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Hello my friend!

In comparison to the other Haarbande bloggers, my hair are pretty short but for me every centimetre longer makes a difference! Not concerning the look but the warmth that comes with long hair. In Winter this effect is great but in summer it is a bit difficult for me exspecially last year. When the temperature gets over 30°C our flat turns into a little sauna. While it is easy to wash the body often, my hear react very badyl to a daily washing like I did it in the last years. They begin to get greasy on the temples first, so these are my tricks to prevent them to get oily fast:


No matter if I just pin up the hair on the sides with a hairpin or braid the sides, the sideward hair have to be out of my face to let a lot of air reach my scalp.



Another way is to make a loose messy bun or ponytail because then a lot of air reaches the scalp. It is a very easy hairstyle so I use it most of the time.


At night I also wear my hair away from my head, that makes a great difference!


Instead of using oil after washing my hair, I mix it with conditioner and apply it before. I only massage a tiny bit of hair mask and aloe vera gel in my clean hair so nothing can get it’s way up in the direction of my hairline by combing it.


You can find other articles about long hair in summer of the Haarbandehere. :)

What are you doing with your hair in summer? :)

Do you wash it more often?

How much care does it need, more or less? :)

Lot's of love,


12 thoughts on “Lange Haare im Sommer [Haarbande]”

  • Sweet pictures of you, love Julia, and I am also currently at night so a tousled Chignon right on the head. A) because of the heat, and b) because my friend is often with the arm on my hair and ziept evil. :-)

  • Hmm, I'm just year after year, year total care lazy and consistently maintain the rhythm of the washing in the summer. If necessary there every couple of weeks even a few drops hair oil in the top, but that's it then even with additional care. Otherwise there is only for the washing shampoo and conditioner. Between the washes will be combed only 1 x daily :) I love minimalist and am extremely grateful, My Haarlis to join the.

    • This is so super, If it works so well with you! :) I need a little care, perhaps also because my hair is so voluminous and I therefore often times care more just rub a DAB. :)

  • Oh your hairstyles are great! And gross how long your are now hair! How can you do so great this tousled Chignon? To me he seems always different (and he is also since last year of my absolute favorite hairstyle ;)) Lief, LIV

    • Many Thanks! :) And, the length amazes me also daily, especially since I can remember not it, When they last were so long ^^. I quite loosely bind the Dutt, by I'm shooting them without much train, then I grab the Invisibobble once the trappings and again through the Middle, keep reasonably :). Is probably also just at the many, many hair, I have the :D.

  • I'm here as Anita: the rhythm of my washing does not change during the summer…except of course it's so hot, I'm sweating (and although I do otherwise hardly; Unfortunately, very quickly in the face), then I wash of course already times more likely.

  • These are some good tips. In the summer it is also especially important on maintaining necessary moisture to make because in addition the hair, moisture escapes the sunlight, and the chlorine in the swimming pool.

    Many greetings

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