Brush Love. All my brushes.

Hello my friend!
Cosmetic products need to be, but one lasts longer: Brush.
Many wanted a XXL-mail and here it is * * tadaaa :)!
Over time, a lot of these little helpers have really with me accumulated, Therefore, I will show you today, which I where insets and more or less like. :)

Foundation Pinsel for your beauty make up ei
My favorite two tools for applying my Foundation, are a make-up egg (e.g.. ebelin oder for your Beauty) from which I here already told about.
Foundation Pinsel for your beauty
for your Beauty Professional – Foundation Brush
Available: Rossmann
Price: 4,49€
Even slightly better than the pink sponge, I like this brush of Rossmann. He is quite resistant and distributes the Foundation therefore absolutely streak-free and uniformly. In addition, he swallows a little bit of product, However, you get slightly much opacity :). For me it has the brush surface proved just on the skin hang (quasi brush – Skin at a 90 ° angle) and to incorporate the Foundation circling.
If it has to be fast times, he also blinded Concealer reliable. The brush is a little less fluffy and soft as the alverde foundation brush for contrast, denser and more strongly.
Concealer Pinsel Flat Concealer Brush Flat Ecotools Buffing
A year ago (as I did not know the TK Maxx) I have a few Ecotools ordered me via iHerb brush, including the “Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush Set”. It consists of 5 Pinsel, what I am, however, only use these two brushes. Nevertheless, I regret to have bought a bit of it, because these two little concealer miracles are no longer in my daily routine indispensable.
Flat Concealer Brush Ecotools Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush SetBuffing Concealer Brush Ecotools
Ecotools – Flat Concealer Brush & Buffing Concealer Brush
Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~12€ (15$) pro Set (2,40€ per brush)
Flat Concealer Brush By I wear the concealer to the desired location on, what precisely thanks to the small brush head and goes fast. Because it is a bit longer in the middle than outside, you can with the tip also smaller spots, wie z.B. Impurities, cover exactly.
Then I verblende the product with the Buffing concealer brush.
Even when you first try I was incredibly excited, how beautiful and streak-free, each product is blinded by brush, yet hardly opacity lost. With extremely strong redness or blemishes I use the brush as dabbing a finger, otherwise it is sufficient absolutely made to let him go gently circling with the flat side on the skin.
Puderpinsel benecos, ecotools, alverde
Here I use all the brush more or less the same amount of,
e.g.. for veneering Rouge and Bronzer.
The two I use Kabukis, if I want more opacity.
benecos Powder Brush
Benecos – Powder Brush*
Available: Benecos Online Shop, Bioläden,…
Price: 7,99€
This brush was sent to me and is by far the biggest of my little collection. :)
It is ideal, if it has to be fast times, because one has gone in a few seconds all over her face. The synthetic hair is soft, overall it is rather loosely bound.
Ecotools Bamboo Sheer Finishing Kabuki
Ecotools – Bamboo Sheer Finishing Kabuki
Available: TK-Maxx, iherb
Price: ~5,64€ (7$)
This is reminiscent of the Kabuki Mineral Powder Brush from ebelin (see below for more), I personally like the product of Ecotools but much prefer.
It distributes the Mineral Powder outstanding, but for a perfect result, the product needs to be incorporated more. Other brushes make it neither quick, slowly, to arrive at such a result.
In the summer, I use it almost daily, since Mineral Foundation can be incorporated properly.
alverde Schneewittchen Kabuki LE
alverde – Snow Kabuki *
Snow LE
Available: dm
Price: 4,95€
Furthermore, I have here already reported.
I use it often, because it is soft and full.
Its greatest feature I see on behalf of mattifying powder, by Foundation, since it is easy to apply and work equally with the Kabuki, so you can reach additional opacity.
alverde elegant dark kabuki LE
alverde – Kabuki
elegant dark LE
Available: dm (no more, THE da)
Price: 4,45€
The “Elegant Dark” Kabuki is just a tad bit softer. For a while I used it to spread some evenings pearl powder, it is less dense and large as the other. Meanwhile, he is mostly used, when I particularly a “give way” Have day.
Pinsel Rouge Bronzer Highlighter Ecotools Everyday Minerals Real Techniques
Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush
Ecotools – Tapered Blush Brush
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~5,60€ (7$)
Allerliebstes Rouge-Tool! :)
The bristles are not arranged around, but oval, This way I can put in a few seconds my Blush exactly, where to go. The form is therefore my personal decisive advantage. The size is perfect for me and the job succeeds no stains to form.
Everyday Minerals Itahake-BrushEveryday Minerals Angled Flat Top Brush
Everyday Minerals – Itahake-Brush & Angled Flat Top Brush
Available: Eccoverde (here and here)
Price: 18,49€ and € 14.49
I checked the price of these two treasures, I'm almost fell off the stool. In October last year I have a set of these two brushes and one each full size Highlighters, Blushers and bronzers bought for just 25 €. More you can find here.
Unfortunately I can not find for sale this set.
Is hard, I am very happy with both and it almost daily, use at least always for contouring.
The Itahake-Brush is often referred to as a dupe for Nars Ita Brush, as I have only one of the products, I can not tell you so much about it. Actually, the flat brush for the application of bronzer is intended, However, this brings me nothing but headaches. But he is my perfect highlighter brush, because I put him on the cheekbone and come gently back and forth, ready is the shimmer effect. In addition, he is ideally suited for veneering Rouge and Bronzer, So I would not trade my Itahake-Brush as quickly.
Equally great is my love for the Angled Flat Top Brush, because it is the key for contouring. Actually, it was built for applying Rouge, I put it under my cheekbone to the ear to (long side shows obliquely upward) and move it in the face center. So I manage a perfect contour without having Bronzer, that the area is too small and thus streaky or too big acts.
I should also say at that, that the brushes are incredibly soft. :)
The price, however, is a bit much.
Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush Starter Set
Real Techniques – Deluxe Crease Brush
Starter Set
Available: TK-Maxx, Amazon
Price: ~20€ pro Set (4€ per brush)
However, liquid highlighter to get to the right place is the Everyday Minerals brush less suitable, therefore the Crease Brush comes from the Starter Set (Eyes) used. It is much(!) too big to work exactly in my crease can, therefore suitable at most as a diaphragm-brush, for me the brush on the other hand too tight and inflexible bound.
For liquid highlighter it is gone against optimally.
The 5-part set-celled I can get hold of at TK Maxx.
Augen Make-Up Pinsel benecos ecotools bellápierre realtechniques
In my eye makeup I put basically most of the time, why I also have some helpers at hand. Even if I do not use any of these brush daily, Come regularly used.
benecos Eyeshadow Brushreal techniques base shadow brush starter set
Benecos – Eyeshadow Brush * / real techniques – Base Shadow Brush
Starter Set
Available: Benecos Online Shop, Bioläden / TK-Maxx, Amazon
Price: 3,99€ / ~20€ pro Set (4€ per brush)
For loose eyeshadow and particularly high opacity of Benecos Eye Shadow Brush is optimal. It is flat and firm, takes the product at the top on good, to swallow without eyeshadow. I put it vertically to the eye and dab gently on the eyelid.
For my “normal” However colors I use the Base Shadow Brush Real Techniques, because it is softer and more spread particularly bright eyeshadow beautiful. This brush I set horizontally and swipe from eye angle the eyelid outwards.
Ecotools - Angled Crease Brush Six Piece Essential SetBellápierre - Oval Eyeshadow Brush Everyday Shimmer Kit
Ecotools – Angled crease brush / Bellápierre – Oval Eyeshadow Brush
Six Piece Essential Eye Set / Everyday Shimmer Kit
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx / TK-Maxx, Galeries Lafayette Berlin, Online
Price: ~6,50€ (8$) pro Set (1,30€ per brush) / 40€ pro Set (~ € 6.70 for the Product)
To shade the crease for a long time was the tapered brush of Ecotools my favorite. It is quite large (even in moderation), not too loose and not too tight. Today I use it like to a large area to emphasize the crease.
For extremely dark shades I now have the brush of Bellápierre. The set I bought in TK-Maxx for only 13 €, it consists of a base, three pigments and two paintbrushes.
It is slightly smaller and incredibly fluffy(!) and fits perfectly into my crease.
Definitely my new favorite brushes for the eyes!
Ecotools Highlighting Brush Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Ecotools – Highlighting Brush
Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~6,50€ (8$) pro Set (1,30€ per brush)
Actually intended for highlighting this Ecotools Brush a master when it comes to blind. Locker, fluffy, yet effective, So rubbing not three minutes around without seeing anything. Depending on the pressure can be blinded large area or central.
When the shutter ebelin brush this year came out, I try not even thought about him, I can not imagine, that is supposed to be better :p.
Ecotools Petite Eye Shading Brush Six Piece Essential Eye Set Real Techniques - Accent Brush Starter Set
Ecotools – Petite eye shading brush / Real Techniques – Accent Brush
Six Piece Essential Eye Set / Starter Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx / TK-Maxx, Amazon
Price: ~6,50€ (8$) pro Set (1,30€ per brush) / ~20€ pro Set (4€ per brush)
For colored accents in the outer part of the movable lids I have two products. I like to use and often. Ecotools is slightly larger, Real Techniques smaller and firmer.
In everyday life, it looks like this, that while I wash my brushes every week, but would like different color accents of the day. Therefore I use only one, then the other and must not be cleaned in between.
If I had to make up my mind, then probably for the Accent Brush Real Techniques, because it is somewhat smaller and therefore more accurate.
Ecotools - Smudge Brush Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Ecotools – Smudge Brush
Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~6,50€ (8$) pro Set (1,30€ per brush)
It only remains for distributing kohl pencils. Here I prefer clearly a round shape and leave the brush, after application of color, drive slowly along the lash line.
Here You see the result :).
Eyeliner Pinsel alverde ecotools
alverde gel Eyeliner Brush / Ecotools Bamboo Flat Eyeliner Brush
Available: DM /. iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: 2,45€ / 3,22€ (4$)
alverde gel eyeliner pinselecotools bamboo flat eyeliner brush
The best so far eyeliner brush of crossed my path, comes from alverde and costs just € 2.45. I get so extremely fine and delicate eyelid down, so I myself am satisfied.
For the eye-catching, classical, black eyeliner I sometimes use the other hand to brush Ecotools, because you just hinbekommt strokes easier. For this he is wide and high, not necessarily something for beginners. Another minor drawback is, that he is not quite as soft seems to me compared to the other Ecotools brushes. This is certainly the strength.
Wimpern pinsel parsa beauty Augenbrauenbürste
Now comes another tip with regard to the eyelashes!
parsa beauty Augenbrauenbürste
PARSA Beauty – Eyebrow brush
Available: Kaufland
Price: ~2€
After each inks I take my eyebrow brush at hand and combing with the brush-side carefully my eyebrows. One might think, I prefer to use the comb, the advantage on the other side is, however,, that any lumps or stuck together lashes disappear immediately. Give it a try! :)
This one is from Kaufland, the last is terminated me, but I think a too big quality- or difference in shape, there is not at eyebrow brush.
Augenbrauen Pinsel realtechniques bellapierre ebelin
bellápierre liner brush everyday shimmer kitreal techniques brow brush starter set
Bellápierre – Liner brush / Real Techniques – Brow Brush
Everyday Shimmer Kit / Starter Set
Available: TK-Maxx, Galeries Lafayette Berlin, Online / TK-Maxx, Amazon
Price: 40€ pro Set (~ € 6.70 for the Product) / ~20€ pro Set (4€ per brush)
Eyebrow pencils I do not like, therefore finds himself in me even eyebrow powder. I especially like the eye shadow from the Zuii-Palette for that.
My eyebrows are quite large and bushy, so I can grab the Real Techniques brushes, particularly to fill. Many, however, the brush is too large.
To define the edge of the brush is better suited Bellápierre, since it is substantially smaller. For this you need longer to fill.
ebelin – Eyelash
Available: dm
Price: ~1,15€
Then I comb my eyebrows with an eyelash cope, before I fix with eyebrow Engel. The brush is of ebelin, I see there is not much difference between the manufacturers.
Yes exactly, my eyebrow brush for eyelashes and my eyelashes brush for eyebrows ;).
Lippenpinsel benecos ecotools
benecos lip brush ecotools detailed lip brush
Benecos – Lip Brush * / Ecotools – Detailed Lip Brush
Available: Benecos Online Shop, Bioläden / iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: 4€ / ~3,22€ (4$)
Lip brush I use hardly. The simple reason is, that to me is too cumbersome, mostly I umrahme lips with lip liner and then put lipstick on. Ready!
For special occasions, I use now and then one of the two brushes, they are doing their job, just as I said, I also come from without.
The Ecotools brush can be closed, however, and is my optimum handbag companion Concealer! The job is quick and is to take more hygienic than go with your fingers in the concealer Töfpchen.
ebelin Professional - Mineral Puder Pinsel
Professional ebelin – Mineral Powder Brush
Available: dm
Price: 4,95€
Here comes another a purpose brush! Above I have already mentioned, that to me the similar Ecotools brush like better. For the mineral carries Puderpinsel of ebelin however the morning every now and then my dry shampoo on. I pour some healing clay into a bowl, knock them easily in the brush and carry them on the hairline. Ready! :)
Available: no idea
Price: no idea
I have to admit, I have no idea, What kind of a brush. I know, that he already extremely long is in my possession and also, I knew his name until recently.
Douglas has nothing, of ebelin he is not, I'm at a loss.
So if you recognize him, Please read the comments in the!!!
Is hard, that it's actually a Foundation Brush, with this kind I come not at all clear, as NK makeup is flat brushes principle streaked with me.
For this, he just wears me week after week my (Healing earth)Masks on and does its job fantastically.
Pinsel weniger verwendet ecotools ebelin
Let's talk about the brushes, are neglected.
They immediately recognize it, that they do not migrate weekly into the bathroom, to be laundered.
Ecotools Precision Foundation Brush Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush SetEcotools Complexion Blending Brush Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush Set
Ecotoos – Precision Foundation Brush & Complexion Blending Brush
Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set
Ecotools Full Powder Brush Flesh & Flawless Complexion Brush Set
Ecotools – Full Powder Brush
Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~12€ (15$) pro Set (2,40€ per brush)
These three were the rest of the brush Fresh & Flawless Complexion sets and me simply too small. When traveling, they come every now and then with, because they are small and easy to handle, home I grab this rare tufts, because it takes too long for the face. When Precision Foundation Brush comes moreover, that this type brush (as already mentioned above) leads me to streaky NK makeup, so can be used to maximum to perform the makeup of the tube to the face. This is me then too much effort and I give the same a few drops on my For Your Beauty Foundation Brush.
Ecotools - Large Eye Brush Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Ecotools – Large Eye Brush
Six Piece Essential Eye Set
Available: iherb, TK-Maxx
Price: ~6,50€ (8$) pro Set (1,30€ per brush)
Way too big for my eyes is the Large Eye Brush of Ecotools. Even on the eyelid can not apply eye shadow, without other parts of the eye to color unintentionally.
beliance lidschattenpinsel marderhaar
Beliance – Eyeshadow Brush
Available: Douglas
Price: 3,95€
By far the worst brush (and only, does not consist of synthetic fibers) my collection. He scratches incredibly on the eye.
ebelin professional lidschatten und concealerpinselebelin professional lidschattenpinsel schräg
Professional ebelin – Eyeshadow and Concealerpinsel & Eyeshadow Brush angle
Available: dm
Price: 2,95€ / 2,95€
Both ebelin brushes are not particularly bad, but could not convince me too.
The concealer brush is less for eye shadow (too large and swallows too much product) and is small enough for Concealer.
When slanted eyeshadow brush, I am a little perplexed, because it is really none of the above tasks. Do you have any idea what I can still use it?
barbara hofmann lidschattenpinsel
Barbara Hofmann – Eyeshadow Brush
Available: Douglas
Price: 4,95€
Also unfortunately unloved, since it is fixed and can be most blinding Kajal order. Although he does not scratch, is me in the eye on the other hand too firmly to e.g.. to blind.
realtechniques pixel point eyeliner brush starter set
Real Techniques – Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush
Starter Set
Available: TK-Maxx, Amazon
Price: ~20€ pro Set (4€ per brush)
The Pixel Point eyeliner brush is not bad, but too big to conjure an accurate eyeliner. For other tasks, he cuts no better off.
For beginners I can Ecotools Brush absolutely recommend. They are cheap and they still do their job usually exemplary, even better than many drugstore brushes. In TK Maxx are found now and then special sets and individual brush, Alternatively, you can also order via iHerb. While this lasts for two weeks, to the postman rings, with my order but everything worked properly and also the delivery of (depending on order) almost always 5 Euro are highly portable. One should be careful when ordering a total value of 22 Euro (~27§) not to exceed, thereby incur any customs duties.
Know and do you have any of these brush?
What brushes do you use and for which Areas of responsibility?
Zweckentfremdest you sometimes makeup tools? :)
Liebe Grüße,

21 thoughts on “Brush Love. All my brushes.”

  • Ouh, there is quite a few at where I could be weak – and there my brush largely are ancient and have many years under their belt or cheap and make me not really happy, I think it's also perfectly okay in the case.
    Unfortunately, there are here far and wide not TK Maxx, Maybe I need to go there, When I'm driving home (Exilberlinerin). :D

    • And, It's definitely worth :You get here very cleverly D but many brush from the Internet. :) I think, If you often use cosmetics, can invest a little in brush without feeling bad, It's almost always worth :).

  • Hui, a giant post!! And I tatscählich less brush as you.. *Yeah *.

    I still use the angled eyeshadow brush by ebelin, to selectively concealer or, To DAB concealer on blemishes, then I verblende it just still minmal with the ebelin egg. And the flat eye shadow brush is great for the order of cream eye shadow; I have two of the for my color tattoos. He makes nice soft edges and dries quickly after washing, so that I can clean it immediately after each sticky matter. Or also, to pass something firmer Eyeshadowbase on the eye: not everyone likes as in a potty and he is very gentle on the skin…!

    My favorite is Yes the egg and my two alverde brushes for eyeshadow (Number 1 & 2) and the alverde Rouge brush from a LE (so small and with pink hairs). Hach.. Brush♥

    • Haha ojeh, sooo many brushes I have O.o :). Okay, then I must try be sure the flat ebelin brush with cream eye shadow, Thanks for the tip! Especially with my new Bellápierre base, I can very well imagine him me!
      Which egg do you use for? :D Ja, Brush! <3

  • Wow, This looks like very many brushes! But I have also some x) …mainly real Tequniques and Relanonian brush, which I find very good!
    I also quite like the makeup egg, just for Foundation, She is likes streaky. But for your beauty Foundationpinsel looks very good…I must look closer the (: ! And the brush by everyday minerals look interesting! Especially the Itahake brush has done to me (: …I've tried so far still no brush by EcoTools, but you seem to geafllen Yes, so bloody. should I try that (: …
    I actually quite like the angled eyeshadow brush by ebelin for application of eye shadow in the crease. Did he not like friends for?
    Especially great, I find the tip with the clay as a dry shampoo! It is not yet so far me in mind, Ideally Yes but just if you have dark hair.
    Liebe Grüße (:

    • And, These are definitely quite a few brush ^^. Relanonian have I never tried, but heard only good! The Foundation brush has convinced me incredibly. Also everyday minerals brush are absolutely top! EcoTools are incredibly good especially for the price and nice and soft, in my opinion you can do no wrong. :) Is there something too big me the ebelin brush.
      Oh I'm glad, Yes exactly, you have to look whether it in the hair “It is striking” and if not it is the perfect, cheap dry shampoo. :D

  • What a Monsterpot, now, I'm just unbepinselt ;) Just a few Kabukis stand here and a few powder brush. The eyeshadow brush eke out a shadowy…
    This comes the Eyeliner Brush of Alverde regularly in use – However misused, to selectively apply camouflage or concealer. For this, the brush in my eyes really is the perfect tool.

    • Hihi, Yes Monster post makes it quite well ;) Naja, When you get clear with little brushes, is this so better, I have to admit but, I love my small collection!
      I must try be sure that, I can well imagine, You can wear concealer so great! Thank you! :D

  • Hihi I love brush posts!
    Know a lot of them, especially the EcoTools brush I love too much.)
    I also have the two unpopular Ebelinpinsel. I guess the big flat for applying an eyeshadow base, I guess the mitered to the dots of glitter pigments.

  • Wow!! With the brush collection, you're competition Yes every drugstore:-) Respect!!! I must confess, I have an ancient brush set, that I once bought years ago into the dm. Now I use only the powder brush. For the rest of your fingers are quite plain used. But after your post here I'll deal with me closer with the question after the right brushes.

    • And, There are quite a few really ^^ well, with me it started three good brushes with two, that have piqued my interest and today I make-up only very rarely with the fingers, What was the case earlier every day :). Only if they found good brush, like you no longer refrain ;D

  • I have ca. 20 Brush and got them also supergern. My collection consists of real techniques, essence and eleven, Essentially.
    I previously used the ebelin Skunk for Cremeblush, but somehow no longer so good that brings clear. I then try your misuse :) I find the ebelin Blender, however, class!

  • My favorite brushes are from Relanonian… they are inexpensive and just great. Very soft and lose no hair :)
    I don't have so many brushes like you however, for this I have still not enough dealt with the topic.

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Hi Julia,
    I wanted to pronounce only a short praise and thank you very much friends for this great post ;) I myself am despite my rather middle-aged an absolute makeup layman and could access many valuable information! Next, I have first to the Tiki-Maxx :D

    In terms of makeup, I'm not as savvy, but as learned and longtime Designer I would like to like to friends, I made the images of all the brushes as great and loving find! Did also experience in the field? Everything looks super professional!!!

    So I'll have a look, on what topics you've made posts yet – wanted to really just Google, If the Foundation brush by Rossmann makes her something and am here looking!

    So thank you and good luck,

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