My Hand- and foot care! (+ give-away)

Hello my friend! :)

On, genießst you the first rays of the coming spring weather? :)

After the winter my hands and feet always ask for a small, additional wellness program, so they painted then maintained and perhaps even to start fresh in the warm season! :)

Therefore, there is now my care routine for Hands, Nails, Tips and tricks for painting nails and my Wellness program for your feet. At the end of the article, you can also a Nail Polish Set of benecos win! :)

Nagel- and Hand Care


 My nails are soft and brittle again, I abwasche often times without gloves and plasters. Because I use natural cleaning products from Sodasan or sonnet, is now not so bad, As for the ingredients. For dry skin and nails, these products unfortunately. Even after varnishing is supplying the nails in my duty.


I first used the building alverde serum, You can almost feel, as it moves into the nails and they accept it with thanks. It also has a slightly cooling effect.

When I see, that it is fully retracted, which already after half a minute is sometimes the case, I wear another layer on.


Overall, the care remains 10 to 15 Minutes on the nails, then I massage it into the cuticles. If you are wondering: The front part of the nail still shines the way from the last application of the Micro-Nails, this more below. :)


Now the nail is filed front handle. For this I use the "6 in 1 buffer file” von essence. One should hone possible each half of the nail only from the outside edge of the nail towards the center.


Then I push very careful my cuticles with cuticle pusher / cutters from For Your Beauty (Rossmann) back.


In this optional step you have your wits about you: Please be very careful, when cutting the cuticles. For me it is the easiest way to remove cuticles and it also does not hurt a bit, if done carefully. Drive to slowly and without pressure on the cuticles and do not try too deep to put the nail bed, otherwise you could hurt them and they could catch fire. Of course you can also skip this step.

Now we want to smooth the nails and make it shine!

For this you can take a conventional Polierfeile, wie z.B. the one shown above 6 in 1 buffer file von essence, which I youin this article have also been reported.

For some weeks now I use the MICROnail Silk'n(*), a device for professional manicure at home, which was sent to me. The brand was already known to me, because I whose two years ago Facial Brush had bought and am very happy with it until today. :)


The device has two different essays, one for smoothing and polishing of a.


In the first essay you drive a few seconds over the nail. You have to necessarily keep such, like on the picture, because if you order it 90 Degree turns, So the nail not sideways, but from below upwards polished, You can slip and tear with the edge of the nail cracks in the essay. (That's me that is happening at the beginning :p.)


The whole thing is amazingly fast and then the nails are perfectly smooth! Incidentally, you can also easily get to the device on the skin, without it or you do feel strongly Wehttut, So it is very gentle to the skin.

I make sure not too long to smooth and always to work possible after several applications, not yet smoothed part nails, After all, something is polished away from the nail and this should not be too thin yes!


Now the second article is used!


Again, this is done in a few seconds and then the nails shine tremendously, almost more than a normal clear coat!


Since the pictures on the effect less well to come off, I gave you still made a little video, how gigantic is the splendor and how easy the application:

What pose in my opinion the biggest advantages compared to a normal Polierfeile, once the intensity and also the durability of gloss. While I need polishing after a few days at a normal file, he holds the MICROnail good two weeks. Of course it is equally important, how many “Scratch” one makes again in the nails over time (Rinse and muddle-headedness can greet), Nevertheless, I do not see a big difference.

The downside are the essays, to be replaced after three applications. Such a refill pack 8 Rollern (4 Smoothing-essays and 4 Polishing attachments) cost nearly 17 Euro (There are also 4-packs and 16er), are not just so low.

My personal experience: I find the essays can also be used for longer. If you watch, that they are not damaged, So no cracks and washed out after each addition using well with some mild soap in warm water, they are like new again. Nevertheless sure you can not use it forever.

Once the nails are now maintained and shine, the question arises: So let or nail polish?

If I decide against the colorful splashes of color, I oil the finger finally with the nail balm of a good alverde.


After 10 Minutes I massage the care in the cuticles a.

Every now and then I cream my hands finally a (possibly with the fast-absorbing Lavera "Sensitive Hand Cream"), I day the hand cream feeling not like so much, I have a trick for you:

Apply a thick layer of body butter on hands evening before bedtime (I take e.g. just a body butter from alverde or Styx) and the next morning you greet me wonderfully tender! :)

Do I make myself yet to decided aufzupinseln me nail polish, so I do not wear cream! On The Contrary, I go wash my hands thoroughly, because in order to increase the durability of the paint, should the nails be free of grease. Some people go above even with a little nail polish remover on the nails, because in my NK removers castor oil is contained, I do not prefer. :)

Basically, I always carry in front of a colorful nail polish clearcoat, so they do not break off and remain stable. These “versiegle” I mean nails follows:


First, I paint the tip of the nail, so he can not splinter. For this purpose I touch the brush well and then go with the brush at the outer edge along. Then I paint the nail normal, So pranks only with the brush over the center, then once left and once right along and possibly again on the middle, if necessary.

A little tip:


If you need to quickly leave the house, can search for you 10 Diving minutes drying the painted nails a couple of minutes in ice-cold water. This makes them dry very quickly and harden somewhat by, occur less quickly into small Patzer. You must however be careful, that you do it not too early, in some paints the finish is otherwise not so shiny, but rather semi-matt. However, when it is an intentional effect, then of course I support your experiment. :)

Now comes even color on the nails (in the picture below it is "Wild Orchid" by benecos (*)), with the same principle as above, only, that the first step is omitted.


For better durability one last coat of clear- or top coat and finish are the perfectly manicured nails! Now a little cream and nail oil may be used!

foot care


My foot care is very similar to the nail care. :)

However, the wellness program starts for the feet after a small bathroom. Sometimes I make an extra footbath, For example, with some Weleda Pflegebad in a bowl. Or else I'll take an entire bathroom.

fußpflege (1)

The last time, For example, I have this organic bath Star "mallow" of Ecoworld (*) used, I have been given at Vivaness. Does it not great? :) Scent and care action are the way awesome.


The products for foot care and nail care overlap, as you can see ;).

After my feet after the bath is clean and dry, I use the MICROPedi Silk'n (*), I have as the MICROnail to try get sent.


As for such devices, I knew previously only the Scholl Express Pedi, more surprised I was, when I read in the description, that this is the MICROPedi to the pioneer in corneal removal, Silk'n has invented this type of device that is.

The standard equipment contains two articles, a blue for extra coarse skin and a red for coarse skin.


You can drive the device for a few seconds on the feet and the cornea disappears in a flash. Whether you really need, you need to decide for yourself, of course,, for me it is but a blessing, since it is much faster and easier going than a normal pumice. In addition, it has fewer sharp edges and is so gentle in spite of the rotation to the skin.

Now the MICROnail is used and I have to admit, I like him for the feet almost prefer, as for the hands, because you have maintained within seconds, shiny toenails, herumzupolieren without eternal and uncomfortable with a file, because you get much easier on all points of the nail. So the unsightly grooves are polished off super fast and I can easily do without nail polish, without, that the toenails sow somehow neglected. Of course also comes as sometimes nail polish top, long live the non-ferrous! :)


Finally, I cream feet still abundant in the "3 1 Foot protection cream "of a alverde, Although the intense rosemary, but delightfully fresh fragrance.


The consistency is more firmly, but it melts in the hand by the body heat. It takes several minutes, until the cream is pulled.

Tadaa – Hands and feet are wonderfully maintained and radiate formally! :D

 In order to transpose all tips right now, Beautify your nails with nail polish 7free of benecos can, I thank still benecos a small raffle for you! :)

benecos Sweepstakes


gewinnspielbenecostried-it-outYou can win three nail polishes, in the colors "tender kiss", „urban grey” und „chocolate”, and the "Natural Nail Polish Remover" from benecos.

Terms and conditions:

You can participate up to and including Saturday 11. April 2015 (23:59 Clock). To participate you must be at least 18 Be years old and have a domicile or a mailbox in Germany. Leave me a comment, as you tend your hands and nails, and why you want to win the set like.

Send also an email to Julia[at] named under which you have commented, and your e-mail address, the I in case of winning can contact you. If I contact you You also have to give me your address, so I can send you your prize package! All data I will of course be treated confidentially, not to a third party and only use it for Sweepstakes purposes. Among all appearances the set will be raffled.

Since I get so much support and great exchange on the social media platforms, I decided a set on Instagram and another on Facebook and Twitter to raffle. To participate please visit my local profile. In fairness, however, a person can gain a maximum package. All statements without guarantee. I wish you luck! :)

Dearest greetings,


33 thoughts on “My Hand- and foot care! (+ give-away)”

  • Hi Julia,

    very exciting to see, as you your finger nails, To care for hands and feet! :)
    As for my care, have I found a few products, to which I always reach back! A polishing my nails more recently with a glass Ebelin nail files, that is absolutely nothing compared to my previous metal file! The nail much is cut more gently and evenly and is, After I've pushed back the cuticles with a fingernail, ready for a basecoat. Clear days there rarely is with me, so then ca. 2 Followed by layers of lacquer and a layer of topcoat. Luckily I have by nature very hard and thick nails, but I let them grow but never too long and always too short as possible hold the nail white, so that the nail does not have the finger grows, and the danger, that he cancels :) Against dry heating air and (yet) icy temperatures base Sensitivcreme help me to best the Lavera and selectively applied some almonds- or coconut oil!
    So, After this wall of text I tell you briefly, why I participate in the competition. Actually, I have already enough nail polishes of I believe after but this dark brownish tone is simply perfect, to make a surprise to my mother, She loves such dark tones, the range of colours in the drug store but mostly very limited is.

    I wish happiness and friends all participants much have a nice day! :)

    Liebe Grüße

    ( – so that enough or I still have to send a separate mail?)

    • Hi Sarah,
      This is so exciting, I also own a glass files, use it but rarely, Maybe I should do this more often! :I'm trying to cut my nails also regularly short D, Thus they remain always strong. Then I wish good luck to you and your MOM and you press the thumb! :D is perfectly alright with the mail :)!
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Hey,

    I find your full hand- and foot care routine very interesting :) I'm not usually so many steps. Mainly short and I'm polishing my nails with a file and then Nail Polish depends either or not :For the care of the cuticles I used D a nail oil of Alterra or the cuticle cream by Burt's bees, which is great and of course hand cream :)
    The nail polish remover as well as 3 I already own nail polishes by Benecos not these colors but :) There that I like but very good, like all colors of Benecos I'd love to win this. The nail polish remover is also great but mine is nearly empty so I could use replenishment :)
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hello SINA,
      many thanks! :) I have the cuticle cream of Burt's and bees at home, It's just my skin not so well responds. I wish you all good luck in the draw! :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • I'm polishing my nails usually only and use every now and then to maintain the cuticlebalm by burtsbees to my cuticles. I'm a Nail Polish junkie and yet no single natural cosmetics Nail Polish I would be happy about the set. :)

  • Such a device would be not bad for me; Polishing is too expensive for me.
    According to minimalist looks my nail care. I use
    like oil care, will be available soon (with a glass files). I'm with the cuticles
    no problems, so also this step is missing. Often I paint,
    then a base and two layers.
    I would like to win, because I urban love the color grey (my favorite of the year)
    and it was delisted :(

    • I took me to Polish before the time, at least on the hands, on your feet most of the time then don't. That's why I really love to my polishing device! Then I wish you good luck! :)

  • Wow, This is even a real comprehensive care! I'm not nearly as much! :I use D don't nail oil or dergleiches. As my nails are but a little brittle lately, should I rather take care more. I'm not a big fan of nails smooth arrows / Polish. I wear the silk Ridgefiller up simply by P2 and already my nails look alike much flat and smooth! =) He really makes a great effect! But not be missing for me is hand cream and for my extremely dry hands, likes pure coconut oil or broccoli seed oil. For the feet, I use also the Fußschutzcreme of Alverde. That is my absolute favorite! I would really love to win, because I could try out yet, no Nail Polish from Benecos. I am very curious, how you are!

    • A ridge filler is also a great idea to smooth the surface! I also like the foot cream, because it smells so fresh and nourishes it intensively without being sticky. I wish you luck! :D

  • Wow, What a detailed manual- and foot care routine! I do sometimes Alterra hand peeling Orange and take the Alverde with dry hands Calendula hand cream. My finger nails I cut with a pair of nail scissors and polishing them with Agnes B. 41 ProFi file.
    Then I'm wearing P2 base + Care coat on, a lacquer and the Rival de Loop young fast dry top coat.
    I cream a your feet once a week with Weleda rosehip, cut the nails regularly and polishing and painting then as at the hands. If I have dry skin on the toes, I cream in addition with the Lavera basis Sensitiv cream soft a.
    I want to win the Benecos set, Since I was already a Benecos giveaway, tested myself yet no Benecos Nail Polish.

    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

    • Exfoliate hands have never used I honestly, now but somehow I feel like it ^^. Oh, then it is of course highest time, that you even trying out the benecos coatings! :) I wish you luck!

  • What a beautiful post! :)
    I also use nail care oil and got one at the time of Alverde. I would like to get now on NK and have been the Benecos nail polish remover Nail Polish removal. I push back my cuticles with rosewood chopsticks. I highly recommend can base coat the Sante. I usually leave off the top coat.
    At NK paints, I like the Benecos colours very much, and since I want still more colors, would I be happy about the set. :)
    Liebe Grüße

    • Many Thanks! :) I have only one coral color of SANTE, I have to see even the topcoat! Thanks for the tip. :) Good luck in the draw! :)

  • I must confess to my shame, that I have maintained my feet never so in detail. Of course every now and again a footbath'm. We do not have a bathtub Yes unfortunately.:-( And also cut and I paint my toenails I. As I cream a keep my feet in the winter and in the summer. But I have never used a pumice stone or nail polisher.

    But that may be changing now with your contribution. Since you and the beautiful weather outside me want extensive manicure did on one.:-)

    • Oh, so long not disturb the cornea or the nails, one needs to use also even no pumice stone or polishing the nails! :) Hihi thank you, I find a manicure or pedicure also somehow has something relaxing, a small moment of care and for themselves! :)

  • Hello!
    Exciting to see, what you so everything at your fingertips- and use foot care. I'm something more economical, e.g.. not to Polish my nails. For this I use the Microcell green nail hardener, as a result, my nails shine “nude” whatever. For the cuticles I got a balm of Alverde, has also a special tip for gently pushing back. I find something superfluous on my cuticles truncation.
    On the feet, I remove the cornea only, where it is painful. The rest must remain, because I like barefoot run in summer and it does not want to hurt me.
    Behind the grey Benecos paint, I'm behind already eeewig, but unfortunately I have to find him anywhere. There, the competition would be me naturally handy.

    Liebe Grüße!

    • If you have not so much dead skin, I completely understand that, the performance is definitely not a must! :I'm trying to remove the cornea, also not too much D, rather there, where it is pointless, my foot rubs on the side for example in winter on the shoe and therefore there is corneal, that summer I :). I wish you luck! :)

  • How cool! What kind of pretty, light spring colors! I am Yes, a supporter of Shea butter. Once a week I do a quick lemon scrub, Cane sugar, and sesame oil. In the car, I'm always a L'Occitane hand cream (even if that is not 100% vegetal is, I love the smell too much!) Because I'm always in the kitchen, There are Nail Polish mostly only on weekends. But then in full: unterlack, two layers of color, ueberlack! I love it.

    Way to go, It is a pleasure to read your texts!

    • Shea butter is a true panacea! :) The peeling sounds super, must I necessarily try! Agreed, If you cook much and bakes Nail Polish is not necessarily the best option ^^. A lot of, many thanks! :)

  • Great detailed explanations. So what I like to read! I cream up several times a day the hands me with changing hand creams (What is barely within reach, have 2 in the Office, one on the bed, one stand in the living room). I file my nails with a glass files. I think she's also much better than a metal file. Try in any case that! I'm fighting with my cuticles. The cream of Burt's bees is with me in the wings, I hope, I can handle it well. My cuticle care of p2 is almost empty. She was really good, but I'd rather what NK-quality. Painting I do mostly only on weekends. I collect many p2 varnishes and me now one of Sante. I would like to try Benecos. Like to win I'd like but also because of the Nagellackentferners. I got there by ebelin and ask me all the time, whether it be what is good by Benecos. :-)

    Many greetings, the Alex

  • Very interesting performances to your hand- and foot care! Will take up probably some rituals, especially to my feet again after the ski weeks quickly barefoot ripe to get! ;-) I spoil my hands preferably with the Weleda Sea buckthorn cream, who is with me everywhere on the Web… in my handbag, in the car, on my desk… Otherwise I use the nail care products by Alverde and am very excited about the PIN and the oil. My stock at P2 nail polishes goes (Fortunately) to low and I would like to generally color coatings of natural cosmetics companies switch to (the beginning I have recently “classic red” made from Logona) and would appreciate so huge on the benecos set! Sincerely, IRIS

  • Hello, Great contest! I'm trying my luck very fond. My hands I plege very often, several times a day with nail oil and hand cream. Twice a week there is a Handpeeliing and then a hand mask. Once per month, I perform a manicure bath as well as a paraffin bath. Are my nails with nail oil, Nail serum, Cuticle remover and a buffer maintained. Normally I wear always coloured coatings, but always with a nourishing base coat. And just so I would like to win the set, because the colors so much tell me and benecos dispensed on the harmful ingredients. Have a nice weekend. Kindest regards Jana

  • Hello :)

    Thanks for the detailed report on your nail routine. I'm usually not as much effort. After trimming and filing the nails I push back the cuticles and if it has to go quickly, then comes on it a layer of clear coat. When I have more time, I'm polishing the nails with a file, then comes clear coat, two layers of lacquer and a layer of excess paint (Quick-drying) about it.
    I would love to win the Benecos coatings, because I have used so far still no natural cosmetics coatings, that would gladly change, especially, because I also vegan feed me and like all matching would extend to the.
    Liebe Grüße

  • really great tips ! I care somehow hardly my hands xD am too lazy.. but that what you all got... just looks... above all things with which you hit the thing this knipser nor can cut away... I can even use the oO ^^

    so when I do my nails I cut only (very short , because as I said I too lazy to arrows and longer takes xD ) then arrows I round it.. then she comes 3 in 1 arrows ( It's so exhausting already xD ) and then just paint care by loreal,the color that you want and then clear coat.. finished ^^

    It would like to win because I'm still addicted to nail polish and my fingers shut in a different way “care” ;) :D xD good brand I've heard... and have been a nail polish of... find the good and keep doing se also :)

    LG jule

  • well without the bells and whistles.. arrows they only paint up against brittle nails , finished ^^
    because I then could try something new !

  • Up from ca. I've done some more for my nails half a year, want mine: file, Polish, Paint, This hands always nice cream, the same for the feet, There naumkeag, Cut nails, cream, always paint. Now my daughter is there and I'm glad, If I need to file the points and get cut and hands cream. Nail Polish is an absolute luxury. And because I still I have made my thoughts at all for the first time when using Nail Polish, so I landed in Benecos. Currently, I am also the Wild Orchid on the feet. Would be great, my organic paint range to improve something, There currently a sad existence eke out my countless conventional lacquers. In addition, the durability has me, the drying time and the non-abfärben of the Benecos paint simply carved to ;)

  • Love Julia,
    What a great prize draw (: .
    I also always seal my nails when painting, However only in the last layer of excess paint, to preserve all. This keeps the nail polish with me up to 7 Days completely splinter-proof (: !
    Otherwise, I'm polishing my nails rarely. Usually only then, If I want to apply a metallic varnish, with a smooth, Groove-free nail is ^^ duty .
    I would be happy about winning, because since I have applied recently for the first time a benecos paint (Wild Orchid ;) …), I'd prefer all colors (: …unbelievable how good was the opacity after just one layer!
    Liebe Grüße (:

  • Dear Julia,

    Thank you for this detailed insight into your hand and nail care.

    I also have the problem with brittle nails and often use a nail build serum or a nail wax by Rival de Loop. I cut my nails also regularly. Also I push back my cuticles always before cutting.
    I would love to win the set, because I'm a total Nail Polish junkie and really cute find the colors. Also, the nail polishes for me would be a great motivation finally more to take care of me my brittle nails.

  • Me and my husband like to go to the manicure cosmetics studio. But this time we want to have each other done at home. MICROnail looks so perfect for professional manicure at home! He will be excited, when he sees the devices.

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