Imperfect Ballerina [Fair Fashion x Naturkosmetik]

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Today I would like to try out a new type of article and combine two topics that are very close to my heart: Fair Fashion and natural cosmetics! :) I have often said that I will never be the typical fashion blogger, and I don’t want to be either, the focus here is far too much on natural cosmetics. I think great, perfect outfit posts are beautiful but I don’t have the figure, looking seriously is just not my thing and I don’t even want to start with my posture. Don’t get me wrong, this is not “fishing for compliments” and I’m very happy with myself, I just wanted to say it so you’re don’t have to be afraid that the natural beauty blogger on Tried-It-Out will suddenly go into fashion. D The title of this article is also due to this train of thought, a modern ballerina, which is anything but perfect. Maybe it was also what bothered me about being a typical girl in my childhood, not being yourself, but much perfect and posed. But perhaps you don’t have to be like that, Maybe you can be a happy little ballerina, far away from pressure and instead a lot of yourself.

In the following you see a very un-fashion-blogger fashion post, with which I carry my very full favorite backpack of Miomojo ( of course you so take snacks and drinks with you on a trip), My armed Angels blouse “Sera” wrinkled from the car ride and I smile mostly over both ears and you know what, I like it :). Because with my fair Fashion Posts all I want is to show that there are now beautiful fair pieces that can also enrich your wardrobe. On Instagram you’ll also find a few pieces from time to time, but I’d like to put the topic a little more on this blog. So have fun looking and reading, I was in Bad Langensalza, and visited the Japanese garden, the pharmacist museum with garden and the arboretum. So get ready for many, many, many flowers! 



I wear the fair people tree skirt “Gabrielle Jersey”, my constant companion, because it has trouser pockets and fits both in summer and in the other seasons with black tights. While I haven’t owned the blouse for that long, the skirt has been in continuous use since January last year. Whether with the top in the waist or just like here under a top – I love the soft jersey fabric, the cut and how easy it can be combined.

Also, my sneakers are produced fair, the model “Dona” in white is super comfortable and I like the pink and gold details. For each pair sold, one pair is donated to a schoolchild in Afghanistan. I love the shoes, only the sole is not really glued and always slips forward over time. But I think some new insoles from the drugstore wants to help.


I have already mentioned the brand Miomojo on the blog and on Instagram several times, and part of the profit is donated to Animals Asia, an organisation that is looking after moon bears after a long torture. When buying, you can decide from a selection to which organization you want to donate. The backpack has been with me since last year, before, I used to wear handbags which didn’t do my back any good. Handbags are not the best idea, especially on a bicycle. So far I am super satisfied, it can take a lot despite heavy strain, as you can see, it can also be filled with many things, but looks nice flat if you carry only a little around with you. All I need so far is a back pad and maybe another inside pocket, but normally I carry a flat block around with me, so there is no pressure.

The earrings are from Oh Bracelet Berlin, you can read more about them in my article about fair jewellery.



natural cosmetics: Spring summer collection 2018 by Purobio

Matching the outfit, the make-up mostly is from the new Spring + Summer 2018 collection from Purobio, which was sent to me. I applied the Bronzer, the Blush 05 and the beautiful new highlighter on the cheekbones and eyelids.



On my lips I wear my favorite lipliner No.. 02 and the new lipstick No.. 12, a perfect spring and summer colour! I have already reported in detail about lipliners and lipsticks here and thanks to their very good durability and pleasant texture they are still among the products I regularly use. The mascara is from So Bio Étic and also a press sample. By the way: I intentionally look down on many pictures – so don’t be surprised – this is because otherwise you hardly recognize the eye make-up on my slip pads. :D

Here you can see the new products at a glance:


The lipsticks are semi-matt, I like to blot them between two layers, so they last long, but are still wonderfully creamy without sticking. The highlighter shimmers magically between a cool pink and a shining copper, as you can see on the picture above. I can already predict that this will be one of my favorites this year, because it is just right for my eyes not to look too pink and still let my eye color shine. On the cheeks it harmonizes well with rouge, by the way, with very light skin colour it could be a little too dark to highlight for example also on the nose, but for the cheeks a great possibility to bring some glowy colour to the face. I wrote about the other three highlighters here.



Blush 05 perfectly matches my skin undertone and is one of the colors I ’ ve been comfortable with for years, just remember the jump blogger favorites to my beginnings. Blush 06, on the other hand, is not pigmented enough and too cool for me, but could look really nice on pale skin. For more information about the blushes click here. That leaves the bronze one, which has a slight orange tint but is just right for me. For a summer look great if I could wear it in winter, I dare to doubt a bit. :)


How do you like the fair parts and the new Purobio colours?

Do you like this new combi category?

Lot's of love

I bought the clothes completely on your own, the cosmetics was me cost- and unconditionally sent to.

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