Facial sauna by Silvercrest (Lidl) [Figuratively speaking]

Yeah! There it is, my facial sauna arrived! I do facial steam baths very often and this device is on my Wishlist for a long time now. I found it on the lidl website and ordered it for 15€. It contains a face and a nose mask and a little attachment for herbs, tea or essential oils (on a cotton pad). I love this because usually I do my facial steam baths with chamomile tea. :) I guess it will be great for colds with a drop of primavera’s “eukawohl” oil and the nose mask. :) Are you doing facial steam baths? Would you buy such a device or do you think that it is a bit useless? :)

Facial sauna by Silvercrest (Lidl) Minireview

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2 thoughts on “Facial sauna by Silvercrest (Lidl) [Figuratively speaking]”

  • I myself have put to a facial sauna a few months ago (Grundig) and am very happy with the effect. I have hardly any impurities in the face and my skin feels very soft. It is of course possible to make the evaporation in the face with a pot and a towel, However the device for the treatment is suitable for regular use and lasting improvement in the skin rather. I would recommend the device again and again and feel much more comfortable in my skin, Since I use the facial sauna once a week :)
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  • I have the newgen medicals facial sauna and am satisfied . Great device, does what it promises. Is very simple and very effective full. The price is very good and I would recommend it!

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