Puritybag – The natural cosmetics box for customizing.

Hello my friend! :)

Do you know these surprise boxes you can subscribe with food, cosmetics or crafting products? For sure! There are many of theme with all-natural cosmetics in them but the concept of Puritybag is new! On the spatacular online shop you can buy an individual bag filled with natural cosmetics from december on. I found this new idea via Instagram and got it as a pr-sample to test it for you! By buying it, you have to click on your age, your skin type, your skin color, your eye color and allergies as well as the category you want: make-up, skincare, skin cleansing products or a bit of everything! This way you never get things that you don’t like. :) It costs 53,55€ per bag for a whole year (4 bags) or 59,50€ for one bag without a subscription. So I was pretty excited to get the package and opened it (maybe you saw this on snapchat). :)


A great idea is the packaging. It is a real gymn „bag“ that looks great and I think I’ll use it often from now on. :)


This sweet bracelet by „Très Simple“ is self-made and you can buy it in a small shop on dawanda. Most of the time I wear golden jewelerry but I’ll have to give this a chance because the pearls are not that big and look beautiful and subtle.


Sample Sizes: 

Spa Ritual – Infinitely Loving Body Butter


I haven’t tried the two sample sizes of the sparitual body butter yet, but I am looking forward to test them!

The Organic Pharmacy – Honey And Jasmine Mask


The other sample size of a honey and jasmine mask by The Organic Pharmacy is the other thing I have to try soon, it is for dry skin so it fits perfect to my skin.

 Full sizes:

ILIA – Pure Mascara “Nightfall”



Isn’t the packaging of the ILIA mascara beautiful! Pretty hard to throw it away once it is empty!


The brush has a special shape, one side is a bit longer than the other. It is not that easy to apply but I am still trying to find out how to get the best effect. It doesn’t look as great as the extreme carbon mascara by Alterra but lasts way longer.


I did an eye make-up with this mascara in the end of the article. :)

UND GRETEL – IMBE Eye Shadow “Lavender Grey”



Just like the mascara this eyeshadow by the german brand „Und Gretel“ has an amazing packaging. The outside is colorful and graphical but the inside is very minimalistic, black and white.




The eyeshadow is not that intense pigmented but it is easy to apply many layers to make it more intense. It is a grey, slightly violet color that gets more powerful the more often you apply it.



UND GRETEL – HOLT Eye Pencil “Dark Grey”

The eye pencil is also by „Und Gretel“ and has a grey color. You can apply it on the water line and as a regular or smudged eyeliner.



 Swatches / AMU with the products


These are swatches of the eye pencil and the eyeshadow.


I really like these colors on my eyes, especially for evening make-up. I am not sure if this is a good everyday-look because I have a warm skintype. I really like what it makes with my eye color.

treat collection – Nail Polish “Statement”



Last but not least the puritybag contains the nailpolish „statement“ by treat collection. This is a bordeaux red which can look very light or dark in sunlight or in the evening.


Overall impression

I love the idea of the purity bag and mine was packed full with things I really like! It didn’t just contain the colors I always buy, so I had to get a bit out of my comfort zone but they still fit to me. The products are worth about 105€, so it is worth nearly two times the price. So even though I am not sure if I would have bought all of these things on their own but I think it is a great offer to try new things and get surprised, without being disappointed because the products don’t fit to you. I love my selection and hope that everyone will be as happy as I am with it when it starts in december. :)



Do you know Puritybag?

How do you like the idea and the products?

Did you subscribe to a box like this??


Lots of love,


21 thoughts on “Puritybag – The customizable natural cosmetics box.”

  • The Puritybag I do not know yet, I like but, that it is adapted to the needs of customers. I myself have no Beautybox in Abo, because to me is too expensive as a student.
    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

    • That's right, I'm the same way, in that would be yes € 200 and I can not afford to date, unfortunately, :D. For other boxes, it was mainly getting the selection, which was not quite like, which are now. I thought I invest the money rather then in specific things that I wish. :D Greetings!

  • Love Julia, the Purity Bag I now admired on several blogs and even your products sound just great (: !
    The color of eye shadow is incredibly beautiful and I find, that your eye color good comes into play! Even the bracelet as an additive is very sweet and fits the concept.
    Price I would not personally buy such a box in Abo, but only once. But I like those monthly “Additional obligations” in no way, no matter how much money is x) .
    As a gift the other hand, I can imagine super (: . Liebe Grüße.

    • Dear Theresa,
      Thank you, that's very sweet of you, I'm still uncertain, if that is so portable in everyday life :D. That's right, is basically the same as mobile phone contracts and co. I allow myself also prefer not binding as a Box :). Lots of love!

  • Love Julia,
    thanks for introducing :-)
    I like the selection of brands very well. That's really something completely different. Especially And Gretel and ILIA I like it very much. I am very curious how the boxes are coming.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Dear Nicole,
      with pleasure, the Puritybag has me so excited, that I just had to write about it ^^. And Gretel is a trademark, with whom I had not yet so much to do until now, However, the contour powder interested me immensely (only the price! :S). Also of ILIA I had so far nothing, However, the mascara is a great start! The lipsticks are indeed highly praised :) I'm also very excited to launch the content and another boxing Track :).
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Wow, What a mega great selection! The products I would immediately 1:1 use :)
    But despite the justified price I would 50 € not shell out rather a surprise box…

  • Love Julia,
    the Puritybag haunts precisely through all blogs. Great, that you have got the chance, to test them in advance.
    I must confess, that all products are wonderful. Especially the mascara and some UndGretel Products – really worth the money.
    Your look also looks very great.
    Will you go to the box so run times?

    Greenest greetings

  • I have the Puritybag now already or on multiple Blog. Instagram can admire and have to say, I'm totally thrilled. Do you get so fast with high quality products from the decorative natural cosmetics. ILIA Beauty and UndGretel, great, already own it is worth the Bag. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • The Purity Bag has listened already great even with Nessi! You schenit the hefty price of 53 € to be genuine value. To the eye shadow of Gretel And I envy you totally. Exactly this color has long been on my wish list! :)

  • Can not touch me “the Bag” used unsuitable somehow from cover to cover.
    But the content is of course wonderful. Bin both ILIA as well as UndGretel a fan – buy But such luxury products targeted and well-considered. Or hope for Santa Claus, so shortly before the festival ;-)
    I believe, so a Box (The pocket, The box, The bag, hihi, but will have already considered doing something) is exciting for women, who really have the spare change to, Surprises like and might not have time to frequent shopping.
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Hihi, I found the article at the beginning and a little strange, then thought to myself but, maybe they have just the indefinite article from the English “translated” to the “the” or “the” Dispute to go out of the way:). That's right, especially in high-end cosmetics are then rather selective and long desires, you fulfilled. On my wish list, for example, is the contour powder of UndGretel, However, it takes probably for quite a while, until I can afford it :D. I find a great opportunity for a great gift, especially when you're undecided or do not know exactly, what wishes the person. :)

  • The Purity Bag sounds really great. The gray eyes products stand you truly. To give away I imagine the good Puritybag ago, but even I would not buy them. For 50 € you can buy a luxury product, even without Überraschunsgeffekt.

    Liebe Grüße

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