Hello Spring!

Hello my friend!

Where I live it always takes some time, until it is a little bit warmer again after a cold winter, and finally this time of year has arrived!. Every morning when I wake up, I open the window and want to shout out to my favorite season “Hello Spring!” as loud as I can!


My Frühlingsfreude can then also be nice to my daily makeup read. My favorite products, both by color and packaging as well as the contents of quite wonderful with the slight blooming natural harmony there, I want to show you today!

My spring products: Alverde shower gel of sea of flowers, the almond moisturizing cream from Weleda, Tulip by Alterra, Soft coral by Terra Naturi, the pomegranate lip balm by Burt's bees, the alverde Rouge dizzy peach, the Benecos lacquer peach sorbet and the ebelin professional Make-Up egg!

1. alverde – Pflegedusche "Blütenmeer"

For some time there is a limited edition gift set with "sea of ​​flowers" fragrance, Now finally a matching shower gel! It wakes me up in the morning with a flowery, However, fresh and sweet fragrance and not to remind me of a blooming flower meadow!

2. Weleda – Almond Moisturizer

Bye, dry winter skin, Hello Spring- and Sommerglow! Finally, I do not need three layers cream more, but in the evening a few drops of oil (at the moment of Vestige Verdant) and in the morning a whiff of this, very light, Almond moisturizer from Weleda. I am pleased by the way especially pleased, that there will soon be also body products in the range! The Cremedusche is something purchased from: So far I've Lavender, Citrus, Tried buckthorn and evening primrose and love them all! :)

3. Alterra – Lippenstift „Tulip”

A color, the pure joie de vivre! A rich color Coral, for days with glossy good mood!

4. Terra Naturi – Lippenstift „Soft Coral”

The best Everyday Lipstick par! My favorite Nude adapts to almost any eye make-up and is definitely a delicate Frühlingston!

Swatches of soft coral by Terra Naturi, Tulip by Alterra, Pomegranate lip care from Burt's bees and Dizzy peach blush by alverde

5. Burt’s Bees – Lip Care Pomegranate *

Uh-oh moment, yummy! I like the Burt's Bees pomegranate lip balm even a little bit better, than the version of Bee Natural, although Zother has better ingredients. Is as fruity as he, makes it almost feel like summer!

6. alverde – Rouge „Dizzy Peach” (LE)

From this Rouge from the current alverde LE I gave you here already raved! Nothing has changed – I use it every day!

7. Benecos – Nagellack „Peach Sorbet*”

Oh the benecos lacquers are super! Peach sorbet is easy to apply and is beautiful to me neither to nude-colored, still too intense! Fits great for "soft coral" Lipstick Terra Naturi and reminds me of delicate spring flowers!

8. ebelin – Make-Up Ei

Actually I have the makeup of egg ForYourBeauty to Winner of Battles crowned. But it takes me too long to dry. Therefore two ebelin eggs are now recovered with me, one in pink and one in the new Purple. I use them alternately, so you have plenty of time completely dry thoroughly. Slowly I feel, that I caught a Monday product on my last makeup egg: The new ones are much, much fluffy (I turn to wet) and are significantly larger when wet as my last!

My spring Favorites: The perfume Roll-On California star Jasmine by Pacifica, Pearly white Kajal of alverde, the mineral face Primer by alverde, as well as the pure complexion makeup of alverde. Also one of USLU airlines, play with my mint by essence, the eyeshadow gold from Annemarie Börlind and warm vanilla alverde.

1. PACIFICA – Parfum „California Star Jasmin”

This fragrance! Fresh and flowery yet, without, I can smell him intensively all day. Unfortunately, I have learned, that it was not going to at the Parfums 100% natural products and is still getting no feedback from Pacifica concerning the ingredients. Still, I can not help it, as him to like!

2. alverde – Kajal „pearly white”

In the winter I use for my waterline always a silver eyeliner, now it can still sometimes be a little stronger. I verblende him anyway – for the sake of naturalness – then something with your finger. It is also great for other highlighting and a cream eyeshadow!

3. alverde – Mineral Face Primer*

I just said highlighting? My absolute favorite for this is a product, that is it not really determined: The Mineral Face Primer of alverde! He conjures up so easy, subtle shimmer, that shines in the sun only so!

Swatches of warm vanilla by alverde, Gold from Annemarie Börlind, the pure complexion makeup of alverde, the mineral face Primer by alverde and pearly white of alverde.

4. alverde – Pure Teint Make-Up

Finally, I can, thanks to rising temperatures, also grab back to Pure complexion makeup, without my skin is dry and zickt! A little tip: The wet make-up egg and possibly some cream or oil beneath the makeup, it is made up only minimally to dry scales from! Alternatively, I test especially the mousse makeup of Lavera and am hugely excited to now, but it takes a little, until I can compare it right. The skin feel is identical in advance for both products: You can feel no foundation on the face!

5. Uslu Airlines – ONE

Years ago, I got this wonderful nail polish gift, the color is based on the dollar bill and for me one of the nicest, tender greens at all!

Swatches of USLU airlines - One and play with my mint essence the gel nail polish.

6. essence – the gel nailpolish „40 play with my mint”*

Fairly new is the “The Gel Nailpolish” Series of Essence, of which I have some of Rossmann get sent! In my 5free Artikel I've already made a list of varnishes, apart from a few colors are all 5free, even Top- and Base Coat. In my estimation, the colors are quite good, Base- and topcoat but wonders paints! My nail polish holds loosely applied one week, nothing splintered and he always looks, like freshly applied, because the top coat also gets the time no scratches. Soon I want to – if you care – Write a full review!

This mint-color Likes – As for the color – particulary good, He fits perfectly into spring!

7. Annemarie Borlind – Eye shadow "gold" *

My eye make-up is currently extremely delicate, I distribute a light tone on my mobile eyelid and emphasize my crease with a little brown eyeshadow. Mascara and that's it! There could be on the lips also like to be gaudy times – added, semimatt and red (e.g.. with my favorite red lipstick red kiss alverde) or just korallig!

8. alverde – Eye shadow "warm vanilla"

This multitalented may I also withheld not: Matt, delicate and light! Ideal for emphasizing the brewing arc, for contouring or classic on the eyelid!



So, Now I am looking forward to your comment!

Makes you the Spring every day so happy, like me?

Which Cosmetics did you in this time of year best?

What makes you morning really happy, so that you fully Power can start the day?


Dearest greetings,


PRSample *.

25 thoughts on “Hello Spring!”

  • My momentary spring favorites, unbeaten? The Liptint Sweetness of Kjaer Weis! So a beautiful, tender, koralliger color… Wear It currently almost exclusively. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • You made my day! :) Absolutely beautiful, as if only the colors of the products look for spring.
    I've also bought one of the limited Alverde shower gel, but that “Water Love” which is also super refreshing and makes you want to vacation at sea.
    In addition, a new korallfarbener nail polish Sante arrived last week with me - now the fits just perfect!

    • Thank you, I am pleased, I could conjure up even you something Spring mood! :) And, the second body wash I intend for the summer! :) Oh that's not by chance No.21? I love! :D

      • The body wash water love I will also bring me. Whenever, that other is empty. In fact, I realize, I now in the spring / summer rather fancy fresh flowery, have fruity aromas and zitrische, What shower gel, Body and lip care concerns. Also, I can only agree with you Julia! Have bought recently by Burts Bess the balm Pink Grapefruit. And have to say, the smell makes it fun good mood.:-)

  • How funny, am also a little while ago from Alverde makeup on the mousse makeup of Lavera switched and am so excited. I've never had such a natural-looking and durable Make- up, not even at the times, as I still use conventional cosmetics. I'm curious about your impression!

    Greetings Imke

    • Yes that's true, Although the opacity is very low (according to initial estimates, a little less than the Pure complexion), but she compensates perfectly natural! :) I only thought it would be similar to the mousse makeup by Maybelline, but the texture is completely different! I find this new NK textures quite fantastic, heavenly light! :)

  • I love spring also very, however, had no problem with the winter (I looove snow (: …).
    Now I search back all my Mineral Foundations out and love the easy finish! Otherwise I quite flirtatious with the RMS Living Luminizer, would now fit perfectly (: …maybe I treat myself to someday. I liken currently the two makeup eggs together and was amazed at how much stronger is the egg of Rossmann. And it dries really slow. And I've heard many times, that ebelin egg should be tighter than the original Beautyblender, So must the Rossmann contrast well be rock hard x) . How do I'm curious both when applied in direct comparison. Liebe Grüße (: .

    • On winter I like the crunch underfoot, when you walk through the snow, the wonderful silence and the sparkle. Still, I'm kind of a child in the heart of Spring ^^. And, I have also been a while onto the screen, but until now not managed to order samples! And, somehow the new ebelin egg is really nice fluffy. Where there still a neat contrast to the original beauty Blender should be there. Well maybe I do not begrudge it to me sometime :D.

  • … and, as a review of the top coat, I would find interesting. :)
    Apropos Living Luminzer – I feel the highlighter of Lavera Rose in a very decent Dupe. Wakes me also also Frühlingsgefühle!

  • I'm also really happy about spring, Sunshine, green leaves and open Ice. Just great.

    My favorite product is shower gel and body lotion from Benecos. The shower gel has a great great apple smell and the body lotion smells delightfully citrusy.

  • I am sooo glad, that it is spring! Normally, but I like the winter very much in the last few months I was annoyed. There is already enough if you have to put on thick but then additionally two children in snow- which are now. Wool suit was pure squeeze too much :-D Now we can enjoy the great weather and are only out there.
    Dizzy Peach is currently my favorite! I wanted the LE leave but oh well, he's so pretty :-) Just like you, I also like to paint. “Pink Moon” ILIA of laughs at me. A very seductive color.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Me too! :) I just feel at ease, when it is neither too hot, nor too cold! :D Ja, I suppose I also repeatedly before, but with such a pretty Rouge, which also has good ingredients – haaach because I'm just inconsistent :). Pink Moon's enchanting!

  • My Coffee – and every season ;)
    But I am very pleased, that the sun can finally look more. I am a summer child and look forward,
    I now no longer have to freeze as much. ^^
    I like the colors are all very good; currently I like korallige and peachige tones.

  • Beautiful products you have lined up there.:-) Especially also in terms of the colors, fit perfectly for Spring / Summer.

    Property me the way to your Instagrambild immediately Dm the Alverde brought Pflegedusche Blütenmeer. And must agree with you! Every Morning, if I am so shower and this wonderful tender, flowery fragrance breathe. I get right Frühlingsgefühle.

    On the lips I'm wearing now in spring prefer the new Alverde Lipstick Kisses Pink Fabouls. Initially, it was indeed an overcoming. Since I have so loud sounds never before worn. But since I'm the type of summer color type and standing me such bluish raspberry tones. Am I now really love it. Also I love the Weleda Almond care line about everything. However, I use them all year round. So even in winter. I've noticed just after trying other brands. That my skin with these products simply best get along and will not be tempted. Must caused by, I have rosacea. Yes very attention to my face care or on fragrance-free. Infirm low Cosmetics. What with me but the sunny days can not be missing is a cream with a sun protection factor. Since I have my brand new tinted day cream with LFS 15 purchased from Eco Cosmetics. And every morning, when I commissioned and this gorgeous, fruchigen, powdery scent smell. Will I get the same in a better mood.

    • Many Thanks! How wonderful, that you have as much fun! It's really super, I personally have a feeling, that he is a little too bluish and more to myself orange tones, Therefore, it comes rarely used, but in this season he definitely fits! I use almond series also sometimes in winter, But then something richer cream of series! Really quite wonderful products! To LSF I should do my best also slowly, now I have ignored anything else. In the summer I like to use sunscreen with mineral powder or too dark Foundation, then the whitening does not so much from. :)

  • I am also happy every morning, that it is now early so wonderfully bright. If then laughs even the sun and the birds chirping, is the perfect start to the day. :) Our Spring products overlap only in the ebelin eggs, hihi. I also have one in pink and one in purple alternately in use. :) Liebe Grüße, Ida

  • The Alterra lipstick Tulip I will happily, Alverde the makeup I used for the first time today and it fit my very fair skin :)
    The ebelin makeup egg I have not, ich nehme den P2 fancy Beauty Tales Make up Sponge.

    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

  • I find such items wonderfully, an inspiration and mood for the spring!

    You ebelin the egg but now like, I find great: I've also had the experience, that even a lazy in batches (aka hard) Egg with it was, but the majority of my fluffy friends was always soft and lovely absorbent.. what you tell it to the essence over and under but paints, sounds so well to! Mhhhhhhh, I need about still something different than what is in the range from Essie? I'm waiting for the report from you ;)

    P.S. I get always NEN Schreck, when I see your depot ended products.. the giant Rouge alverde, wui!

    • I'm always so disgusting, when spring is here, I have a feeling, having to share it with every ^^. :)
      Good, that you went with the egg and so ebelin, I thought I'm crazy ^^. Oh ja, I love these two parts, I do not indeed fallen from top coat of paint (during painting :(!), I could him Refit luckily with glue but. Nevertheless, I will definitely buy more the two, the effect is simply fantastic ò.ó.
      I'm just a fieeeser cosmetic burster. Lol. Eventually the whole disassembled packaging will certainly take revenge on me. Oo But until then I enjoy the fantastic overview ^^.

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