New In (Diffuser, alverde and 4 Weeks Challenge)

Hello my friend! :)

Today there are a lot of news and“New In” Products for you! :)

Alterra Extreme Volume Mascara Ausgelistet O.o

The other day I rummaged unsuspectingly my Instagram feed through, I suddenly love a picture of Unsuspecting knower discovered. To see it was my dearest Extreme Volume Mascara by Alterra – reduced and with a “Sale” Tag provided. What ..? – My Lieblingsmascara leaves the range? The only without Gummibürstchen, With great durability and then also vegan. Demand at Alterra Team I confirmed this fact and I trudged listlessly for Rossmann, to me to secure even a Backup. Arrived there, I searched the INCI lists of Mascaras, to perhaps a find with a similar texture. What a surprise: The Max Lash Booster Mascara and the Extreme Volume Mascara had the same ingredient list! A renewed demands at Alterra and it was safe: A successor is found, With exactly the same content! :)


Both products differ only in the Form des Bürstchens and the Size of the opening. Since even the Screw cap identical is, you just can with the lid Clean brush of green mascara thoroughly (leave with soap and dry and possibly. with alcohol) and then stuck in the black mascara! Problem solved! :) May look somewhat unaesthetic and you have to strip away the brush better, but hey – I have my Lieblingsmascara again! :D

The brush of Max Lash Booster Mascara is also bad, let's see if I will use them in parallel, because in the old is still something in it :).

Taowell Aromadiffuser

At Vivaness I have something in love with Home Fragrance and found, what a positive impact they have on me. You give me Motivation and happiness, and help I even with my asthma. Right now I have particularly “Spring Awakening”, “Leichter Lernen” as well as “Eukawohl” Primavera in use

Since I had only an incense burner at home and did not want to always leave a candle burning (on winter days is super nice cuddly, but you can just never leave you alone Duftlampe), I decided me to me a Aroma-Diffuser zuzulegen. This is a device, that with Water and some, a few drops of fragrance mixture is filled. With the help ofUltrasound (through a vibrating ceramic plate at the bottom) shall the water and the essential oils evaporate cold. This has the advantage, that the Not heated oils and so the oils possible evaporate evenly. In Duftlampen volatile essential oils can be distributed more quickly, Therefore, the smell sometimes changed over time. (At this point: Many thanks to the dear wife Keyserlingk Primavera, has answered my questions!)

taowellnovodiffuser (1)
Taowell New Aromadiffuser

Nevertheless, I am after some research of ultimately for the device Taoasis, the Taowell New decided, since it has the lowest power consumption and me in one device, which I use often is important.

My new beauty wafts now happily to himself and lets me breathe better and get through the testing phase motivated!

alverde range novelties March 2015

But even a small (or rather large) Newcomer was waiting for me a few days ago, when the bell rang at the door and the postman me Packets with the alverde Assortment Novelties squeezed in the hand!

alverde news

Vegan are: eyeshadow, Eyebrow powder, Eyeliner, both kohl pencils and concealers. You are from late March available.

Here are a few Swatches thereof: (Who me on Instagram & Co. follows, knows it already ;))

Swatches of alverde Releases March 2015

Even though I just can not test as much, I usually sit at the desk and learn, I already have a couple of favorites.

The Abdeckstift meets my skin tone, covers very well and is perfect for the handbag, because you can apply it as a stick and blinded with the sponge side, without traveling the “filthy” Having to use fingers.

Since I sometimes have dark circles, I like that Proof Pillows (especially the yellow color) extremely happy, I use it just for cassettes, in summer it gets but certainly just as well with solo Mineral Foundation.

The red lip gloss is sheer, not too flashy, but still recognizable and great over red lip liner and lipstick!

The Eyebrow powder is ashy and I can well imagine, that there is crowd-pleasing. Personally, I'm not so sure, whether it can beat my Terra Naturi eyebrow powder, There is almost a bit too ashy, but I do not want to commit to a final conclusion :p.

Big surprise was also the False Lashes Mascara, because they still extremely long me, almost perfectly separated lashes (without eyelash) conjures, as you can see here:

AMU with a layer of False Lashes Mascara alverde.

Combined with a layer Alterra mascara I have length, Volume and looks even more amazing of course.

Lipstick, Eyeliner, Kajal and eye shadows are fine, but not entirely or my colors. not really tried. Of course I need to test the products any longer, that was just a smaller first impression. :)

Four Benecos + Nailpolish

Also of benecos is a packet arrived, in which you and two other can have the chance of great benecos Products. Stay tuned to, Stay’ curious :).

Endearing way were three items for myself:


The since Vivaness so prospective immelte Coffee & Cream Four with the enchanting Zimtton, the Nagellack „wild orchid”, I have long wish and the nail polish remover! Thanks a lot for this!

The Quattro you see the way in top image with the eye make-up, the Zimtton can be more than excellent. :)

Tried-It-Out Men!

To another step to go but away from makeup: My friend is soon to blog to a category Natural Cosmetics for Men make wealthy! You can give him but already on Instagram (@tried_it_out_men) and Twitter (tio_men) follow, To stay up to date.


farfalla – "4 weeks Silhouette Challenge"

As a last piece of news I want to you about the "4-Weeks Silhouette Challenge "of Farfalla tell. The next four weeks I live by Eating plan, with much Motion while using the Silhouette Miracle Produkte is of Farfalla against cellulite and let's see what it! :)

The associated products Farfalla I got sent.

Farfalla Silhouette Miracle Reihe

Here are a Shower Gel, a Peeling, a Body Lotion und ein straffendes Gel!

Personally, I see the Challenge rather relaxed. You should help me, to live healthier and me through diet and exercise more comfortable in my skin to feel, a quasi Incentive his, without putting me under pressure. Tomorrow I start and my first Power-bread is already in the pipeline, So far I am very motivated! :) After the Challenge, I will report, what will come out as a result, and perhaps now and then to Instagram, Facebook & co. will post an update.

Linseed, Nuts, Oatmeal, Chia seeds and sunflower seeds are part of the Power-bread.

If you would like can you share it, because of Plan Challenge here on the web! :) Falls du mitmachst, I would be happy, if you tell me, how are you getting on, and if perhaps the Challenge is fun!

Now I'm curious about your opinion:

How you like the new products?

Do you use also room scents or. Aromatherapy?

What do you think of Challenges – motivate you, or they put you rather under pressure?

What's with you just “New-In”? :)

Lots of love,


21 thoughts on “New In (Diffuser, alverde and 4 Weeks Challenge)”

  • Hi Julia,
    I already follow your blog for some time now and I find it super !

    The eyeshadow Quattro by Benecos is just a dream !

    I'd like to, whether the fragrance “Leichter Lernen” is also by Primavera ? I know Eukawohl, I must think to even that, can't get rid of my cold :(

    How much cost for such Duftdiffuser ?

    • Hi Ariane,
      many thanks! :D Ja, I also find, beautiful basic colors! :) And, “Leichter Lernen” is also of Primavera and still relatively new, He was introduced on the Vivaness. :) Such diffuse cost between 25 and 80 Euro, the Taowell Novo has me slightly more than 40 Cost euro, for this still a wellness scent of Baldini was included. The Soehnle diffuser is from the same manufacturer (and a very similar model) like the Taowell Novo and is slightly cheaper, but it has a higher mode. :)
      Liebe Grüße,
      Julia :)

  • Great news! :)

    Also, I also very exciting aroma therapy, am rather reluctant because of my two cats but with the topic. But as a diffuser has been what, must I confess.

    I'm also a fan of challenges, find it more motivating. I also join farfalla, and I'm definitely going on my cold. 'M looking forward, to be able to make Blogilates, Miss my sports namely somewhat. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Many Thanks! :) Oh, I can imagine that! The diffuser is really great, a filling with 3 Drop has something like 3 Hours and smells it really intense, I have a feeling, that he still “more” bring out the fragrance oils!
      Oh, I am very, that you do with! :) Curious how you will like it! :)

  • Hach, I love your blog. Such great topics. :3

    This aroma I find so interesting and would put to also prefer just me. Probably I would fill it with lavender oil, because this evening so I can relax. :)

    Think it's really great, that writes your boyfriend on the blog. Am very excited about, Special, because barely blogs can be found on the subject!
    I'm also a fan of challenges. Think for many people, it may be useful to start a nutrition first, some rules or. a goal to have. This is just fun, to stay on the ball (because you the challenge do not “lose” want to) and then the long-term transition is a also much much easier. Went once a month with my friend a sugar challenge. Then the desire for industrial sugar disappeared and even after the challenge we have drawn through still's (If too loose). Probably this is also fitted. Some people may need a slower phase of acclimatization, to wean themselves from old patterns.

    love greetings :)

    • Oh thank you! :D <3 And, I must try this out even necessarily, with Lavender, I think, the only scent is, the my friend don't like like ^^.
      Thank you, I look forward also to the first article of him! :) Exactly, so I'm also, at the beginning, to overcome and it's routine at some point :). I have even dispensed with any additional sugar and a time for gluten :). That's right, I like like to solid borders, then it is easier to hang me! :)

  • Oh great, you've got the new Quattro by Benecos. I find the colors very beautiful :-)
    I think what great aromatherapy. Assist me several flavor scooter by Primavera. Especially “Clear head” has scared them away more than once starting headaches. So a diffuser is also on my wishlist. However, my friend is not such a fan of room fragrances …
    Challenges are nothing for me by the way, more. I usually don't hang until the end and then I'm gefrusteter as previously. That's why I save something like that from the outset.
    Liebe Grüße :-)

    • Me too! :) Aroma scooters are great too, I tried out have unfortunately not. While I quite like's, If the scent remains, but it airs and then he's gone again, has it applied but slightly on the skin, is he sometimes not more fully wash off.
      I'm always realistic to set me challenges, so I am not frustrated. When things doesn't work out I try to concentrate on the part, He's still great, e.g.. Although I have not entirely waived, eat but already less than usual :). I can understand but totally, If you don't like such challenges therefore!

  • Love Julia,
    I'm so curious about, How do you like Wild Orchid by Benecos. I think he's so terrific.
    For the challenge, I wish you maximum success, I would have to me also again to pick up and make me fit for the summer holidays ;) Let us before the screens a bit with challengen? :D

    I am interested in the new Alverde products (unfortunately) only the eyebrow powder and the concealer. These two products but especially ;)

    Greenest greetings

  • The nail polish I bought me this week and already painted a nail. A beautiful color :-) I also like the Quattro and yesterday had the opportunity for an AMU ih finally. I'd also like to a diffuse. However, I have to wait because my children get a little with the purchase.
    I love the challenge of Farfalle. Since some products contain Birch SAP and I have a strong Birch pollen allergy have and still quiet, I've requested from Farfalla, can I use the products safely. If however, I'll try to get hold of the trial set or one of the products in fullsize.
    Next week I will keep an eye out for the new alverde products :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  • This is good news, that there is almost an identical successor to the Alterra listed from mascara, This has become rare, Yes!

    The new Alverde brewing powder like mi by the first impression made exceptionally well and could molt to a Favorites list – have a look, as it is so proven in everyday life.

    Benecos Quattro is just insanely beautiful, I get me on all cases, If it gets in the range :)

    I find it not bad challenges, but I'm going with better “right” Changes. Since I have changed my diet and my sports program, the effects are obvious and I feel so slow again correctly in my skin – probably the secret of beauty par excellence, because the broadcasting makes so much.

    • Yes exactly, I noticed a stone of the heart! :) I find not so bad the other mascara brush :). Oh I'm so on my Terra Naturi Augenbraue powder, This is not quite so Ashy, but it is also top of alverde!
      That's right, I like it when I put my own conditions and set a day, what I'm changing, so do not do I change my mind after a day or an hour again or go to my intentions somehow ^^. That's right, the broadcast makes so much! :D

  • The diffuse sounds interesting! Must I check out times!

    By Alverde lipstick, as well as the correction I am interested in the new products of the fabulous pink powder. Although rather did anti redness powder by Marie W. But my budget does not allow the.
    Also, I find it very nice, that your friend now writes on the blog! :-) Am very excited about the products for men or. on the suggestions for my friend. Since he also uses Naturkometik. Until now only the products for men by Alverde.

  • ULI an anti-cellulite plan, that sounds interesting :)
    Am curious, What do you report on, When you're through! Products found, that really bring something against cellulite is not just easy. This is a really cool idea combined with the diet and the exercise. Much fun ;-)

    • That's right, where I speak to the success of whatever sports and nutrition at such a challenge, Maybe the products bring also little small, but, they are crucial, I do not believe ;). Thank you!

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