My evening routine

Hello my friend! :)
After watching you so the other day my Morgenroutine have presented, come here all the products, I use at night.
Meine Naturkosmetik Abendroutine
At first glance it looks quite a lot, I shower in the morning, I use but less and switch to some from.

Facial Cleansing
If I do not like anything, then wake up without having abgeschminkt me feel. The skin feels sticky and zugekleistert, simply uncomfortable.
Therefore I remove the makeup consistently every night from or if I unusually hold a nap, just before.
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik Gesichtsreinigung
Super fast way is to use the Alterra Wasschaum, I do not mention on this blog for the first time, he takes my eye make-up thoroughly and if my complexion is heavy makeup, so I use it also for the whole face.
If I am only slightly rouged, I use (as the morning) my Angels On Bare Skin Dupe.
Then I move onto a cotton pad and something Rosenwasser von Rose of Bulgaria over my face, to remove still possible residues of make-up and to clarify the face.
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik Rosenwasser
Because the above cleaning products do their job well, actually remains something never back in the cotton pad. Therefore, I am just looking after a suitable spray, so I do not consume more Pads. :)
Perfect would be the pump dispenser of Martina Gebhardt, if I were to him only!
Since I have quite dry skin, I rarely go to bed without cream, every now and then I do it anyway, so that my skin is not too much of the cream “used” and from time to grease behind overnight self.
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik alverde Zell Aktiv Fluid Nachtcreme Martina Gebhardt Rosen Eye Care Fluid Merasan Kreidecreme Sensitiv
In his eyes I dab the Rosen Eye Care Fluid from Martina Gebhardt from my Bioty Box, then the chalk cream comes to the whole face. Lately I use now and then the alverde cell active fluid * and the cell active night care *, I like like incredible, both during the day and before going to bed. She draws quickly and leaves a beautifully soft, silky feel. The Chalk cream of Merasan * comes closer to the dry areas of the face used, in winter they will probably come more often used due to its richness.
Face Oil
For irritated skin I like to use oil instead of creams at bedtime.
I have the feeling, they care for the skin a little more intense.
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik Gesichtsöl Taoasis Kamillenöl Moroccan Naturals Arganöl
In particular, the Chamomile oil from Taoasis (diluted in sunflower oil) soothes the skin, Arganöl * from Moroccan Naturals works well for healing of inflamed blemishes, However, it is still not exhausted, I it because its smell is not too often, but rather selectively applying.
Hair care
This Comb horn I use during the day and in the evening instead of the Tangle Teezers, because my hair is then hardly knotted and I feel, that they thereby get a special glow. I got you a gift in Vietnam :).
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik Haarpflege alverde Nutri Care Haaröl Hornkamm
If my hair a little care needs, I work also still one or two pumps of the alverde Nutri Care Hair oil* in my lengths a. By morning, much of it is drawn into the hair, the last remnant is then washed in the shower.
Lips- / hand care
Last winter, I've found, that can dry hands and lips prevent easy, by both fall asleep in front of the well eincremt! :)
Abendroutine Naturkosmetik Handpflege Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream Lippenpflege lenz Naturkosmetik Lippenbalsam Ringelblume Kamille
In addition I have long used the Weleda Everon care stick, But now I like the Lippenbalsam * from Lenz natural cosmetics rather, but because it smells sweet still great after chamomile and calendula maintains. Even the chai lip balm of lavera smells delicious and intensive care, but I use it rather daytime.
For hands I use almost always alverde Body Butter (Baked apple from the last Christmas LE smells enchanting, but was unfortunately replaced this year), just I like the Almond & Milk Hand Cream* von Burt’s Bees extremely happy, because it is very greasy and caring and also exceptionally delicious smells of roasted almonds – perfect for a festive atmosphere :).
Both of Handcremes as well as Lippenbalsam I got so incredibly much at home, would you as a comparative XXL Review interest? :)
What you use in your evening routine?
Dearest Greetings,

17 thoughts on “My evening routine”

  • And, I like to read comparisons and go always hand creams. At the moment I have very dry and rough hands, Although I actually every night cream a…
    Lots of love!

    PS: Interesting post :)

  • I use evening make-up from the cleansing milk, as well as the facial tonic clarifying by Dr. Hauschka. For some time I have used even a rose water (by Apeiron), but since I now consistently wanted to switch to a brand, the rose water to make way for once. Lip care toggles's bees and Sante at me Burt. For the hair I use nothing at all in the evening, they are all well combed. I read already very much good about the Alverde hair oil, didn't come clear even this but at all. My hair was very stringy, Although I have used only a tiny amount…
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Yes interesting products are! :) Since I use it in the evening, is not so important to me, whether the hair is stringy, as I wash my hair on the next morning, but for me is the amount of care in order :). This is my sister for example to little ^^

  • Oh, the Burt's bees I love also; What a great scent!
    This is with the habituation effect of skin cream but rubbish, even
    When Hauschka & Fat-free to preach MG. I must admit however, that
    I'm in the point and sometimes even not very scientific
    Cream let off ^ ^

    • The scent is so beautiful sweet, He gives me feeling before going to sleep every day Christmas market :). And, I also don't really think, that there is something, It's me going like you :D. But I find it quite interesting to see in between, as “sharp” the cleaning product is and how much my skin after greasy at night :).

  • HM, I think, I'm even so tomorrow- and evening routine. Perhaps this so anyone interested :D
    I can't stand it, If I can ^^ this evening not surrounded Aden in the crib I wash hair always only in the morning.

  • Oh, but quite a few products (for my taste), and Yes at the same time using everything. I use evening make-up from the Micelle lotion by organic Derma (whether I'll ever find a comparable good product in terms of NK?). After removing make-up an eye cream, usually the coffee bean caffeine eye cream
    from 100% Pure. Currently I need to but a sample from i + m natural cosmetics. And as a night cream, I use the vitamin A & CoQ10 wrinkle smoothing night cream, also by 100% Pure. And, It's also already ;-)

    • I admit it, There are a few at least not xD. Micelle water also pretty interesting but so far no natural way's over me. :) You then washes away your face or you leave the product on the skin?
      100% I find it an exciting brand pure, so far I have tried but none of their products :).

  • My make up I remove in the evening always with the Apple lime cleansing foam of Alverde and then I go with the face water by CD from the water lilies series over the face. Before going to sleep, then still a little coconut oil on dry face places comes, especially on and around the eyes, and on the hands. The lips are maintained with the bee natural lip balm… and completed :)

    • I also had the Apple-lime foam cleaner by alverde start, He was too sharp but in the long term, that is why I have something milder from Alterra now. Coconut oil is an all-round talent and smells still so well! :) The bee natural lip balm is the ingredients even better than its more expensive competitor by Burt's bees :)

  • We can reach out to us in lip balm and hand creams ;) I have also a large collection. I'd therefore well a great review. I use for removing make-up the alverde cleansing cream and the tonic with clay and then according to the corresponding skin situation fluid or the Aquanature 24 h cream of Börlind. Sometimes I use no cream at night, What does quite well. I have still a great mask of alverde, It acts on cold days and very chapped hands with cotton gloves overnight miracle. Burt's bees is also great!
    Liebe Grüße

  • A beautiful idea :) When I go in the evening highly minimalist to (Classic. I'm there also a blogpost ;) ): If I'm wearing makeup, I take off everything with the MG Shea butter cleanser and a reusable Abschminkpad, If necessary I then spray a Hydrolate. Then there's still lip care, Hand- and foot cream – ready :)

  • Hi Julia (: , you put together great products here!
    I find it interesting especially the cleansing foam…I will look right away the next Rossmann purchasing.
    Rose water use I recently too and think it's also good (: ..
    Liebe Grüße.

  • Because I swear at the moment on fat-free night care, comes to me in the evening only a cleansing milk and a tonic to the usage.

    I am constantly amazed, that very many Christmas scents a la “roasted almonds” stand. I can therefore unfortunately, just like with Schokodüften, nothing at all to start. Skin care products have a light fragrance for me. Maybe that changed sometime and I can deal with a larger spectrum of fragrances :-)

  • I'm feeling very minimalist next to you. I use only a SOAP for cleaning and maintenance Kamillenhydrolat, Hemp seed oil and a tries from Heymountain. The greatest feeling is then, If I cream up my foot with an Alverde body butter.

    Liebe Grüße

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