Breathing space / Sent: E2 – Dynamizing Raumspray

Hello my friend,
Today I want a little about the subject “Breathe Deeply” and talk to you a sent to Fair Product introduce, that there are even win are! :)
One of the nicest things, where you can feel right, how alive is it, I think is a deep- and exhaling. Then, if you stop and consciously enjoying the moment.
This picture was taken in the summer and I breathe every time a deep, when I see it, as if the fresh air and the feeling of freedom diffuses through the screen at me. (hihihi) :)

Unfortunately, I get asthma and the deep air does not always work.
In the last two years some have recognized, that has helped me a lot: I not come clear with synthetic perfumes and detergents. Since I refrain, only my natural Sodasan products for bath and co. Clean use and also strongly perfumed fabric softeners leave out, is it me much better.
I can only every, the asthma rates, the try again :).
Still you have to watch: For me it has always been, I strongly react against chemistry on nature (except hay). Against Children makeup and Fanta I am as allergic, However, when essential oils not. But there are also a lot of people where that is the other way around. At least I'm really happy, to have made this realization.
Particular interest has therefore aroused a mail from E2, was in the offered me a Raumspray test, the one antiseptic, anti-life, antibacterial, decongestant and soothing effect is promised. Normally I use essential oils only because of the pleasant fruity and floral fragrances for scenting their creations, However, this is intended to help even against respiratory diseases such as asthma.
That I had to try this product is not a miracle, or? ;)
The spray contains 75ml and costs 15,80€.
The basic composition consists of Cajeput, Cinnamon, Lemon, Coriander, Cypress, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiata, Wachholderbeere, Clove, Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint, Niaouli, Orange, Oregano, Butter Orange, Waldkiefer, Laurels, Sara, Common Sage, Rain, Tea Tree Oil, Thyme and Ylang Ylang.
All ingredients are completely natural, Nevertheless, it is highly flammable and irritant due to the composition of essential oils. It should not be under in the presence of children 12 Use months.
The packaging is recommended, das Spray 6-8 Time to spray around the room, but that's way too much! Enough in my little apartment a single spray completely on the curtain(!) from, so the whole room smells intensely afterwards and spread the fragrance.
The really neat thing does not smell. I would now not called Stink, something in between ;). It reminds me a lot of products such as Wick Vaporup, also more medical.
One can eucalyptus, Out smelling of mint and some tea tree oil, total is the scent but can be too complex to describe him so, You look above self, how many different oils in it are! :) After a while you do not take the smell hardly notice until.
The effect really surprised me. I have to admit, I did not expect, that something really works, but once I mind sniff or something in the room sprühe can I get more air.
So I wake up in the morning already with some asthma, skies I as always and Connect spray one puff on the curtain. Within minutes, it begins to take effect and a little later I realize, how much more relaxed and happy I am, because it no longer feels as if someone were sitting on my chest.
The endurance test I have done, when I was a week with my parents to visit, because my little sister has two rabbits, their Hay significantly worsened the whole. Within a few days I notice then, as my asthma is getting worse.
This time I took the room spray and sprayed once in the room just before bedtime. Morning was everything much better and I could breathe better again.
Also in slight runny nose helps it well, because you can breathe better, I also think, that you may defend itself against a little cold so, when applied at night before bedtime, once you realize, one has perhaps captured something.
Me it has so far before me kept infecting, although some are cold around me, and I briefly thought I had infected me. Can also be pure coincidence, purely in principle, it is the same as Vicks VapoRub and co. (coated only with more essential oils and not on the skin), Products that I can take very good.
If the spray should be empty at some point, It is purchased separately. I am happy, Finally, I did not think, that to me once a room spray would help to get air.
Wipe it may respiratory diseases certainly do not and I think one should not expect too much, Nevertheless, the effect is personally very much greater than thought to myself.
Even in winter it helps to ward off colds and prevent good.
A small point because I prefer the scent from, because he is not really pleasant, but something special, I have however already accustomed :).
O O O O O O O O O The
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I want so my reward loyal followers. Do you find that a good idea or should I rather draw lots again manually? :)
I shall in the case of a win to contact you about your e-mail address and check your address, I then pass on to E2. There they will but used exclusively, you zuzuschicken winning, So you're safe from spam and junk mail ;).
The competition starts on 10.10.14 a 12 Clock and ends one month later (10.11.14, s. Widget). The winner will be chosen at random.
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Good Luck!

24 thoughts on “Breathing space / Sent: E2 – Dynamizing Raumspray”

  • Hi,
    the spray sounds very interesting. I am just more and more interested in room sprays, Roll-ons and natural perfumes. That sounds really great, right now when the cold period starts you can protect yourself from infection maybe a bit better :)
    Liebe Grüße

  • The room spray sounds really interesting :) Just as I and have breathing difficulties and morning breath problems…
    Have also had experience with simple essential oils such as z.B. Mint oil – This helps also well with the breath, especially if you have a cold. :)
    And by the way: It's really fun to read your blog, you have a great writing style! :)



    • Especially in the morning, I find it stupid, because you as so cheerful and not crowded in the day start would like to! :) Thanks for the tip with the Mint oil, I must try that definitely times! :)
      Thank you for the compliment of love! <3

  • HM… now my comment is gone when you try to send? Good, that I now copy longer texts in the ipad Safari experience. 2. Attempt, If you double, Please just delete one. ;-)

    Mhoeoeoeoe, on the ipad funzt with me this giveaway thing under your post not. Can I not take part then? :-(

    I am an absolute fan of essential oils & their physical and psychological effects. :-) It started with a Primavera Airspray & some natural perfumes (If they found first beautiful, What veeery different than conventional).

    Now I have a nice here “small” Range of essential Mono oils are and thus mix a room air clearing “Toilet smell”, Toilet cleaner etc to, give but also depending on the mood like 1-3 diff. Oils in the bath water, then together with baking soda and magnesium chloride. Enormously entspanntes, sustainable and affordable swimming. :-)

    The E2-spray I would sooo love to time auprobieren – It sounds, as it might be the right thing for my absolutely since about 1 Year chronic dense nose be. Lt. Ear nose and throat doctor of everything ok, the usual sprays & Co bring nothing, etc. so on.. :-(

    chaos koeppsche

    • And, I also often do, After my commentary often simply not sending off :S Oh that's bad, It works on the iPad for me, Maybe you're trying it again via computer? :)
      Oh that's interesting, I have unfortunately still not so great selection of essential oils, I try this but be sure once, in the bath water I imagine well that! :) I wish you well for your nose and good luck! :D

  • Oh ja, the healing or. one should not underestimate-facilitating effect of essential oils…Peppermint oil causes me for example in many sense (Head pain, Stress, Cold…) Miracles and even lavender oil is one of my favorites.
    The room spray sounds also very exciting and seems to fit precisely into the season…

    Liebe Grüße :)

  • I imagine totally well the spray for the trip if it is in different rooms. I myself have no breathing problems, but my Göttergatte. So I would share it with him generously. In this respect, I like aroma therapy, I feel, for example, fresh citrus fragrances as a mood enhancer and partly that's looking out my perfume. Or shower gel. Or body lotion. I also have room sprays, especially the clean air of Primavera has a class with us.

    • Yes exactly, so, I even handle this, especially when my room where I sleep there then strong synthetic smell and I get problems. And, It's me with the scents of citrus as well, you get fast good mood :D

  • I find very exciting aroma therapy. I have now a set of Primavera with an aroma stone and hope, I use it then also ma. Fragrance sprays vanish me usually too fast and I find again expensive so lamps. Fragrances can affect my mood anyway.
    Many greetings, the Alex

  • I love room Fragrancing however only if this really 100 % of course. Therefore the whole candle do things and melting things for me questions. I do prefer to essential oils. But as a room spray appeals to me too! Lief, live

  • NET.making, so either I have now 5 Times taken part, or not at all, because doesn't want the app for me how I want it. No matter, I don't need to win anyway, because as a blogger I do already and again surprise packages :D

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