Naturkosmetik Parfums für den Mann

Hello my friend!

This article is about perfume for men. I want to show you three different scents, one is all natural, one is a bit naturale and the last one has some nature identical ingredients. Arctic freshness or seductive sweetness is not the main part of these scents.

Rather these perfumes are individual and change on your skin. These are slight nuances that accompany you throughout the day and no bold brand names, that always smell the same. I don’t care that much about individuality it’s important for me not to smell too much like a herbal garden. This is my main challenge in natural cosmetics.

All natural: SANTE- Homme 365 – 50ml

SANTE homme 365 - Natural cosmetics men perfume

The first natural perfume I bought is from SANTE. (The label disappeared a bit from time to time).

In winter, when I bought it, I liked the sweet and tart scent a lot. It smells slightly of spices, a bit wooden, cinnamonic, nearly a bit like winter and christmas. In the beginning the scent has a light citrus aroma that vanishes fast. So for me it is a bit unsuitable for spring or summer. It could maybe fit to a dinner party in the evening or a campfire because it is a small invitation to cosiness. With a durability of roundabout four hours it is easy to stay flexible, start a dinner-party with it and change your scent afterwards to party.

The perfume is vegan and avaliable in many online shops, I bought it at Alnatura.

Price: 24,95€

A bit natural – Mountain pepper / Bergamot / Coriander – 50ml

Korres bergamot coriander - Natural cosmetics men perfume

So I continued my search for a fresh and happy scent, that doesn’t make me feel to cozy. In Müller drugstore I recognized a perfume by KORRES, that is close-to-nature but only has 88% natural ingredients. Nevertheless it had an great scent, a bit woody like coriander, fruity like bergamot and with a feeling of adventure in it. The duration of six hours is pretty good.

Over the time I started to loose the fun of it a bit, because I don’t like the 12% synthetical ingredients, that are not declared. I maybe would not buy it again even though I like the scent a lot. What do you think?

The perfume is vegan and you can buy it for example at Müller drugstore and in many online shops. Price: 35,40€

Aimée bois de mars 21 - Natural cosmetics men perfume

This year on vivaness, the natural cosmetics fair 2016, I discovered the perfumes of the french manufactury aimée de mars. My curiosity and the continuous search for a natural perfume that’s perfect for me made me walk to their fair stand and try the different scents with Julia. I was surprised by the diversity and complexity of the perfumes. They don’t smell like herbs but fresh and different and are close to conventional scents. To deliver a consistent and good quality, they use up to 5% synthetical produced ingredients, that are exactly in this form in nature, too. My favourite one was “Acqua di Orta” and I will definitely buy a sample of it, when it is avaliable in Germany.

The “21”-series is made of 21 different essential oils, that create a pleasent well-being and therefore has a very complex scent. I got the chance to test their newest creation, “BOIS 21”, an awake but not intrusive scent, that is made from woody vetiver and different spices. In addition to that, bergarmot, citron and tonka beans build a well-balanced aroma. For me personally as I am in my mid-twenties, it smells a bit too mature. This can be great for special occasions and for a classy appearance. BOIS 21 is not yet avaliable in Germany but the other perfumes of aimée de mars are offered at the Naturdrogerie online shop, so I hope they soon will also have this one.

Price: The other scents are about 75€ so this could also be the price for BOIS 21, soon.

So my search for the perfect perfume is not yet over!

Have you already discovered the perfect scent for you? If yes, what is it?

How important are the ingredients for you?

What do you link with scents?

Many greetings,

P.S.: If you are a woman but read this article until the end: Thank you for your interest! I think that these perfumes could also fit many woman. Try them and if you like them, nothing speaks against wearing it, not even a label like “Homme”. :)

3 thoughts on “Naturkosmetik Parfums für den Mann”

  • I still have not found even the perfect fragrance for me. I find excruciatingly difficult and intrusive to me most perfumes. But there's a perfume, whose scent I totally love, but no longer use it because the ingredients.

    Since you wear perfume on the skin all day, is very important to me, I use only such scents which substances therein contained and would prefer, you are as natural as possible. They fly swiftly to secretly in my experience and are sprayed on freshly often barely perceptible, unless you a larger amount of. And for this, these fragrances cost then pretty much.

    For some time I use no perfume therefore do. I like not doing just a lazy compromise.

    • I must give you legal. You should not just huffing all day, whose origin man does not know. Certainly not, If it is not natural. We now live in a society, in which everything is perfumed, whether it is hand SOAP, Writing pads, or even toilet paper. That may not be healthy and somehow it bothers too.
      Faster vanish the NK perfumes, is true. But it has an advantage. I am never at home use perfume, and so I am mostly pleased, that the smell is gone, When I arrived at home. For on the go can be the scents if necessary in a small "to-go" fill spray.
      You use no perfume, can I understand. The price situation will hopefully change in the future, When demand is increasing and the researchers working on the scent-durability.
      It is a pity, that your favorite scent for you is no longer available, but there will be determined one day a similar scent, If not even better. With decent ingredients.

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