My scent: Mythique Iris by Aimée De Mars [The nature of scents 3]


Hello my friend!

This year I discovered many new perfumes. It was one of my goals to find one, that I really like and enjoy. I tried the new perfumes by Weleda, showed you my summer scents by Acorelle and Pacifica, wore “Heaven can wait” by benecos and Jardin de Thés by Acorelle.

At Vivaness I discovered a new brand: “Aimée de Mars”. I think I can end my perfume-journey now, because I found it: My favourite perfume! In this article I want to show you “Mythique Iris”, a scent that fascinates me a lot. Also I had the pleasure to ask the founder, Valérie Demars, some questions about her and her brand. Also I talk about their newest perfume, Lily Ange, that is special for me, too. :)

I wanted to know more about the manufactury in france, so I asked Valérie a lot about her motivation, and how she creates the perfumes and more about the ingredients:

Interview with Valérie


Do you know, when your love for scents and perfumes began?

My love for scents is born when I was a child in the garden of my grandmother, in the countryside. A garden full of flowers, bucolic, and a lots of walks around nature, the spearmint at the edge of a small river, the smell of wet trees after the rain…

Why did you start to create natural perfumes?

I have crafted natural perfumes because it’s my way to reconnect people to the Nature. The essential oils have a high vibratory level, there are the soul of the plant. By working with natural ingredients, I feel more alive, connected to the Nature and this is what I want to deliver to others.

What inspires you the most to create your perfumes?

I am inspired by places, plants, memories… For example for Acqua di Orta, I was lucky to discover the Orta’s lake in Italy, in November. Would you believe it, it was the time for Osmanthus blossoming, amazing smell all around the lake! Then I had this smell and this atmosphere in my mind and when I came back, I wanted to recreate this magical atmosphere: white floral and sparkling fruity (apricot, passion fruit). For Lily Ange, I have chosen the spring’s white flowers (Lily, Honeysuckle, Mock orange) as an inspiration, when those flowers are covered in sun.

Do you have a favorite perfume or scent?

I love Oud wood, a mysterious and powerful ingredient.It makes us seek deep inside of us, who we truly are.Sandalwood as well, for its power and its softness which connects us at the same time to the ground and the sky.

What is the most special thing about the Aimée de Mars Parfums in your eyes? 

Aimée de Mars perfumes are for oneself before to be for the others. They are “working” on our emotional body and help us to harmonise our feelings, make us feel good, go deeper to seek who we are?

The Aimée de Mars perfumes do contain small amounts of synthetic ingredients. What are they for? Do you have special criteria for choosing them?

5% is a maximum, which means that it can be less, Mystique Améthyste have got only 1% of synthetic ingredients for example. The synthetics we use are “identique nature”, those are raw material that exists in the nature, not created by chemistry. It helps to keep a good trail for example for Florals it’s very complicated to have a good trail with 100% natural.


In the last months I tried a lot of Aimée De Mars parfums thanks to the small sample sizes, I got at Vivaness. Immediately I felt comfortable with one scent: Mythique Iris.

It is a very confident scent for me. It is feminine and calm because of its flowery scents but at the same time powerful and strong. It is elegant and classy but not boring. Thanks to it’s freshness it fits great in summertime, like a fresh breeze, not loud but light. But it is also great for winter because of its sweet scents and has a hint of secureness for me.

Mythique IrisSomehow I feel strong and confident with it as well as feminie and gentle, while it is always happy, carefree and light. I have never been satisfied with a parchment before: It of something too intense, too flowery and sweet, or too fresh and herbal. While wearing Mythque Iris, I feel unburdened, powerful and feminie, what inspires me, motivates me and makes me more productive.

The duration is very good for a natural perfume and it stays long on clothes even more than a day. On the skin it lasts about 24 hours, I can smell a tiny bit even in the morning, depending on how much I applied, I often use only a tiny amount.

Aimée De Mars describes its perfume like this:


Of course this is only my personal feeling of the perfume, it develops different on every skin. So I want to present you also another perfume, that is only some months old:

Lily Ange

Lily AngeLily Ange is an incredibly warm and floral perfume. I think it reminds me of my childhood, because my parents have a small garden and the scent of the flowers mixed with the warm perfumes, my mother always wears, make this great combination that is somehow a bit like the perfume. :) 





Lot's of love,

Edit: A great review of the fragrance of IDA herbs&You will find flowers by the wayhere. :)

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  • The most beautiful smell in my childhood is based less on the olfactory best, but rather because it trusted me to many and great summer in my childhood remembered. And there is the smell of the carpet, He was everywhere in our old apartment on a Northern Island. In my students shared, there was actually a storage closet with tight 2 sqm, that just smelled and also with
    Beige velvet carpet was designed. With
    many beautiful thoughts come forth a smell of rare family time.. :-)

  • One of the most beautiful scents for me not really is everyone's favorite, because it's the scent of horses, Pastures and stables, that Yes we know times not so good smell. Yet I must think always on freedom, because riding is for me a piece of freedom. Just because I do not often do / do…. :)

  • My most beautiful fragrance experience was my vacation in southern France ❤️❤️❤️ …Lavender fields, Rose bushes and Grasse, the city of fragrances…simply heavenly. Whenever I smell a good perfume, I think back again to this great journey.

  • The most beautiful scent memories – Christmas in childhood: the scent of cinnamon stars, Gingerbread, Baked Apple and hot chocolate. ♥

  • Hello :)
    I love the smell of lilac. If I get the nose, I feel immediately spring summer relaxed and nothing can stop me!
    Or so also freshly cut grass and tomato Green. Because the same thing happens ;)
    Kind regards

  • Dear Julia! First love to the Bloggeburtstag!
    I got a taste ever and can give you right Mythique IRIS, the scent is just gorgeous! :-) Because with us but a house construction is pending, a purchase for me is not in there unfortunately at the moment, so I'm trying my luck here! :-) My favorite scent is probably of freshly mown grass – I grew up in the country and there was nothing better for me as a child just, as to play for hours in the garden in summer, and I associate this fragrance still at it.
    Liebe Grüße, Hippielotta

  • Thank you for this great post! A perfume with little or no chemistry to find, is really hard! I associate the scent of vanilla with my youth! I had a deodorant with vanilla – Fragrance always! That was a very special time – so easy and free. Liebe Grüße, Kathrin

  • The best part was, to smell the scent of a man in the air, which you liked so much!
    It has not ssofort move on him!Maybe I imagined only's, but it was great :)

  • Hello of my dear,
    Every time I'm wallowing in memories, When I smell the scent of the Niveacreme. My grandma has always applied the cream and we (the grandchildren) our hands also were allowed to cream. This fragrance combines us.

  • Love Julia,
    We spend our dream vacation on the beautiful Peloponnese u no it smells like this! Here a Bush grows, We don't know yet, what it is exactly, but this fragrance is indescribable! We are the fourth time here u sometimes I feel here offset, When I came across a similar fragrance!
    Best regards and good luck
    Ilka :-)

  • The most beautiful smell is the smell of Christmas for me! When is the cold winter air with the smell of freshly baked cookies, roasted almonds, Mixed baked Apple and the Christmas tree. These odors let me quite especially always this magic of Christmas to life :)

  • Hello,
    I like it best, how it smells, If it has rained just fresh in the summer and going out. I know not really how I should describe this. There is also no specific recollection that I connect to, but just a feeling. A feeling, which always briefly stop me lets, to enjoy the moment.
    Liebe Grüße

  • The most beautiful memory of a scent for me was my first Mallorcaurlaub.Wir were at the airport in the Duty Free Shop and I sniffed at a perfume by Cacharel.Es has liked me so much,but I had no money left. Some time later I went spontaneously to shopping in Aschaffenburg and soehe da,was sold in the Müller exactly this perfume by Cacharel(Amor Amor in a Flash) and it was also reduced. I am soooo very pleased :)

  • There are two scents, the I personally for me with freedom, Confidence and relaxation combine. That's the scent one out in nature after a summer rain on a warm day, and on the other hand, I love the scent of a fresh sea breeze, also the sound of the waves and I am overjoyed.
    The scent sounds really really fantastic, I would sniff so at least likes it :-D Greetings, Jenny

  • My greatest memory of the scent is a fragrance sample,that I got at the hairdresser. It was a perfume by Laura Biagotti,which has become one among the scents of my absolute number.

  • Hi Julia,
    to the most beautiful scents of my childhood, I have written a separate blogpost recently. The subject of scents I find it totally fascinating and has long been looking for a new perfume, with which I completely feel well. What can I say, It is: Mythique Iris! :-) I can your enthusiasm so to 100% trace, because the scent is magical. I would like to not take part so the competition, because I own the fragrance brand new and want to give others the chance accordingly, to get to know him.
    Lots of love,

  • Hi Julia,
    I have to think candle store in the United States at fragrances always on my first visit to a Yankee. I wanted to be sure a few scented candles bring had but no idea, in which direction you should smell because. There were then pumpkin pie, Maple pancake and anything else food-. I was probably at the time just hungry :-)
    Many greetings, the Alex

  • Love Julia,
    all the best to your Bloggeburtstag!
    The unique signature scent of bygone love always reminds me of the carefree attitude of my student life.
    Many dear greetings

  • Love Julia.
    Good luck to the Bloggeburtstag! A unique signature scent of bygone love reminds me of the carefree attitude of my student life.
    Many dear greetings

  • Congratulations on the blog- Birthday!
    I love the smell of fresh cut grass, He always reminds me of the summer holidays in the countryside with my grandparents…
    Liebe Grüße,

  • Love Julia,
    Good luck to the blog birthday!
    Now you've made so curious me with the two fragrances, I also want to try my luck. I am still looking for a really good natural cosmetics perfume and try just “Bergamot” by Aimée de Mars, am but so far still not really excited.
    For this I love still the perfume of my friend even after many years, because it will always remind me for the wonderful time, as we us together in love have!
    Liebe Grüße

  • I love the smell of vanilla! That's why I got mine “Vanilla” of course must buy from the apothecary range of flora cents. Also, I own a Maxillaria rufescens, an orchid, whose flowers smell vanilla. I've sniffed incessantly because, When she finally has flourished and am me are now out, When it's finally so far.
    Because I like very much in addition to vanilla also rose and bergamot, would I Mythique Iris win very much. :)

  • For me, the scent of blooming orange trees is forever associated with India. Sometimes I have it in the nose and feel transported back. <3

  • The cupboard in the hallway of my grandma has been my most beautiful fragrance experience :-) There she kept handkerchiefs and there it smelled just wonderful! Also the handkerchiefs have assumed the scent, so I get not only in the tissues, But even when the blowing your nose to sniff something else had. IVH don't know but until today, what had kept my grandmother in the closet, that this fragrance has spread, I suppose, a cream or something. I don't exactly describe can smell. Not too pushy, slightly powdery, just totally enjoyable and also unique!

  • Even if it weird sounds the most beautiful memory of a smell is the smell of fresh Kuhsch… .
    It always reminds me of the holidays with my grandparents.

  • These moments I experience in the in recent times repeatedly, in every fine breeze, as soon as I a the wonderful wear like delicate Kuumba made perfume oils. :) Take a breath, enjoy and be very animated. The Kuumba Mades have forward somersaults, When I wrote them. ;)

  • Love Julia,

    first love to the blog birthday! I have seen me around a little and found a lot of interesting topics :-).
    I am a child of flower scents they remind me of my late Grandma, She had her own flower garden on the land. She sold almost every day the flowers before the cemetery visitors. Every day she had a freshly picked colorful shrub in the apartment are available which smells sooooo beautiful. She has put me always flowers in the hair or tied a wreath of flowers for the hair. Last year we were in the Botanical Garden, the mix of flowers, Shrubs, Meadow me to sunshine and butterflies reminded strongly to visits to the courtyard of my grandma. I can lie for hours in the lawn, close my eyes, Let the scents and reminisce, xxx on the most beautiful holidays in the yard of my grandmother in Poland

    PS. geliked and shared on Facebook :-)

  • A great gain! The morning air is my best fragrance experience, I leave in the morning after getting through the wide open window in which – the freshness and coolness, the clear scent is simply incomparable <3
    Liebe Grüße

  • Love Julia, Congratulations to the blog birthday and thank you, There's bloggers like you. Reading the articles has facilitated the transition from conventional to natural cosmetics for me and I also had fun. Fragrances are very important to me and I'm glad, If I find a scent, I can hold and can smell and has even good ingredients. There are quite a few scent memories for me, the trigger sometimes only a vague memory of my childhood and are not sufficiently detailed to describe. The spicy scent of the forest on a hot summer evening, When is the first cool breeze, I love very much. It reminds me of the happy years, in which I in the evening could ride with my sister. That was just lovely and filled the tank for the next day. Much love for you!

  • Love Julia, Congratulations to the Bloggeburtstag!
    My favorite memory of the scent is the wild thyme in the dunes on the French Atlantic coast. Of course together me memories of wild sea, warm sunshine, 4 Weeks carefree life before us. It was with the family before I came to school, gorgeous!

  • Definitely the rose fragrance “Old rose”, the I on the unfortunately rare outings with my friend, that is similarly rose-crazy as I, his sniffs have.

  • Was my best fragrance experience,When I was with my parents on holiday and my dad has used a Deospray,What smelled to Sun and beach. I can still remember this moment, as if it was only yesterday! Outside, the Sun was shining and it was beautifully warm! I will never forget that smell!

  • I have a nice fragrance experience every time,If I the suntan lotion from EcoCosmetics, because it reminds me of a recent vacation in South Africa. As soon as I perceive the fragrance, I feel the Sun on your skin and see the unique blue sky in front of me. A warm and happy feeling.
    Congratulations to the blog birthday!

  • A walk through a rose garden was my best fragrance experience.
    The scent was so beautiful and intense.

    Liebe Grüße

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