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Heute geht es um ein Unternehmen, dass ich auf der FairHandeln Messe in Stuttgart kennenlernen durfte: POW Fashion. Ich habe mich dort mit der lieben Gründerin Jessica unterhalten und dachte mir, es wäre spannend, more about POW Fashion to experience! 

I've interviewed and what is involved in the pretty T-Shirts, Learn their best of Jessica Drac itself! At the end of the article there is the way a little surprise! ;)



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How did you get the name „POW-Fashion"Come and WOFÜR he stands?

POW stands for Protect Our World. How did I get it, I can not say so right. Naja, The shot me simply through my head. :-P


 At the moment, POW Fashion specializes in T-shirts. Why just in this article of clothinguck? You inürdest else you like to make?


I just wanted to first start with shirts - T-shirts will always exist, and they can also be easily Always wear. Even in the winter with a cool sweater or a denim shirt you always looks stylish. :-D However, I intend, Sweatshirts, Designing hoodies or jackets College;-)


 What inspires you when selecting new designs fÜR your fashion?

Since I already since I can think, will break the head about everything under the sun >.< and I find it so important to do something good, I want to spread the Message, that we need people to learn from our mistakes and we must not allow it, that our beautiful Earth will be destroyed in any way! Because: ‘‘we only got one‘‘ :). 


Your T-shirts are not only sustainable and fair produced, but each sold shirt even 5€ to the charity "Centre Ya Bana"Why did you fÜR chose this organization?

My former colleague Rodrick Sampu, by the way, is itself also from the Congo, is a member of Centre Ya Bana and when he had told me about the project, I was thrilled it :-D. Since I was looking for a Foundation, has simply fitted super. I have there now a direct contact, I can trust and knows, that the donated money to one hundred percent arrives really there, where it is needed. That is why I have decided consciously for a charity, perhaps not so well known is now such as. UNICEF or similar.


What do you want other people like to give to?

Please you concerned with the issue of sustainability! Because sustainable consumption should be normal in the future and our world is everybody's.



Thank you to this point to Jessica for answering my questions!

Now we have a little surprise for you!

Among all comments on this post, we are giving away a GOTS certified POW T-shirt made of organic cotton in your size!



© POW Fashion



 Terms and conditions:

You can participate up to and including Tuesday 16. June 2015 (23:59 Clock). To participate you need at least 18 Years be old and have a domicile or a mailbox in Germany. Leave one Comment, if it would please you, read more about sustainable fashion here on the blog. The shirt will be raffled off among all participations. An extra lot there, if me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter are following and sharing the contribution to the article, which are now. retweetest.

Broadcast also please Mail an julia[at]tried-it-out.de mit dem Name under which you have commented, if you shared the post on a social media platform, and your e-Mail Adresse, the I in case of winning can contact you. So I can make you, If you win, ask for your address, and this is then passed to POW Fashion, However zuzuschicken only to print your profits! All data will be kept confidential, not given to third parties and used for raffle purposes. If you do not answer on the winning notification seven working days, I regret giving away the new shirt. ! :)

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7 thoughts on “POW Fashion (+Give-Away)”

  • Hi,
    This is so a great raffle! :) Thanks a lot for this.
    I would love to read more about sustainable fashion with you, Since I'm now also for a while now with the topic, and you can get to know again and again as other brands or stores.
    Many dear greetings

    • I find the topic of sustainable fashion is super exciting, occupied until now still not really myself because I just had in my head, that things are definitely not as pretty and expensive :D
      Thanks for the suggestion, me this time to deal with ;) Like more of it!

  • Hi Julia,
    great raffle !
    I find, sustainable fashion is a very exciting and important topic, and I think it's good, sustainable fashion can be pretty too !

    LG, Ariane

  • I find it interesting the topic sustainable fashion also recently and would be also interesting to read more about it. But still, I find the selection rather limited. Mostly, I know exactly what I want to buy and then make me looking after. Since it is difficult to remain at sustainable fashion within a certain budget.

  • Huch, Since I would have missed it almost to participate! I love fair & sustainable fashion and find it to be inspired and discover always again exciting new labels. So like to more information! :)

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