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Hello my friend! :)

Today there is a lot of natural cosmetics, that works great and is also pretty cheap. So in this article I want to show you my personal favourite haircare products for a small price. :) 

Terra Naturi – Glanzshampoo (1,95€) 


As you might know, I am a huge fan of the Terra Naturi Shampoo. The ingredients are great for the cheap price and it has a great performance. :) More info here. :)

Alterra – Moisturizing conditioner (2,29€)

alterra_feuchtigkeits flushing

This Alterra Conditioner is also always in use. It helps to detangle your hair easily and it gets some extra shine. Also it nourishes my hair and works great for my lenghts. I highly recommend it, especially for switching from silicone-products to natural cosmetics. More info here. :)

alverde – Hair oil almond argan (2,95€)


My favourite hair oil is from myrto naturalcosmetics, but this one is also great and a lot cheaper. I used it a lot before I found the one from myrto. It helps preventing splitting ends and gives the hair some shine.

These three products work great for me, but I started to try something different, several months ago. I started to wash my hair with rye flour!

Edeka bio – Rye flour type 997 (1,35€)

Therefore I mix some rye flour (no other flour, otherwise you’ll never get it out of your hair) with some lukewarm water until you get some kind of paste. Then you use it just like shampoo, massage it into your skalp and wash it out. It is an incredibly gentle way to clean the scalp and hair. I do it wash my hair upside down and use type 997 rye flour, so it is easier to get everything out in a small amount of time. :)

DM bio – Apple Cider Vinegar (1,25€)


Every one or two weeks I use a mix of 1/2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 0.75ml of cold water and use it like a conditioner. This prevents the lime in the water to stick on the hair. I prefer using lemon juice but this is not that durable, so I often just use the vinegar. You can use it as an replacement for conditioner but I sometimes use both.

A little tip

Old face creams that you don’t like on your skin are great as hair cremes. You don’t have to throw the good product away and also save some money. :)

Do you also have some cheap faves that you like or do you prefer more luxurious products?

You can find more articles about “Low Budget Haircare” on the “Haarbande” website. :) 

Lot's of love,

22 thoughts on “Haircare On A Budget [Haarbande]”

  • I find it interesting the tip with the old creams! Since I'm not even on it :) I will try that at my tips sure times because I have in fact long so a little tube of cream around , I don't use that but that also too bad me to the dump is. But I'm somewhat skeptical that that should could stick and the tips remain greasy. That's why I'll probably prefer before washing (Currently, rye flour + Reetha + 2 Drops of tea tree oil) testing it as a treatment ;)

    • For the tips is the prima, you have to watch only, that you can care for any hair length with creams, on that one, for example, allergic, because they can touch the face of Yes and can trigger an allergy may also. For creams that are just not that great it is but super! :) Nice to meet you, that you can do something with my tip! It is also important, It uses very little cream, then the hair is also not greasy look, almost only minimally more than hair oil. :) Is also a great idea for a hair treatment, works well with body lotion :)

  • You've conjured up beautiful graphics there again! And with the Alterra-flush or. the Spa I must agree totally friends, for me, you are always the best in the area of natural cosmetics brands.

  • Love Julia,
    your image idea is just beautiful (: . For the length of my hair, I use various creams for at least a year, most of the time the body lotion, I already use for the body, so I only 1 Have product in use (: . The works also super for me.
    This of course also coconut oil works well, where you must because economical dosing, If you use it as a leave-in.
    The Alterra rinsing I used very long and loved.
    Liebe Grüße (: .

    • Many Thanks, Dear Theresa! :) This is a super idea, so you can be pretty minimalistic! :) Quite many like coconut oil, my hair personally unfortunately does not, I find the results thus but always wonderful when others! :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • instead Apple eaten-you can take table eaten-normal, Since a liter 39cent costs. makes absolutely no difference. and if the vinegar now from apples or other fruit komt doesn't really matter. and smells not much different.

  • I know the hair oil by Alverde, the two products of Terra Naturi and Alterra were not known, but very good sound! I actually found my few favorites among hair products, However, they are all fairly expensive and I thought in my current savings period actually, to switch to cheaper products. So many thanks for introducing! :)

    • Very much like, Hopefully this is a product for you! :) I spent also averse lot of money on hair care, especially because you have usually a little Herum to try, until you have Favorites and that is unfortunately really expensive in the long term. Therefore, I am very happy with my cheap basics :)

  • Beautiful graphics! =)
    Hair oil I also once had the Alverde, but was not quite as enthusiastic, just in retrospect. I there like that shown by Neobio more of me.

    @Jenny: In me no Alverde and Alterra is even :-P

    LG Jodiie

  • Hi Julia,
    by Terra Naturi, I like also the repair shampoo and the repair flushing very much. As hair oil, I sometimes take the Tanamera cold pressed organic coconut oil. I have not done still rye flour and acid rinse.
    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

  • Hi, I found your blog through the hair band post and am quite amazed, that someone likes the Alverde oil except me :D
    Washing with “Pampen” I'm out, but I still hope for shampoo bars to find something, you are also still acceptable due to their fertility :)
    At Terra Naturi wanted I look again soon, I like so much the body care, I thought I could find shower lotion Mueller after the Lavera, that you mentioned, but on their website, it is listed as no longer available, I must organize the probably online :/
    By the way, is very pretty to look at this post, class :)

    • Hi Caro, beautiful, that you found here! :) That you on “Pampenwaschen” want to give, can I understand 100%, If my skin not as herumzicken would, would I never do that, I love fast, simple and modern products, a finished shampoo is so much dear to me :). Oh what a shame, I hope you find her yet! Thanks Caro love! :)

  • I must try be sure the Terra Naturi shampoos. I'm a big fan of it, not so much to spend money on shampoos and co. Are now times primarily surfactants or oils – Depending on the product. Pants with rye flour I just not answer trust me-

    • Yes I'm quite agree, I spend more and more money on products, the also “Insert”. :) I can understand that, with me, it took a little, until I had the hang of it and it really is a small bit of effort, Shampoo is more straightforward. This is the feeling, If the flour mixture to the scalp is just wonderful :).

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