Bye, Spliss! – Hair cut [Haarbande]

2017-01-Hair band-hair - cut - 600 x 360

Hello my friend! 

I hope you had a great christmas time! For my digital bullet journal templates for 2017, Please read this article. :)

This months “Haarbande” is about cutting hair.

Cut split ends

I don ’ t cut all my hair but I remove my split hair ends regularly. Therefore I cut the bottom ends but so clip them between my index finger and finger ring above my middle finger. Then all the split stick ends out and I can easily cut them. :)


To the hairdresser

Unfortunately there is no natural hair dresser in my region, so I go to a cheap hairdresser and bring some shampoo and conditioner with me. This prevents my hair to get in contact with silicone and makes coloring my hair with natural, herbal hair color way more easy. :)

I got a haircut two years ago in August and now had my hair cut in December, again. :)

I really like, that the ends of my hair look thicker now and the hair dresser only cut about 1 to 2 cm. :)


Do you so remove split hair ends, How do you cut your hair?

Lot's of love,


18 thoughts on “Bye, Spliss! – Hair cut [Haarbande]”

    • Thank you so much! Is really crazy, How long they have become, where they look somehow longer in the pictures :D. I think the hair color stick I now longer time, the next few days is dyed after again! :)

  • Wow, your hair have become so long! Do have a magic ingredient? ;-) Any attempts to cut my bangs yourself failed miserably every time. So I go to the hairdresser. Because I want to have my hair longer yet again, which will postpone the visit on all eight to twelve weeks. My hair grow quickly, especially since I wash them only every two to three days and pass on conventional products.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Crazy, how quickly time passes, not true? I think the magic ingredient is rare in me cut and somehow also herbal hair color, because I get some split ends and rarely have to cut. :) My hair is actually quite nice and slow, are not more than 1cm per month, but I think, You also just have patience. :S love!

  • I was before Christmas for the first time at a natural hair and it was awesome!! :) Bring your own shampoo and conditioner sounds but also very practical. By the way, very nice look, your long hair!

    • Oh how wonderful, with me, there is unfortunately even no eco-Hairstylist, the I could try, where does my wallet probably quite well. :) I have heard but also of hairdressers, calculate time and it should go then but very smart with me. :) Thank you so much!

  • Since I am; Your hair have become really long. Looks awesome!
    I cut my hair by the way, never even me. I've had some bad experiences with hairdressers, which are clearly did not come with my natural curls – and if the professional can't do it ;). Now I found a good Salon, There's always works. Last year, I was to the 1. Time for a natural hair stylist; 100%IG's not convinced me, so I went after that again conventionally. This year I'll try but still guess it with another.

    • Thank you! Who would have thought, I even become a longhaired ^^. I a few years ago at least not yet. I can still remember, as I've read the other LH blogs and I thought, “No, so long hair I'd get way too complicated.” Lo and behold, now they are somehow easier than you think and drive me even less in your face around as short hair :). That's great, I think if they found a good hairdresser, you really lucky, I was even more in my life, that have blended my hair completely, they are in principle not that complicated.

  • I have a stylist now, who comes home to us and more or less dry cuts hair. She sprays it with water just a little and then cuts. As a result I need to use any hair products or similar. As we unfortunately have not reached our stylist before Christmas and my men are already cut their hair were, am I booted last week again after forever in a hair salon. I was looking at but for the first time a slight angle, When I said, I cut only the top wants to without shampooing, but they did then but. Also does good work and then I've felt like a new man.

    LG Michaela

    • A super solution, dry cutting works for me personally also getting much better. I was still never diagonally considered lucky, but it is to get itself also something strange with own products for a, at least I was somewhat uncertain since the first time. Now I think to myself, Allergies certainly often do this, and it isn't even “strange” acts. :) So a new haircut is something beautiful, I dye your hair with herbal hair color me sometimes the days then right, keep the tips also so beautiful. :) Liebe Grüße!

  • Since my hair is just barely shoulder length, do I have all 7 Weeks to the hairdresser. I wash in principle earlier and leave there only wet squirt the hair. First of all I want to do not use silicone in the hair, because I dye with Khadi and secondly, I have problems with the backwards wash basin. I have a headache then for days because of my cervical vertebrae. That but so far hasn't been a problem for the hairdresser.

  • I cut my hair me now for years yourself, alone with Pony the constant running would be just too stupid. :D nice full look like your hair! Many greetings :)

    • Oh ja, Ponies are really annoying and if they are so half in the eyes of a whole lot of effort, that was me with Pony at the time as well! :) Thank you so much, I hope this stays now also with increasing length so!

  • So cut hair yourself did I no good experiences, somehow I then looked like the Struwwelpeter. Lace trim is fine but now all. To avoid split ends, I have used for some time a heat protection spray, When I go on my hair with the straightener and pass on the dryer I quite, Let the hair rather dry has become much better with the split ends.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences! I worked out always good lucky, on a whole hairstyle I would but no longer dare approach me! I cut only the top, If they strongly versplisst are, at the time I'm going to the Salon every year and therefore that's easy. Flat iron and co. not do I use also, to the hair dryer I can't get around unfortunately, for me unfortunately much too slowly to dry my hair.

  • Dear Julia.
    The article's already a while, I know.
    You have my absolute wish dream hair, Congratulations.
    I also love your hair color.
    You'd give me, with which PHF you exactly in January 2017 You dyed your hair?
    Thank you for your help & best regards – Ally

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