Natural Cosmetics years Favourites 2014

Hello my friend! :)

Today I'll show them to you at last: My favorites from the year 2014!

I tried to pick as few items and really only those, which have occurred to me right away and to which I have often used. There are still quite a lot of become, but see themselves! :)

Equal to care!

The here are just my favorite products of decorative cosmetics :D.

Favorites Color Cosmetics


Tchibo – Heated Eyelash Curlers


Definitely one of the most wonderful discoveries was this Heated Eyelash Curler Tchibo!

I really use the part of every morning, sometimes I have to then not even apply mascara, because my lashes are inherently quite dense and dark, but not bent.

TchiboBeheizbareWimpernzange (1)

So far, it still works properly, only the rubber is not discolored (as at the beginning) in heat, but remains light pink to white.

Alterra – Extreme Volume Mascara


This mascara is my personal prize for the best mascara! She keeps all weathers (even the rainy season in Viet Nam) standing and still has a great effect! What more do you want? A rubber brush? Then you should prefer for “Maximize Volume Lashes” Mascara decide alverde. But my favorite is this one. I just do not like rubber brush ^^.

Bellápierre – Make-Up Base


It’s all about that base! Correctly understand I got this last year. This here is just awesome!

Zuii – Eyeshadow Quad “Natural” *


This palette has been sent to me in the autumn and I have my love for her in the friends detailed review This stood. I'm just go away! These are the most used eyeshadow in my collection. As only pans not in the DIY range gedepotted.

alverde – Elegant Dark LE “brilliant bronze”

alverdeelegentdarkle alverdeelegentdarkle (2)

And, I know, it is nasty, to praise old LE products later, but hey, this sound is awesome! At that time he hopped on sale in my shopping basket and I'm wearing these gorgeous Cinnamon sound currently love to!

alverdeelegentdarkle (1)

The color is intense and dark, but still not too dark. Carried he sees so or so from. :)

i.d. Bare Minerals – liner shadow “bronze leaf”


In TK Maxx I have this little treasure found! Since then, I use it for the crease, but also wet for super strong pigmentation, particularly as eyeliner he makes great! Every now and then in use is the other color “fashionista”, what I could get for €1 in the TK Maxx. The same high quality of the quality, However, I like “bronze leaf” just a little more.

SANTE – Eyeshadow trio (hellster Ton)


I find the trio itself less successful, see my little comparison here, still the brightest tone has crept unnoticed into my routine. A beautiful, natural sheen, perfect for highlighting something quickly and effectively, particularly under the brow bone.

alverde – eyeshadow “warm vanilla”


Perfect for veneering and highlighting, I use it also for the face. Also sette I so almost daily my concealer, for he is awesome!

alverde – Elegant Dark LE Eyeliner “silver star”


Again a LE product! And, I admit it, I've also two more back-ups bought. Because I love silver Kajal. There are just so many great ways to use it. As would be once the order on the waterline. Looks much more natural than white or beige eyeliner, but still has a similar effect, one sees immediately awake and his eyes look bigger. As a highlight in the inner corner of the eye or eyelid on a dark eye shadow on the entire eyelid (as here or here) just wonderful! Do you have a good silver Kajal? My might sometime be empty! O. The

Alterra – Kajal Eyeliner “jade” and

alverde – Kajal Eyeliner “green”*


These two kohl pencils are one of my products with “Immediate effect”. I can be a perfectly ordinary, boring Brown makeup smear out and as soon as I wear something by one of the two colors in the outer part of the lower Eyelash rim on, has my AMU immediately more pep and looks prettier. My eyes shine more (which is probably due to the shades) and also to aufwändigerem AMU they look great!

Alverdealterrakajalgruentuerkis (1)

About the kohl pencils of Alterra I have in This Review reports. Here are the two colors again accurate:

Alverdealterrakajalgruentuerkis (2)

alverde – Gel Eyeliner “extreme black”


The Gel Eyeliner is already more than one year, but if I wear black eyeliner, then this, applied to the alverde eyeliner brush! Incredibly accurate, beautiful black and long lasting. As well with the Brown counterparts in “mocca”, which I got sent, I am satisfied so far. Dried as is by the way nothing yet.


Annemarie Borlind – Lipstick “peach”* and

alverde – Snow LE lipstick “red kiss”*


My lipstick I change daily to suit your mood. This is my little bit of freedom, morning to grab the color, suits me the most. The harder it is to find there favorite, But it quickly became clear to me, It must be these two. Although these are not my favorite lipsticks with regard to the care, but still two colors, I've really worn last year very often.

Alverdeannemarieboerlindlippenstift (1)

That would be the one “peach” Annemarie Börlind, my summer color par excellence. The lipsticks are the way even without all Karmin (for any certified natural cosmetics, but except for one or two substances, the company used almost identical to NaTrue certification). A cheerful coral-tone, keeps well and also not set in the lip wrinkles.

Second lipstick I have on the alverde Event get and also my love to intense, discovered red lipstick. Meanwhile, I am much more daring with regard gaudy reds (I'm just a bit in Dark Fever) and this warm red suits me best in my opinion.

Alverdeannemarieboerlindlippenstift (2)

Benecos – Natural Shiny Lip Colour “Rusty Rose”*


This stick comes benecos, usually traveling or even if I have time away quickly, used. Here he brings not only a touch of color, but also the necessary care, for the lips. This product is comparable with the Clinique chubby sticks.

Terra Naturi – Lipliner “cherry blossom” and “brick”

TerraNaturiLipliner (2)

Although I now own some lip liner, I mostly use these two here. You are very close to my natural lip color and make a great under any lipstick.

TerraNaturiLipliner (3)

The Terra Naturi lipliner I like it very much (so I have a few of them), because they hold bombproof, even when eating. So I wear for special occasions, is eaten where, often only lip liner, instead of lipstick. :)



alverde – Pure Teint Make-Up

The makeup is light and lies down on the skin silky soft, without even begin anything would be sticky. Unfortunately, it stressed dry skin cells, therefore it is more suitable for the summer, or you're simply mixed with day cream! Read more about it here and here.

alverde – Snow CC Cream *


Often I took last year to the CC-cream from the snow white LE. Although it is slightly waxy and sticky, for it conjures up a very wonderful glow to the face. Unfortunately, it contains nano-particles, a replacement is impossible, but anyway, since the LE is already over. A great alternative is the way the 24 makeup of Alterra, which I've bought a short time ago and convinced the first impression!

Benecos – Mineral Puder


In my opinion this benecos mineral powder is better than that of alverde. It has a nice covering power and is therefore very often in use. Either to cassettes to makeup, or in the summer alone, which are now. in winter with little facial oil (a tip from Pretty Green Wo|man).

alverde – Cream To Powder Concealer


Few times bought later and continues to be my favorite concealer is this here. Although he is not particularly nourishing, for good coverage (especially for dark circles) and it does not shine too much. I use it every now and again even for the highlighting and the famous Triangle under the eye.

Alterra – Rouge “peachy”


Not to dolle pigmented and has a nice color “peachy” of Alterra. Super when time is of essence, to add some color to conjure up the face, can be layered but also good. That's why my favorite Blush!

alverde – Baked Eyeshadow “brilliant brown”*


I have indeed discovered only during the Christmas season, but it works so well, that I just have to add it to the favorites. This baked eyeshadow is the best bronzer, I've ever had. Looks natural and gives me no impurities. Yippie!

alverde – Wimperngel “transparent”*


The Eyelash I use almost daily, simply because my eyelashes of supernatural strength and wealth are and I have to show them where to go in the morning, so they will not show in all directions. Before, I had bought the dark gel, this here but I prefer, because the lashes are not additionally stressed (I use actually dark powder) and you can work less accurate.

Favorites care


Alterra – Waschschaum Soft

Age RAR agreement foam normal skin

This Waschschaum I have now bought later at least five times already! He takes my AMU reliably, by giving a little foam on his eyes, and then with two fingers gently the mascara from the eyelashes rub. No other Abschminkmethode, works for me so quickly and without much Around Rub. He is also milder than the Waschschaum of alverde, me but still too aggressive for the whole face. Therefore, my next favorite:

DIY Gesichtsreiniger


Read more about it here. Still just my best cleaning product, because it is perfectly suited to me!

Silk'n Sonic Clean Plus and alverde Heilerde Waschcreme


Although not every day, for this but several times a week my skin gets an ultrasound massage with the Sonic clean plus. The art is, do not press on, but to paint with the brush head slowly and gently over the face. Then the skin is not strained, but gently massaged and tingles very light and pleasant. Then she looks reborn, shines and spans not!

I have the brush here and here already reported.

Because my DIY facial cleanser contains Yes peeling granules, I do not use it together with the face brush, but to use the healing earth Waschcreme. Now I've just bought later even a little Smoother, the Sensitive Cleansing Cream Chamomile alverde (as far as I've seen even without surfactants) and until now my skin is also satisfied.

Rose of Bulgaria – Rose Water Natural

Rose water

This rosewater I ordered on Amazon, because it was reasonably priced and I have not quite dared to venture into expensive Hydrolates. Wrongly! Unlike Gesichtswasser I realize actually a difference. Read more about it in my Morgenroutine.

Taoasis – Chamomile Oil


Actually, I think yes Sensitive products pretty boring, because most lack the whole frills, be advertised with other skin care lines. This oil I have for my DIY-Gesichtsreiniger buy and it showed me, that even simple and “boring” Products can have a great effect. The oil consists only of sunflower oil and a bit ethereal chamomile oil and still has a tremendously great effect on my skin. It is moisturized, look crisper, heals faster and redness disappear. Even in winter it's great, sometimes I mix them (as already mentioned above) with Mineral Foundation.

Martina Gebhardt – Rose eye care fluid


The fluid from Martina Gebhardt comes from the love Mexi from the BIOty Box. It is absorbed quickly, smells of rose and leaves no film. Nevertheless my eye area is gently and intensively cultivated :).

Absolute Organic – Eye & Neck Cream


In the Summer and my Vietnam vacations loved: Die Eye & Neck Cream von Absolute Organic. I have used them for the whole face and as the texture on Aloe Vera Gel is based, attracts the cream away quickly, does not stick and even improved sunburn!

Feel – Rügen chalk cream *


In the winter I need every now and then more care, ideal for this is the cream of chalk MeraSan. Only my parents gave the perfumed variant, then I of this MeraSan “sensitive” version sent as a press sample. Now, if it is a bit colder, affects the cream as a protective layer, they should but do not overdose because of their richness.


Lenz natural cosmetics – Lip balm calendula chamomile *

Lenz natural cosmetics lip balm Chamomile

One of the products, have less irritated like me, I now but do not want to miss, are the products of natural cosmetics Lenz. Many are with chamomile (a power plant, How do I find!), wie z.B. This lip balm. He pushed my Everon Lip Balm Weleda from the Throne, not necessarily because he cares more, but because the care effect is similar and he smells it wonderfully sweet and unobtrusive.

alverde – Heilerde Peeling Mask


Oh you loved mask, Why you have to go only from the range? I have you certainly used at least once a week and you gave my skin in return purity and care! Of course, I got myself back-ups. Three or so. How should I get along without you? Naja, at the moment I have stashed away a little Yes :D.

Stealthily – Radiant Exfoliating mask


This mask is normally proud €65, I was lucky again in the TK Maxx and had it for under €10 (I unfortunately can't remember the exact price) to call my own. The advantage of such bargains: They are cheap and sometimes awesome, as in this case. The disadvantage of: How should I buy which ever, I didn't even bring about the heart, to leave so much money on a mask. On the other hand, I've lost count eventually stopped, how often I have already used the mask. You just have to apply a very light film, Thus it is quite economical. I guess it was at least as early 20 Time in use. How much is still in there, I can not, unfortunately, see, so I am curious when it goes blank (Hopefully not too soon :D) .

Dr. Hauschka – Sponge


Oh, how much I have enjoyed yet, When I the first time this thin, papery have oval showered with water, and this beautiful sponge came to light. Almost as much as I am happy every time, if I so pick up a mask. This is in fact much faster, as with hands, especially in healing clay masks.


Wolkenseifen – Deocreme and

alverde – Deodorant sprays water mint sea minerals

wolkenseifendeocremesensitive wolkenseifendeocreme

My dream team when it comes to deodorant I have you here already presented. As before, this combination keeps me bomb, now I have my by a friend “sensitive” Can bring Deocreme from Heidelberg (Thank Marlen! :)), This is completely natural and has no synthetic fragrances.


Sometimes I can even do without the sprayer alverde deodorants during the day. My body has become well accustomed to the largely gentle deodorant and sweat less. :)

At the moment I tüftele by the way, on a promising development mine DIY-Gods around.

unscathed – Body Oil *


Even if I put some cream in things and oils rather lazy am, has nevertheless an oil crystallized, I like very much. The indemne body oil is almost completely odorless and pulling furiously quickly. In addition, it is the skin tight and I make a really me, noticing an effect, However, it is usually only because, that you even massages the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Other Preferences

E2 – Dynamizing Raumspray *


Goodbye to Asthma! How great does that help me, I have here reports. So this is my salvation on bad days.

Acorelle – Perfume Garden Teas *


As for the perfume, was I 2014 in search. What I wanted, was a fresh, lighter and unobtrusive fragrance. Find anything I am with this scent of Acorelle. He was sent to me, After I asked via email, whether there would be to buy for small samples of. He is too fresh in winter, Nevertheless, he has everything, what I want from a perfume. Now in January I am the way, gets to the end of my search, for I have discovered the scents of Pacifica. More I have on Instagram written. Of these scents you'll certainly be hearing more on the blog!

They were thus now, my Natural Cosmetics years Favourites 2014! :)

Which products have you last year totally blown away and convinced?

Liebe Grüße,

Julia von

PRSample *.

19 thoughts on “Natural Cosmetics years Favourites 2014”

  • Thank you for the presentation of your favourites. The Alterra blush peachy is also my favorite. I will also test the Bellápierre make up base, because I can not hold the benecos base. And healing mud scrub mask I also already had the Alverde, but it was taken from the range.

    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

      • I think that I can not hold the perfume of the benecos base. Look at me on Pinkmelon or Ciao my test report to the base, there I described everything. I asked even the benecos Facebookteam, whether there will be the base in a perfume-free version, they have forwarded it to the Development Department.

        Liebe Grüße
        Nancy :)

  • I never knew a heated Eyelash curler – Maybe, because I also use no mechanical.
    The Bellápierre make up base is really great…I'm really glad, that I you by “our” Got set ;)

    • You are super handy, my lashes are not bent, which means mascara would align not too much without bending. The slight heat you need but little pressure, She is so friendly than ordinary Eyelash pliers. :) Hihi, Yes the TK Maxx is great, I am pleased, you could also make the bargain :D.

  • After you base have fixed on me with the bella Pierre, I am now also am considering, to order me the rose water. Can you tell me , what ingredients are in the water still in it? At amazon, there are comments, State that, that is not pure rose water and even fragrances have been added, I would want to avoid that rather.
    Many greetings
    The duck

    • Ready, IBRAHEM is only “Rosa Damascena flower water, Geraniol, Citronellol” on the product, I'm assuming, that of described is completely natural and the two substances at the end comes from the rose water but must be declared because they can be potential allergy triggers. I avoid fragrances also as far as possible :).

  • Very interesting products you searched out there!:-)
    With the eye shadow base you have fixed to Yes even me. Become a place to definitely it me!
    Also it has given me the Alterra angtahen mascara. Yet the Alverde nothing was last year but volume mascara my dearest. Is it this year the Alterra extreme volume mascara.
    The beihzbare Eyelash curler also totally interesting sounds! And I don't even use a mechanical Eyelash curler.
    I have also already tried lip care by Lenz. But have to say that my favorite remains the Weleda Everon Lippenfplege. He was drying out to me by Lenz.
    For that I'll keep an eye on the lipsticks from Annemarie Börlind, as well as the Benecos times stick toss!;-)
    Also the eyeshadow palette by Zuii has done to me. If she were just not so fertile expensive.:-(
    Also I'm going to the chamomile oil taoasis me!
    Nice to meet you, You're satisfied with the Alverde Sensetiv cleaning emulsion!:-) Love the Alverde Sensetive series. As well as the Alverde clay peeling mask.:-( Able to secure me but thank God a few backups!:-)
    Not to mention you have totally fixed me on now with the Parfume!:-)
    I have a question there yet! What lipsticks do you like the likes, If there are more soothing to?
    So a very interesting article!
    But I'm very excited about what, is the article about your winter care! As you your skin,Lips and hair care in the winter!
    Also a comparative review would be regarding. Lips- and interest in hand care!

    • Dear Stefanie! :)
      The Alterra mascara I find simply unsurpassed, beautiful, you feel just so! :) I was also always inconsistent when the mechanical Eyelash curler, I think the heated but somehow easier and more effective, that's why I use it every day :). Agreed, Lip care is not quite as strong as Everon, for this, I like the scent :). The lipsticks are really great and Yes, the range is unfortunately not really cheap! Alternatively you could the new Brown 4-color palette of Terra Naturi see, two tones look extremely similar to the Zuii range, tried but I don't have it yet. Hihi, Luckily we have covered us in time with cleaning masks :). Most of all I like the bright shades of Terra Naturi lipsticks, Rosewood and soft coral, they are incredibly caring, almost like lip balm! The article is coming very soon ;).
      Liebe Grüße,
      Julia :)

  • Hui, This is so a great parade of products – I found super interesting to browse there and got the one or other taken. The Dr. Hauschka sponges I have for example two lying around here, I have never used. The next mask, will I sure remember.
    I will also keep the rose water in the back of the head, because I am still on the search for the perfect Hydrolate.

    My own favorites were the rosehip oil from Pai skincare, the Cleansing Cream Dr. Hauschka and shampoos.

    • Oh, then I wonder, If you can start something with the sponge as masks-consumers! :) Rose water works really well for me, It is now also the first Hydrolate, what I've tried! :) I would definitely still try Pai oil and by the cleansing cream, I have another sample at home :).

  • Totally sweet written and interesting, what you like to work (bright eye shadow as a highlighter or powder substitute, dark as a bronzer) and how you're suffering, because all your peeling treatment. At some point. I stand still expired packet here, It was nothing for me. Sometimes it's funny, or??? ^.^

  • I love a few of the products also (Clay cleansing cream, warm vanilla eyeshadow, Concealer). I want to test the Mascaras alverde and alterra yet definitely. She has failed unfortunately with me by Terra Naturi (smeared only) and Dr. Hauschka, I just use, is also not good. MPF, but it was so expensive…

    By the way, you have called Eyelash gel brewing Engel. Maybe you want to change this yet.
    Many greetings, the Alex

    • That's right, the Alterra mascara is outstanding by the price / performance ratio! Thanks for the hint, I will correct it immediately! :) It says brewing- and eyelash gel, that is why I mixed it ^^.

  • What a great blog post with all the interesting products (: …I'm still always very jealous on your heated Eyelash curler, because NK Mascaras have always been complained my lashes, so they lose momentum -.- …but maybe there are soon back on sale (: !
    The benecos stick for which I have spent even a couple of times to lips (: …and also the lip pencil by Terra Naturi to sound very promising! I find ideal in summer the benecos mineral powder, If I something “oily” Put on sunscreen. There's very good matte the complexion and covers easily! And Rouge peachy I very like to use also the Alterra. The alverde eyelashes- and eyebrow gel made it also to my favourites (: ! I think also very interesting as a face brush. I also like to use rose water (I got one from behawe). The absolute cream of the organic sounds nice also. Where is there to buy? Liebe Grüße (:

    • Many Thanks! :) As far as I know the heated Eyelash curler is sold annually at Tchibo, If you're lucky there again so they in February :). The benecos powder is also my favorite in the summer, about sunscreen I have applied always there on holiday and together, the Sun was bombastic :). Cream I found the absolute organic on the TK Maxx, otherwise you can order them here (,w142214285128363,i1.htm), I've never tried the online store and in the photo the packaging looks the same, The Crucible but otherwise. Otherwise I find no other way to buy it unfortunately quick. Liebe Grüße! :)

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