Small guide to plant hair dye and review of radico "honey blonde"

Hello my friend! :) 

There was only one time in life I had really long hair: My childhood. One day in primary school I decided to cut them and since then my hair was short. I really like short hair but somehow i get more and more excited about how long hair would suit me. So right now I am letting my hair grow so I guess there will be more hair-content on the blog from now on.

In general I am very happy with my hair, I had my last haircut in Vietnam more than 12 months ago and I can’t find a single split ends right now. I think this comes from my regular use of plant hair-color, leaving a protecting film on every single hair. The hair dye I used recently is „honeyblonde“ by radico. It was sent to my by Amaranths Lounge but I bought a new package already, because I like it so much. It is nearly empty, so I will buy one or two more, soon.



Radico „Honeyblonde“ contains 100g of hair dye, a tint brush, a shower cap and a pair of gloves. It costs about 10,95€.


I used to like, that the package contains a brush, but after using three colors I have three of them lying around in my bathroom and don’t like, that I’ll get two more with buying two new packages. Do you have any idea, what I could use them for? :)

Gloves + shower Cap

I bought new gloves, because all of the ones I had (with radico, logona, khadi and sante) were too big and not very useful. Also I bought cheap single-use gloves in the right size at a drugstore.


By the way: I really like that they changed their design because now it is less pixelated and looks more professional.



 Like the other radico hair dye I used, the powder is very finely ground. The first one of honey blonde was coarsely ground but I think this was just an anomaly. :)



The hair dye contains ingredients for color like henna (red), hibiscus (red) and indigo (black-blue) as well as nourishing components for scalp and hair like methi (fenugreek) and amla.


All plant hair dyes smell very intense, I like the ones by radico, because i think they’re no that intense and don’t smell that long. Once I used it two times in between 3 days and the scent didn’t go away that fast. You only smell the color in wet hair or on the first day where you only wash with water, not with shampoo.

I used honey blonde four times:

  1. All hair with 50g.
  2. Two days later with the other 50g, because I was too fast in coloring and didn’t apply it properly or long enough.
  3. After about two months only the hairline with 20g.
  4. Only in the lengths with 50g hair dye(that was a bit too much) to lighten up the parts that have been colored dark before.

So I got about 20g left and I’ll use them in the next weeks for my hairline again. With 100g you can color your hairline about 5 times, that makes it not that expensive even though the package costs about 11€. What you need for your whole hair depends on your length, you’ll need about 50g for shoulder lenght. A great thing about plant hair dyes is, that you can keep the powder or freeze the water powder mix and use them later, you don't have to throw everything away, like conventional colors.

I use my hair dye like this (You can print the guide and use it as a checklist):

Small guide to plant hair dyes
You need:
  1. □ Herbal Hair color
  2. □ Water
  3. □ Shower Cap
  4. □ Gloves
  5. □ Brush
  6. □ Maybe. a tint brush
This is how it works::
  1. □ Wash out the silicone for several days, either with lava earth or healing clay, or wash your hair several times without silicone-containing products but natural shampoo, and natural conditioner.
  2. □ Wash your hair and don't use conditioner, oil, or other care products.
  3. □ Color a flick of hair (Mainly to test the color, the tolerance is much better than that of conventional hair color).
  4. □ If you use black color mix it with a lot of water, so many pigments can be dissolved out of the powder. You can also add some natron or salt..
  5. □ Stir it until you got a , yogurt-like consistency and all the grains are gone.
  6. □ Put some cream on your ears and under your hairline to prevent your skin to be stained.
  7. □ Apply the dye on wet or dry hair. a tint brush may help, in the end I rub it all over my head like, shampoo.
  8. □ Put on the shower cap and a towel, to keep everything warm.
  9. □ For more intense results you can blow-dry your hair at the end with the shower cap still on.
  10. □ Very important: Wash out without shampoo, just use water! The easiest way to do this is using a brush, by brushing carefully from lengths to the hairline. Caution, the brush may discolor, This is why I use . a cheap hair brush from my local drugstore. Your hair color will get darker in the next three days, because you don't wash it out and 3 it reacts with the oxygen in the air, this means you can't see the result immediately after dyeing.

I hope this small guide helps you a bit. :) To see what the paste should look like you can find more pictures in my reviews toRadicoCardLogona andHealth. (Sorry for the bad auto-translation there.)


To show you what the effect here are some pictures:
Picture 1 and 2 are made after the first time coloring with honeyblond, 3 and 4 After the second time, 5-10 After the third time, and the last picture is made recently after the fourth time. It is not that blonde but maybe I just chose a color that’s too dark. It made the length of my hair a bit brighter, actually. The color looks very red and bright in the pictures because they were taken in the sun, in rooms with artificial lighting it looks less red and darker.  


I really like this shade, so I guess I will stay with it for some time. I will definitely buy one or two more packages of it. It does not make your hair dramatically brighter, but after some uses I feel like it makes a difference in the brightness, especially the pre-colored lengths.

Natural hair dyes are a big part of natural cosmetics and maybe the one that convinced me the most. You have so many positive effects besides the color, like a protective coat around your hair and a great scalp-care.


  • Shiny, glossy hair!
  • Stronger hair because of the coat of hair dye around it
  • A scalp treatment
  • Better hair growth
  • A natural result because you don’t have the same shade on every single hair.

Disadvantages :

  • The scent
  • Application is more difficult / longer
  • No intense bleaching like from brown to platinum blond

But before I can’t stop swarming about plant hair dyes, let me know:


Have you ever colored your hair before?

Which colors did you use?

How do you like natural hair dyes?


Lots of love,