I can at least keep you up to date on Instagram and that there are so many wonderful conversations and feedback that sweeten my everyday life when there is no time for long articles.

Who would have thought that new Purobio products are the reason why I am now sitting at my desk and blogging. Because the new products that I’ve received lately just deserve to be featured on my little spot on the Internet. How do you know that products fit perfectly to you? Right, they survive the daily test and are used (almost) every day. That is why I would like to point this out briefly at this point: No, I don’t get paid for Purobio articles, I just love most of their products. And yes, I find myself in the luxurious situation of receiving the new products free of charge and without obligation, otherwise, I couldn’t offer you such an overview, even if I would buy many of the things myself.

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Palette + Brush


Liptints + Lipgloss






Compact Foundation


I would like to start with the novelties from last spring/summer, especially I like the highlighters.



Yeah, I love Highlighter, I admit it. I have already tried various natural products in search of “the” Highlighter. Let it shimmer, but not too much glitter. After all, I don’t want to look like at the carnival, but just achieve that mysterious “glowy skin”, which makes me look fresh and radiant.

On my search, I used the Purobio eyeshadow “Champagne” for highlighting (and as I learned at Vivaness, I wasn’t the only one), because it fulfilled exactly these criteria for me wonderfully. So you can imagine how excited I was when Purobio introduced their new highlighters and even without a press sample I would have definitely bought the champagne-coloured one! 

I was definitely not disappointed. They sparkle beautifully in the light, glitter only minimally (rather if one is illuminated by the summer sun) are buttery soft and can be distributed problem-free. They are extremely well pigmented and can be applied in a slightly more discreet and gaudy manner. Really gaudy. You almost have to be careful that you don’t get into a highlighter ecstasy and look far too fancy because of the euphoria.

There is a champagne, pink and copper tone. I usually use the former combined with the copper-coloured one, which I veneer between the bright highlight and the contouring. This makes the transition softer and almost looks like a summer tan. The durability is great, it survives the whole day on my combination skin without looking greasy.

By the way, a comparison of the eyeshadow and the highlighter “01” shows that the eyeshadow is less buttery and intense, but can be spread a little finer because it is more powdery. For example, it is more suitable for the corner of the eye.

Unfortunately, fragility is also a little problem. I have already received two of the products broken. Repairing is fast (as I also showed in the Insta-Story at that time), a cosmetic cloth and a glass or something similar with the diameter of the pans and already it is pressed again, thanks to the buttery consistency this works completely without alcohol. I haven’t broken the highlighters again since then. Nevertheless, it is annoying, especially when it shatters in a palette because sometimes you can’t save it. If you want to be on the safe side, I would recommend you to use it in the single packaging, so you can simply press it again and no product is lost.




Characteristics: 10,99€ for 9g, Refill €8,99, vegan

Positive: Beautiful Glow instead of rough glitter, buttery soft, great colours, long shelf life, easy to spread, well pigmented, refillable

Negative: Slightly fragile


 Here you can see a look, which I made up exclusively with the three highlighters, a little experiment, but which worked quite well, don’t you think?


The pictures are kept quite dark so that you can see the light glow well, on the moving eyelid I wear the pink highlighter, in the crease and as a contour I wear the copper-coloured one and in the inside angle as well as on the cheekbones and on the nose the champagne tone.



Some new shades have been added to the bronzes, since the last Vivaness I have been using “01”, because it is well pigmented but can be spread very well and be discreetly applied and well blended. By the way, that applies to all four bronzers. Even the durability is excellent, they last the whole day. Two of the colours have a yellowish undertone, two a red-stitched undertone. They are excellently suited for contouring, but can also be used as classic bronzers. For that, I would rather choose the brighter of the two tones myself. Compared to my bronzer from that time, the new products are a little less pigmented but better spreadable and part of the refill system, so you can only buy the metal pans with the product instead of having to replace the whole plastic packaging. Even if it has to be said that they are extremely productive and you have to wait a long time for a “Hit The Pan” even if you use them on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, I broke a bronze as one of my suitcases fell down with a palette in it and it broke. It can be repaired well, but if the crumbs fly around in the whole palette it only works well to a limited extent, in the individual packaging this should not be a problem to press it again.





Characteristics: 10,99€ for 9g, Refill: 8,99€, vegan

Positive: Matt, strongly pigmented, evenly blending, refillable, very good durability

Negative: Slightly fragile




I already love refill systems because they are cheaper to buy, save packaging waste and make more expensive and complex packaging possible. If the pans are also magnetic and can be stowed away in a chic magnetic pallet, my interest is aroused. The advantage over a “finished”, already assembled palette is obvious: I can buy those colours that I buy regularly and put together the colours that I personally like. Because otherwise I always emptied pans completely and had to buy a complete pallet, while other pans looked almost untouched. You can also put together the palette step by step and you don’t have to fill it completely. Purobio also had magnetic pallets previously (you can find them in this article, for example), but they were made of cardboard, were not lockable and there were many complains that the products often broke in them while travelling.

The new palettes are made of plastic, can be closed, are in elegant, glossy black and much larger. They contain a mirror that I like surprisingly well, as it looks quite valuable despite the low price of the palette, because I am often bothered by poorly processed mirrors.

I like the design very much, they have become heavier, which I personally don’t think is a bad thing, as I usually use them at home, but it can be annoying when travelling. Unfortunately, the high-gloss surface also scratches quite quickly, which doesn’t look as good as it used to be, but I don’t handle it very carefully. It would also be nice if the pans had a square shape, so that the surface can be used completely.





Price: 7,99€

Positive: More robust, can be closed, contains a mirror, individually combinable, refillable, appears noble and high-quality

Negative: Rather heavy, slightly scratched, round pans



The brush reminds me a lot of my “Itahake brush” by Everyday Minerals, which you can find here in my article about my favorite brushes. I usually use Real Techniques’ face-brushes, but the Purobio brush is also perfect for contouring the nose or for large areas, it is soft, costs 16,99€ and is vegan.






Now we continue with the new items from the autumn/winter collection.





Some products are known from the conventional cosmetics and are then missed in natural cosmetics. For example, I had the Garnier BB-Cream “Matte”, which I loved so much. But then dear LARY drew my attention to the BB cream from Só Bio Étic and what can I say – it is in no way inferior to my former foundation , on the contrary, it even has high-quality ingredients.

The same happened to me with Liquid Lipsticks. In recent years they have been seen everywhere, mat, muted colours that promised to last all day. You could achieve a similar result with lipliners but you couldn’t imitate the effect and I haven’t found a counterpart in the natural section for a long time.

The Purobio Liptints prove to me how much is currently being done in the natural cosmetics market and how much work is being put into innovative products that can compete with conventional brands. Let me say one thing straight away: the Liptints are not easy to use because they are basically liquid lipsticks, the term Liptints is somewhat misleading. (I understand this as a thin film of paint, similar to the many Korean products that are dabbed and which only dye the lips).

Working with Liquid Lipsticks always requires a little more work, because the most important basis are some well-cared lips. If you have cracked or dry lips, the result will not be as desired, no matter how good the product is.




As far as the assignment goes, I had to try a little bit. The Purobio Liptints are liquid when applied and can be easily distributed. It is advisable to apply a thin layer first and then to apply a little more, as long as the product is still liquid, rather than applying it too thick from the outset, otherwise, it can flake off later. The matte effect allows the lips to be repainted without attracting attention. It takes some time until the lip tints are completely dry, you should not touch the lips when drying them, but you can blot them with a tissue, but it is often said that you should avoid this with liquid lipsticks, but I haven’t noticed any negative effects yet. Once dry, I would strongly advise against applying another coat. Tightening the lipstick doesn’t work at all, it becomes uneven, crumbly and unsightly. The only exception is if the inside of the Liptint has already worn off completely (for example after eating), but then you should only apply it on the inside afterwards. Basically, the lip tints on the lips also feel powdery and dry, not everyone likes that.


But once you get the hang of it, you will be rewarded with beautiful, matte lips that last the whole day. You can retrace the contour of the lips exactly or paint them slightly over and be very precise. A bright eyeshadow or concealer is also beautiful and is applied to emphasize the exact edge. They are kiss-proof when eating non-oily food and drinking water, nothing wears off at all, only with very greasy food a little bit. By the way, the lip tints are one of the few products that I have to actively remove make-up, i. e. drive over them several times with cotton wool pad and makeup remover lotion. Even if they wear off, they leave an intensive stain (then you could call it lip tint again). 

So if you prefer uncomplicated products, prefer bright colours or need a creamy feeling on your lips, I would definitely not recommend the lip tints. But if you like the muted look and you are looking for something that is kiss-proof and looks matte and perfect all day long, I can only recommend it to you. I became a huge fan myself and wear them regularly. :) 

By the way, I like the colours very much, they are all very delicate and darken a little bit.



Features: 12,99€ for 4ml, 7 shades, vegan

Positive: Matte look, extreme durability, Kiss-proof, very nice colour selection, intense stain, lip contour can be traced very accurately

Negative: Well-groomed lips and correct application extremely important, not (yet) bright colors

To try it out, I painted the lips extremely over here, especially in the darker tones, even if I wouldn’t normally do that in everyday life.

Here you can see the lipliner n3., my favourite one! It shows how precise you can apply the lip tint.




I don’t wear the lip gloss very often and if I do, I usually wear it alone. He has a really extremely strong shine, which reminds me a bit too much of the 80’s and is a bit too strong for me personally, but who likes lip gloss will love it! I like the fact that it can be combined with every lip tint or lip liner, so you have more choice and don’t have to buy more than one glossy tone. The lip tints stain a little bit on the lip gloss applicator, that’s something you should be concerned about, is still minimal with me. By the way, if you want to paint your lips a little bit over, you can’t do that anymore, as you can see in the pictures above.


Property: 10,99€ for 4ml, vegan



Instead of liquid eyeliners, I usually use them in the form of pens instead of liquid eyeliners. However, such liquid products are better suited for in eye-catching evening look. In the past I always bought on eyeliner with a felt tip, today it is mostly brush tips.

I had actually been looking forward to the felt tip a little bit more, but as it turned out, the brush tip is much more precise and I prefer it. It is important to shake the product well here, my first swatch attempt looked gruesome because the pigments were not yet well distributed and only a grey-watery line remained behind. Remember: Shake first! They are minimal when applied (see swatch), which doesn’t bother me much. After drying the eyeliners are smudge-proof and hold all day long.





Characteristics: 9,99€ for 3g, brush or felt tip, vegan

Positive: Well pigmented, precise application with brush tip and eyeliner tip, smudge-proof, good durability

Negative: Runs minimally during applying


The golden kajal is creamy, radiates gold and can also be used under the eye.

5,99€ for 1,3g





Let ’ s get to the second - last novelty: the eye shadows. I know I ’ ve been swarming to you all the time, but Purobio eyeshadows are just one of my all time favourite products in the natural range, because they are very well pigmented and have on exceptional colour spectrum, away from the “cream” and “brown” standard.

New are four glittering sound, a beautiful red, which I first wished for a little more pinkish (similar to the shimmering pink eyeshadow of Couleur Caramel from the palette “01”), which I wear almost every day, because he makes himself wonderfully in the eyelid fold but also on the movable lid for a little more “Wow”. In addition, there is a dark blue that can also be applied as an eyelid line or under the waterline, a silver-grey duochrome eye shadow, super for cool colour combinations and a light forest green. They are all extremely well pigmented and, like all shimmering Purobio eye shadows, they are soft and buttery (the matte ones are powdery). 





Characteristics: 6,99€ for 2,5g, Refill: 5,59€, vegan

Positive: Well pigmented, buttery, long shelf life, nice colours, refillable

Negative: –


Here you can see my two looks with the products.




I like the eye shadow there, but I think the Liptint “02” doesn’t look so good on me, so I gave it to my sister, a great contrast to her blue eyes!

In the eyelid fold I used the Purobio eye shadow “15”. Add the eyeshadow “01” in the inner corner and the LAM Mascara.






With Look 2, the green eye shadow is not really my favorite, but I wear my favourite Liptint, the number “02”. I used the new eyeliner, kajal and the blue and green eye shadow plus highlighter in the inner corner.





The Compact Foundation was sent to me in the lightest tone, but since my skin was still tanned by the sun after the holiday, this colour was too light for me, so I bought “02” myself. I liked the good coverage and the mattifying effect very much and also the even application in seconds, even a little faster than with mineral foundations (therefore dry spots can be seen somewhat stronger) and it is wonderfully suitable for travelling or on the way. After about two weeks I what colour wants as bright as before and now the darker to be at home until next summer. I am already looking forward to using it in midsummer because it is a very good matt-finished T-zone and doesn’t look too matt with a bit of highlighter. I’m curious to see how productive it is, it looks good so far, but I haven’t used it long enough because the price is also rather high and it shouldn’t be empty too quickly. The packaging is very nice, it even contains a mirror. If you have rather oily skin, would like to use it in summer, or needless foundation, I can recommend it to you, I would prefer in case of dry skin glowy mineral foundation.



Compact Foundation

Features: 13.99€ for 9g, Refill: 11.99€, 6 shades, vegan

Positive: Covers very well, mat, quick application, practical packaging with mirror, refillable

Negative: Emphasizes some dry patches



These are my two favorite pallets, as I use them almost every day, the bronzer that can be Lakes here has broken down, but I take the old one, now the “02”.



How do you like the novelties? Have you tried some of the products yet?
Lot's of love,