Mini-spa after stress

After I finally now have the last exam this semester behind me, I decided to let me go times a day and good time to pamper my skin something.
For this I used a mask, I've been given some time ago by my friend and I found the effect as well as I've bought some more equal. After I have now so thoroughly tested, I present you today a mini wellness product before:

Lavera – Revitalising treatment mask


The NaTrue certified and vegan product has been developed for dry skin. It is with precious organic oils such as organic macadamia nut oil and the Wild Rose and organic avocado oil, maintain sustainable and plentiful dry skin. In addition, the manufacturer promises a revitalization of the skin, and improve elasticity. The pH is approximately 5,0 to 5,5.
You can buy them at DM 1,95 Euro for an application (10 ml).


The mask has a very pleasant smell of rose, who is himself during use yet well perceive. (I find this very relaxing :) ).


The consistency is very light and creamy for a mask, it can be applied very well by. Although not as light as a mousse or a foam but it does have a very "fluffy" consistency.


When applying (and during the subsequent washing hands) you quickly realize how rich the mask. Unfortunately, I find it a little too much. Cultivates the whole décolleté, so like the amount sufficient good, If you use it only for the face and neck, I find it almost a little too much. I would extend the contents well for two applications, So far I have not yet dared to keep me the rest, I mask the only 1-2 Use once a week. Soon I will leave over half and see whether or consistency after a few days. changed the smell. (And if I still use, I think that's always a bit tricky.)


The revitalizing treatment mask should 1-2 times a week on cleansed skin of the face, Neck and décolleté are applied. After 10-15 Minutes you can then massage the excess (what I do not like) or remove gently with lukewarm water.
When applying you immediately feel a pleasant cooling effect. You will not burn on the skin, but you can feel already, that they just "works" with skin. The feeling of the applied mask I find incredibly enjoyable, I feel literally like my dry skin is kept happy with moisture and sucks all the substances contained. :) In fact, with me taking the skin almost all the mask on, leaving only single white spots can be seen on the face.
Since the mask so rich (yet easily) is, you need a little time to wash them. I would recommend before briefly remove the coarse residues with a tissue or use a washcloth when washing. I would remove the remains not too thoroughly, so that the skin is still maintained even in retrospect. One can also simply rub as mentioned above, the radicals.
Then feel the skin care beautifully relaxed and moisturized at. Especially for my (currently very) dry skin, it is a true blessing, because the effect lasts then again a few days.


Water (Aqua):
Water :D
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*:
This substance is the Oil from the fruit of the olive tree, very often the case in the region of the Mediterranean. He is regarded as many natural oils as moisturizing and penetrates well into the stratum corneum.
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*:
This is the name given to Sheabutter, which is extracted from the kernels of the shea tree. A distinction is made between refined and unrefined shea butter. In cosmetics are found mostly altered, refined shea butter. This is very caring, the unrefined variant is still caring and still holds many substances that are to have a healing effect. Shea butter restores natural oils, reassuring, smoothing and healing and anti-inflammatory. It works very well against eczema and dry, Top gereizte. They also changed the consistency of the product.
Glycerin is a highly polar molecule, So highly soluble in water and binds moisture. Because glycerin is an endogenous substance, it is also very well tolerated as a rule. Important when glycerin is mainly the amount: If you use too much of it, the moisturizing effect turns around and it deprives the skin more moisture.
Alcohol is often used as an alternative to normal preservatives. He has a firming effect, but should not be too much used, since it acts otherwise drying out the skin.
This substance regulates the viscosity and is a film-forming agent. (For face masks, film formers act against wrinkles and provide a relaxed and tight skin face, in hair products, they act like a "movie" to the hair and protect them. In nail polish, they are used.) In addition, it stabilizes emulsions. It is made from plants.
Myristyl Alcohol:
This is an alcohol that occurs from natural oils such as palm oil or coconut oil and acts as a stabilizer in cosmetics. It softens the skin and protects it against moisture loss.
Cetearyl Alcohol:
He is also known as cetylstearyl alcohol and refers to a mixture of hexadecanol and octadecanol, two alcohols. Often this is made from vegetable oils or by hydrolysis of waxes. It is used because it is antibacterial but still caring and changed the texture of a product. In pharmaceutics it is also used as a replacement for spermaceti, which must protect the sperm no longer be included.
Perseus welcome (Avocado) Oil*:
This ingredient is also known as Avocado-Öl. It is used for cell regeneration and helps dry skin to recover. It also helps the skin to build up its natural barrier again and directs valuable oils in the skin better, thus increasing the effective capacity of a product.
Hydrogenated Lecithin:
This is lecithin soy lecithin-based, it is slightly water-repellent and helps the skin to retain moisture and to rebuild. For mattifying products, it is particularly.
Xanthan Gum:
Used mainly to control viscosity (Viscosity) added. In addition, it is to act caring and skin-tightening and leave a pleasant skin feel.
Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides:
This substance is a surfactant, promotes retraction of a product and matt skin. It can bind a lot of water and is therefore suitable for normal to dry skin.
Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil*:
This is known as macadamia nut oil, the is used to dry and rough skin. It regenerates the skin and makes it pleasantly soft. It can also be used purely for skin or hair care. Although it is very rich, it has only a low viscosity and is therefore easy to apply.
Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil*:
This is Aprikosenkernöl. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and is also used as baby oil, and often as a make-up remover. In deeper skin layers it does not penetrate more of a. For light textures it is recommended.
Lysolecithin is a byproduct of oil production and is also known as Soja-Lecithin referred to. In skin cream, it often is used to produce light recipes, in which the fat content is not so high. Thus, a rather greasy cream with more water and thus more moisture to be enriched. In addition, it is strongly mitigated by consistency. This material is considered very skin-friendly.
Lecithin is a skin's own material, which can also be taken to increase the concentration or take action against gastric ulcers. In cosmetics it is used as a link between water and fats and it brings other nutrients deep into the skin. He also has moisturizing and fights free radicals, which he acts against skin aging.
Rosa Canina Fruit Extract*:
This refers to the Extracts of Wild- or Dog Rose whose fruit is the rosehip. He should have a regenerating and care for the skin. In addition, this substance should be re-moisturizing.
Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract*:
This refers to Holunderbeerenextrakt, which can affect the skin smooth and refine pores to. It also smoothes the skin, leaving it look firmer.
Sodium Hyaluronate:
This ingredient is Hyaluronic acid, who can give a product a gel-like consistency. It binds moisture and prevents moisture loss. In addition, smoothes and firms the skin.
Tocopherol is the chemical name for the most common formula for Vitamin E, an antioxidant, which is also present in the body and serves as a protection to the cells against harmful influences of oxygen. Vitamin E is synthesized exclusively by plants and is considered safe.
Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Sterols:
This is the name of rapeseed sterols, which nourish the skin and make it soft. It also has a slight firming effect.
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*:
Better known as Almond oil. It is pressed the seeds of sweet almond. It is non-comedogenic and penetrates deep into the skin where it is very mild and well tolerated. It is optimal to bring the skin back into balance with irritation and conjures up a fresh complexion. It's full of vitamins and has played a very important role in the cosmetics in the old days, but was supplanted by exotic oils a little. If the persons seed oil is known as subsequent ingredient, so it may be, that the rather low quality almond oil was used with "cosmetic grade", therefore, only a mixture of the two oils.
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*:
This is Jojoba-Öl, the conditions the skin and is considered a re-moisturizing. It is very appreciated for its vitamin E concentration and the many minerals, which includes it.
Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil:
Better known as Sunflower oil. It contains alpha-tocopherol and relieves inflammation. Furthermore, is funded by the lecithin content which Einziehvermögen.
Ascorbyl Palmitate:
Also known as Vitamin C – Palmitat the fabric is referred obtained from palm kernel oil and is used mainly as protection against oxygen in oils and fats.
Fragrance (Perfume)**:
This term different flavor and fragrances are combined. However, there is a list of substances to trigger the allergic reactions often. This must also be specified in the INCI list. In natural cosmetics here mostly only essential oils are used. One should therefore on instructions on the packaging, Eighth info in the shop or the manufacturer's website.
Citronellol **:
A perfume, der z.B. in Citronella, Rose and Geranium occurs. Citronellol may also be included as a constituent of essential oils, but still must be declared.
Geraniol **:
A perfume, der z.B. in Geranie, Rose, Palmarosa and lavender occurs. Geraniol can also be included as a component of essential oils, but still must be declared.
Linalool **:
A perfume, der z.B. in Lavendel, Rosewood and coriander occurs. Linalool may also be included as a component of essential oils, but still must be declared.
Limonene **:
This is a natural preservative and a fragrance, and is often included as a constituent of essential oils, as in this case. Limonene need due to allergy risk nevertheless be declared separately.
Citral **:
This is a perfume, is the skin component of the essential oils of lemon balm and lemongrass. Citral must be declared separately due to allergy risk.
Benzyl Benzoate**:
This substance is a natural preservative and intensifies the scent of a product. It can be found e.g.. in the bark of the cinnamon tree.
* Certified organic cultivation
** of essential oils
Conclusion ingredients:
The ingredients are all fine, Unfortunately, the glycerin something high up in the INCI list and the rose extract is relatively far down, Also the advertised avocado- and macadamia nut are not represented on the top places. For many substances are organically grown.


Although the advertised ingredients could be a bit more contained in the product and glycerin for much less, so the mask nourishes my skin but intense and Sustainable.
Also the price I find a bit pricey for a regular application, there would be two times 5 ml for many I think well enough and then everyone could decide how much he wants to use.
Nevertheless, I find the product succeeded, it gives me a small wellness moment and a bit of relaxation and my dry skin on your face afterwards feels wonderfully maintained at.
Therefore, the product is my tip to dry skin (besides daily lotion course ;).
My Review:
8 from 10 Points.
Pampers also from time to time her your skin with masks?
Perhaps you have already discovered it: I have my Review Index revised! If you feel like you, then looks but purely and once commented, interest which products you should most! That would be very happy ;)!

2 thoughts on “Mini-spa after stress”

  • Thanks for the detailed review!!

    This reads not bad… However, I would rather use my mask by Dr. Hauschka (the Revitalmaske) or brand new the herbal Claymask from Frantsila. Although it seems expensive at first glance, but it's not in relation, because as a tube is sufficient for me very long :-)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Thank you :)
    By Dr. I want to be sure again try Hauschka! You're right the price is a little high but if you say it keeps relatively long, then this is certainly a wise investment :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Julia :)

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