Haare färben als Haarkur? [Haarbande]

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Today I am the writing on article for the hair band again, the theme this month is “Hair colouring”! Plans are one of my favourite products in the field of natural cosmetics because they make my hair shiny and smooth hair colours, act like a hair treatment and last but not least they bring sparkling colours into my hair, I just can’t resist! :)

I have to say, I’ve talked a lot about hair dyeing here on the blog. Even a small green dyeing accident I had already documented in detail, my experiences with the plant hair colours of LogonaSante, Card andRadico are linked here. At some point I also had the idea to write a kind of manual with all the tips I found out from the use of herbal hair colours, you can find my plant hair colour guide here! At this point I would like to mention that the great tips of dear Mexicolita are also great for all those who want to try the colouring powders, so you can find her bits of advice here.

As you can see, many things have already been said, but I don’t want my article to end here because after all that dyeing I have noticed something I would like to share with you. A few months ago I received a package of Ayluna products including press samples.

There were also two plant hair colours, once “copper red” (which was similar to my “honey blonde” by Radico) and also a colourless hair treatment – Cassia. I quickly tried the red colour and was immediately impressed! Not only did I like the final result, but the application was very easy. The powder could be mixed with a little water in no time at all to a creamy, pudding-like mixture. I suppose it is due to the particularly finely ground powder, It is certain that the consistency reminded me strongly of cake dough. Anyone who is still sceptical… I made a little clip for you because I what so enthusiastic!

The creamy consistency not only helps enormously with the application, I can also wash out the complete hair colour without the help of a comb or a brush out and there are no lumps after the hair dyeing. In the end, the result is shiny, reddish, nourished hair that feels soft and healthy again – better than after every hair treatment! However, I have the feeling that the hair colour washes out a little faster (the colour stays natural, but fades a little bit) than with my old Radico hair colour.

Finally, I have been using “copper red” from Ayluna for many months now, bought several packs and a new pack is on its way to me as I am writing these lines!

But that’s not the end of the story because in my bathroom there was the colourless hair colour (admittedly for a while because of “copper red” rather unnoticed). I have to say that I think it’s great that more and more companies are bringing blonde colours without reddish shades and colourless hair treatments (with similar nourishing ingredients as the hair colours) onto the market, because not everyone wants this reddish tint and I think everyone should have the possibility to use the other, non-dyeing extracts as a hair treatment. So I wanted to try out if the colourless hair treatment has a similar caring effect as the Ayluna hair colour.

I was completely shocked when I noticed that the colour did not want to become creamy at all. The whole thing got worse while I what applying it, it of what probably the most crumbly hair colour I have ever used. In the end, my hair still looked beautifully shiny and I what is very satisfied with the result, only the way to get there what a bit nerve-racking. So what have I learned from all this? Each hair colour has different compositions, which means that I can’t draw conclusions from the wonderfully simple application of one to the other, I always thought that it was more about how fine a brand lets its powders grind.

Finally, I would like to show you my current hair colour (as said “copper red” by Ayluna) and my current length. At the moment I play again a lot with the idea to cut them off because they knot with all the jackets and coats so often in winter. But somehow it would be a pity. Well, let’s see :).

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8 thoughts on “Haare färben als Haarkur? [Haarbande]”

  • Do not cut off! There are however bun and braid hairstyles ;) If I deal with jacket & Scarf outside am, I'm wearing the hair nor open, as the hottest days of the year – much too uncomfortable.
    Nice video by the way, with the Bundrop! =)

    LG Jodiie

    • All right :) I think my problem is more, that I like to walk around with open hair and can not fold in the winter I like that even in the height of summer, because a so beautiful blows the wind through your hair :). Many Thanks! :) Liebe Grüße!

    • I was also immediately away back and therefore also not a moment to buy the color once it was empty hesitated. Such a pity, It didn't work out with the colorless Variant, I would have used that to love more often in between but it's surface get just too crumbly for that!

  • Oh, the thing with the nerves and bröseligem Henna is also very familiar. If the dye powder is ground too coarsely or even fixed parts of plants, is it almost impossible, Consequently a homogeneous mass to achieve, can be rational in the hair, distribute the. Phone! I've been using cassia currently also very much mixed with pure henna, It is also very nice, somewhat more transparent color results.
    I'm just got tight as previously on the copper red by Ayluna, looks great with you and also your length is awesome, Please do not cut off.

    Love greetings and pardy thanks the link,

  • Do you still use this brand/color? I would like to switch to NK color, but I am completely overwhelmed with all the offers

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