Novelty: Zuii Organic – Quad Eyeshadow Palette “Natural” + Look

Hello my friend!
Today I want you to meet a wonderful novelty, which will very soon find their way in Zuii Organic: The Quad Eyeshadow Palette in “Natural”.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural
The Australian brand Zuii Organic exhibits cosmetics 95-97 Percent organically grown commodities ago. The powdery base thus consists ground Blossoms and Flowers, the then still with Dying, Plant extracts and mineral pigments are mixed. Here you'll find more about the ingredients.
The INCIs of products is always read something like if you walk through a field of flowers, calling someone a the names of flowers. :) On talc, Zinc oxide and silicon is consistently avoided. Moreover, I find the design of the products wunderhübsch and noble.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette NaturalZuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural
Die Quad Eyeshadow Palette (*) can be very far fold back, the things I like. Moreover, the contained Mirror very large, make-up so therefore works surprisingly well.
The price will be at €44,95 and it will be you soon z.B. here be on sale.
It contains 4 different colors, a very Dark, matt brown (1), a warm, slightly shimmering brown (2), a right aschiges, minimal schimmerndes braun and one some yellowish, shimmering light tone.

With the number of grams and contained the ingredients, I can not serve, unfortunately, but I will add, once they have been published. I think it will turn out similar to the present, single eyeshadow (s.hier). The Applicator can be make-up good for, so the product crumbles too little, but using brushes, so remains a little bit of the product in the pan.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural Nahaufnahme
Here are all the colors in close-up.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural Swatches
As you can see on the Swatch, are they all extremely well pigmented, for Swatch just a single application was necessary. I have to say, so well pigmented colors I have never seen so far, at least not with natural cosmetics. O. The
Even my beloved brown alverde Quattro comes not ran since.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural Swatches Nahaufnahme
The Assignment is due to the high pigmentation simply and the Eye shadow can easily be blinded. You do not feel buttery to, nevertheless fine and not coarse-grained.
The Durability is surprisingly good in terms of intensity of colors, they radiate the evening just as strong as in the morning. The only shortcoming is, that after a tiring day a little slip in the crease, but that's definitely still acceptable range :).
To the product times “live” to see, I gave you my still here allerliebsten Look so makeup, which is very suitable for everyday use, with a lot of product and an intense lipstick but can also be a bit more noticeable.
Here are, where I apply what eyeshadow:
The dark color is applied fairly low, This is because, that my crease sitting quite deep (s. right image) and I when I order (Shade) orientating it. I ride with the dark tones along the crease, while the result is a fairly “deep” Make-Up :).
The ashy hue (Color 3) Do I use my first order Fill in eyebrows. I've found, that it almost perfectly matches my natural hair color there, even better, as the Terra Naturi eyebrow powder, I usually mix.
(Links ungeschminkt, right with accentuated eyebrows.)
Then comes something Eyebrow angel of alverde it and I carry the hellsten, shimmering sound (4) on the complete eyelid:
The warm, slightly shimmering color, I wear then generously in the The crease area on (2):
These color verblende I now and emphasize the crease deliberately with the darkest eye shadow (1). In addition, I carry between the lightest and darkest color a little from warm, brown eye shadow on (2, s. Idea top):
Afterwards I verblende all good and wearing mascara on. For this look I have the new “Maximize Volume Lashes”(* ) from alverde used.
Finish the eyes makeup!
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural
I opted for the warmer tones, since dark, ashy tones can radiate less my eyes and let appear somewhat unnatural. Therefore, the darkest tone also comes only directly in the crease for use.
Also, I have only very little product used, because I did not want so eye-catching look.
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural
The dunkelste Ton (1) can incidentally also great with a damp brush als Eyeliner apply, would you be interested as yet another look?
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural
Rounded I have everything then quite minimalist with only the Rouge in “22 coral”(*) and Lipstick “78 Peach”(*) from Annemarie Borlind.
In addition, I carry the Mineral powder of benecos, why my face looks pretty dry, because it will fall and I should not fail again to switch to liquid makeup textures and previously creams or oils behaved. For red spots and dark circles, I have the “cream to powder” Concealer from alverde used.
Highlighter or bronzer not arrived exceptionally used :).
Zuii Organic Eyeshadow Palette Natural alverde Maximize volume lashes annemarie börlind lippenstift rouge benecos mineral puder cream to powder concealer
Edit: Here are some better pictures with the new camera:
I believe, that this is the single eyeshadow palette will be, I do not depotte, because it contains everything, I need go. Shades for a natural makeup, a dark color, I can repurpose for eyeliner and a, I can use for eyebrows. What more do you want?
As you can see I am pretty enthusiastic about the Quad, but because you should always be nice critical in delivered products sent, I draw from a point, because it is sometimes in the evening something slipped into the crease. Otherwise, top Produkt, against the fact if ever speaks only the price. I think if you would send me to a desert island and I could only take an eyeshadow product, I would not hesitate to decide for Zuii range. :)
Do you know the products of Zuii Organic already? What do you think of Blütenkosmetik? :)
How do you like the geschminkte Look?
Read a review for Quattro “Breeze” you can find in the way Pretty Green Woman, in an article on a Duo Eyeshadow Strawberrymouse’s Mailbox. :)
Dearest greetings,

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