My Morning Routine

Hello my friend!
Something, have asked for really many readers, was an article in which all the products are in the foreground, the I me every morning use :).
Here she comes so, my:
Morgenroutine Naturkosmetik Tried-It-Out enerBIO Gewürztee Sweet Chai
Since I have at the moment Uni, remains for me during the week no time for extensive scrubs, Masks or other wellness program, My day often begins as follows:
07:00 Clock – Alarm clock ringing.
07:01 Clock – Alarm goes off again.
07:02 Clock – Okay, I stand already on ;).
Only times from among the Shower!
In the morning I'm always a little slow, but once the water patters down on me, I wake up properly, and the scent of the shower products makes me happy start to the day.
sukin Protein Conditioner juhn masters organics lavender rosemary shampoo
My hair I shampoo kidneys with the “lavender rosemary shampoo“(*) from john masters organics a, the pleasant scent and gently rosemary, but clean cleans. The hair feel, without having an excessive amount of volume, schön fluffy Chart.
Then some care must be found: In TK Maxx I have this Protein Conditioner from sukin discovered, the wonderfully sweet vanilla (and quite a lot more spectacular) smells and despite natural ingredients better than my wont Santé flushing.
On Sundays I often treat myself to an oil treatment with sesame oil, Castor oil and peanut oil (wow, the smell).
Why Sunday you ask yourself safe? Now, if leave on Sunday evening remnants of oil look greasy hair (what is matter, because me on Sundays, except my friend, nobody sees. hihi ;) ), are these not later than the Monday morning after the hair wash out.
But my hair need not just oil, but also proteins.

lenz Naturpflege Duschbad Weleda Lavendeldusche Cremeöl-Dusche Kakaobutter Hibiskus alverde
I'll continue with my shower gels and soaps! Brand new addition is the Shower skin & Hair (*)from lenz Naturpflege, which smells nice flowery and somehow a bit according to Oeko-Laden, no idea why this is :).
The Weleda Lavender Shower I have already used up, now my wonderful sister gave it to me again, the fragrance is simply enchanting!
On Instagram you have perhaps already the great Creme Oil Shower cocoa butter Hibiscus from alverde discovered, as the body lotion envelops one morning in the shower with cocoa!
Sometimes I also overcomes the fancy soaps:
Prefer start the day with rose petals, so I reach for Rose Soap from Dr. Bronner, I need, however, a fresh kick, comes the Lemongrass Soap from an’s used!
These I bought in Vietnam, Read more about it soon, When I finally manage to arrange the pictures on my computer and the impressions in my mind and to craft beautiful article ;).
DIY Gesichtsreiniger Lush Inspired Angels On Bare Skin
The face should not be forgotten, of course,, that's why I grab something from my DIY-Gesichtsreiniger (I have now the way reshuffled already at least four times) on a small dish next to the shower. So I can just be using it, when I need him :).
enerbio Früchte-Brei Apfel-/Bananenbark Apfel-/Mangomark
Before my morning care programs start, I cook more water, which I need for my breakfast. At the moment, there is a (which I only do the images have noticed for this article) completely made enerBIO The product, the organic brand by Rossmann.
At first I Put me my favorite tea (s. first photo above), the Gewürztee Sweet Chai, I like to refine with a sip of milk. There it is also an alternative (Chai Vanille) with more licorice, that is me in the morning but too sweet, at noon but perfectly help to prevent cravings for chocolate and other unhealthy stuff.
The rest of the hot water comes into the bowl with fruit pulp.
There is also such a breakfast porridge of Alnatura, I love to love, but is fine milled, and not as enerBiO with delicious apple“Scrap” are :). Furthermore, I think of Alnatura porridge before sweet and sour something enerBiO product.
Last I take half a glass Apple / banana pulp or Apple / mango pulp and mix it with the fruit puree. When I have time and desire, I also cut my fresh fruit into. Sounds a bit like baby food, it is perhaps also, but tastes fantastic! :)
I am glad to have realized at some point, that is added at -Mark unlike -Mus no artificial sugar. When fruit sweetness you really need not!
gimme smooth! indemne körperöl
So while pulling my tea and swells of porridge, it continues in the nursing program. Because after showering my skin shouts “here”. Although I love the smell of body lotions, somehow I'm more impressed by body oils, or these products creme. I oil myself daily, not just when I just feel like.
Right now I use the “Gimme Smooth!” Body Oil (*) from Unscathed, which is extremely easy and is effective against cellulite.
In the morning sometimes quite pleasant: It is completely odorless.
Otherwise every now and again a body oil use by Mins or my small samples of Dr. Hauschka.
alverde Deo Wasserminze Deocreme Traumstunden Wolkenseifen
Do not forget: Müffel disasters prevention with the alverde Wasserminze Deo and the Wolkenseifen Deocreme “Traumstunden”. From this great duo, I have often been reported, wie z.B. here.
Rose Water Natural Rose of Bulgaria
Instead of face water should I use rose water for several weeks – and the difference is enormous.
I have to admit, I was always a bit too expensive flower water, Therefore, this is not well-known by a NK brand. Priced lay the Rose Water Natural from Rose of Bulgaria even “only” 8 € for 330 ml.
It has been so worth. I have the feeling, that it not only clarifies the skin, but also moisturizes.
The only drawback: It makes my skin shine slightly, at least applied alone.
alva Hydrogel eye care fluid rose martina gebhardt rügener kreidecreme merasan
As I often do not put some cream in the evening me and it is becoming increasingly colder, gets my face in the morning still a special care program:
Only I'm wearing on his face the Hydrogel of Alva (Profit) on, because it tightens the face. Yes I admit, actually I have with 21 not needed, it feels but still great on the skin and pulls a super fast. Therefore, it was also one of my absolute favorites in the summer.
Then maintains the “Eye care fluid Rose” from Martina Gebhardt (danke Mexi! <3) my eyes and bewitches me with soft rose fragrance!
In the summer I've always loved the Aloe Vera Eye Cream of absolute Organic, Now in the autumn and winter needs my skin a little more care, I you with the Rügender chalk cream from Feel giving.
Texturally it is rather easy and moussig, nevertheless it provides intensive care and is rich. On the flowery scent I could possibly do without, wie z.B. with the perfume-free version. Nevertheless, it does not interfere, but is pleasant. As you may have discovered in Instagram, my parents have this cream, taken as well as healing chalk and a CMD Set from vacation.
Then I futtere my breakfast and the makeup. My look actually, every day different, However, I'm wearing at the moment the day Pure Teint Make-Up from alverde. Directly applied to the day cream, considers it to emphasize all day without the dry lines!
lenz naturpflege zahncreme ringelblume kamille ratanhia zahncreme weleda
Huch so late? Quickly brushing!
My absolute all-time favorite is the Ratanhia toothpaste from Weleda, and I for now and then Calendula chamomile Toothpaste (*) from lenz Naturpflege reach, because the tastes similar to the alverde toothpaste lightly minty and therefore comes on days used when I am in the morning a little taste sensitive. But before I can draw a final conclusion, I need to test it more.
And now from the university!
Do you also have a Morgenroutine jeden Tag?
Do you use more or less products and what you put in the morning particularly value?
Was frühstückst du?
Do you know some of my products, which you are particularly interested and what should I have a Review write?
Dearest greetings,
(*) all with * Products marked were provided with free and unconditionally available (of, Lenz and indemne)

15 thoughts on “My Morning Routine”

  • I also have the Indemneöl. I find, that's slightly smells of citrus and Mint. I'm but generally more sensitive when it comes to odors. On the body the scent disappears quickly, It doesn't bite itself with other products.

    I find it interesting, at the same time using different products in a category, and did quite a lot selection. I do that anyway and now feel a little less alone with all the open stuff.

    • I've also noticed a light freshness, you could associate but not really and really only when you exactly ' Hin smells’ :). And, I like it always just that to use, It takes my skin or my hair, and have rarely whole series of care products :) Nice to meet you, you feel so ;)

  • A great post!!! The Alva hydrogel interested me very.
    Oh and somehow your routine very reminiscent of me my. I must sometimes do the brushing in the Office, otherwise I would miss my train and he comes all nu 30 minutes :S Lief, live

    • Thank-You!!! :D hihi Yes, Sometimes there is's morning rush ^^ in the University can unfortunately not so good brushing your teeth, for this I am no longer dependent on lucky from the car, but can run :)

  • Pooh so many questions at the end :D

    So I use definitely less products than you. What is but also because, that I actually always evening bathe :) In the summer I showered off often times morning me, but since I have only a bathtub, is it now in the morning too cold, to shower me in the tub (and I bathe there until quite not ^^ want) Also I do not cream a me in the morning on the body.
    I wash every two to three days in the morning still hair, because I really always in the morning and head over heels.

    Otherwise I am just washing my face with the Mádara cleaning foam and make my i + m cream on it. On dry sites is still the Lanolincreme of Welland.
    Then I wash my armpits and wear Deocreme. If I wash my hair, I have of course even shampoo and conditioner, but the wars, but also with the products :) All right, Toothpaste there. But that understand Yes by itself ^^

    I eat breakfast according to mood. Times I eat bread every morning rather, then again, breakfast porridge or Müsli. I know that then always only in the morning, that is me :) There is coffee and then another Cup of tea first.

    Well actually the evening routine is followed? ;)

    • Hi Mo! :) Yes, I was super excited on your answers! :)
      Evening to take a shower / bath I was even thinking about me, everything would be slightly relaxed, somehow I feel in the morning but so müüüüüde. zzZZ.
      I still don't know the cleansing foam by Mádara, He hears but exciting! :) Not so bad I think minimalism, Products I have accumulated just kinda there and I need to also, If only one new thing, turns to the routine quickly and before you know it, to use correctly many products -.-.
      Mhh your breakfast sounds great, I'm on quiet days in the morning even a cup of coffee (especially on weekends :)).
      And, the evening routine comes even, I wanted to be not again so huge for the post (He was now somewhat more detailed than intended). :)

  • A very great, informative post! I love Yes these posts about everything!

    Can connect only @Mo! Also your evening routine would be interested in burning me!

  • Wow, You have time in the morning right! That is unfortunately very short with me, pass by getting up before leaving the House only 40 minutes. Because I am so not a morning person, must I hurry me as genuine. Breakfast is available in the Office and also otherwise there's just the daily routine, in which each handle is :)
    The tea is by the way, totally delicious and has made my coffee break :) the serum of Alva looks very interesting!

    • Well it's, for 10 Slumber minutes, take a shower, Eat and make up I plan something like an hour, then I have some time to wake up properly :) The routine is so practiced at me now, that I think about it no longer :). Then I have to write a review to the Hydrogel soon guess! :)

  • Great post! Your product selection is always very interesting.
    I am interested in the cream oil shower of Alverde (must we then janitor. no longer apply, If you have normal skin?) and the Indemne body oil (I love oils after showering).
    It would be great, If you lenz toothpaste would write a blog post to the, Once you have tested them sufficiently, because I love the alverde.
    What tastes because eigtl. by Weleda?
    I liked the breakfast porridge unfortunately not so much (I was too sweet and too taste-intensive somehow), so I mixed it with normal oatmeal. These Apple mark variants sound but very delicious (: .
    I bought recently also makeup the pure complexion and am very excited!
    Liebe Grüße.

    • Thank-You! :D
      And, the care effect is significantly higher than that of normal shower gels, all of my beloved Weleda care showers it does not match but :). If you're interested I can even write a whole post about my body oils :).
      I want to publish as a comparative toothpaste post yet, Finally, I have now already 8 various tested! I feel the Alnatura as something sweet porridge, There's also a nutty variation, the less should be sweet, tried I don't but still.
      Nice to meet you, you're so happy, the opinions diverge pretty :D.

    • Then I'll me this cream oil shower see, because I'm always so lazy after showering yet great to apply cream me x.) …that's why I love body oils so, because that one smear is generous on the moist skin and ready! A post about it would be so great (: …
      I looked by the way again and the breakfast potatoes I was talking about was from by Rossmann stay healthy and Apple was called cinnamon porridge or something. It is very artificial and sweet.
      By EnerBio I have not even seen at Rossmann…but I will try the, When you say, He is less sweet (: .
      And, I think many people with dry skin / dry skin places are very disappointed or those, who else want more opacity.
      But the pure skin works great with my combination skin!
      Liebe Grüße.

    • Hihi, that's why I also like body oils, you are also not as sticky :). Oh, There was certainly still sugar, I think at the EnerBio breakfast porridge, the sweetness comes only from the ground fruits which are in :). If this is too sweet for you there is a nut Variant, that I but still not tried :).
      And, that's right, where I have quite dry skin but with previous cream fits all :).
      Liebe Grüße! :D

  • Thank you for the great article. I'm flying in four weeks after Viet Nam. Can you recommend something else except for the lemon grass SOAP?

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