Geflochtenes [Haarbande]



Hello my friend! :)

Oh, I have to admit it: Although I find very pretty woven artworks braiding is not for me just. Each attempt ends in bad mood, Node and torn-out hair in the brush.

Still I dared to approach me again for this post, the (something sobering) You can see results now here:


Hairstyle Nr. 1


It was my great idea, left and right two braids braid, and then including a normal ponytail to make, and then from above through to stülpen.



Come out is an extremely verwuscheltes anything, with a little patience and a subtle hair rubber that could look but already quite nice.


Hairstyle 2


What I'm doing and like, to have the hair from the face, are simple waterfall braids. They are very simple and yet very cute look, I agree. Usually I leave it at one side and fit the end back with a hair clip.



Hairstyle 3


Finally a hairstyle that has folded in half, Although also this all looks pretty messy. The tutorial to do this there are on here GAL meets Glam, I discovered it on Pinterest.



The peak has a small pattern:



One side is turned up…



…the other braided.


Overall the hairstyle I like very much and it is also for beginners (like me) absolutely feasible.


Who would like to see more professional hairstyles, looks easy when the other girlsHaarbande account, We have also a new Member recently!



Mandy shows many great hairstyles on their blog and shares their tips around the topic of hair!

For me, now will be how it looks once the last Wicker- and possibly also hair post with the hair band, but on other issues such as hair care, I remain of course with. I leave the pros just prefer the hairstyles. ;)

Next month is the theme “Dream hair & Request length”.


Lots of love,

6 thoughts on “Geflochtenes [Haarbande]”

  • Now it works comment ;)
    The waterfall braids look but beautiful – Don't worry, the more often you practice, the more will you be able! To the flip, It will help you if necessary. earlier fix a topsy tail or just the hair tie. And in an emergency, just cover the hair tie with a pretty Barrette.

    LG Jodiie

    • I also hope, It is located just on the exercise, Maybe I have to do this more often, Although the motivation to do so is so small :D. Thanks for the tips, I'll try that!

  • The third is a cool mix! I always really like the hair. I think the idea of the first hairstyle exciting with the lateral braids and the fact a ponytail – that are beautiful different elements of the hairdo. The waterfall braids look always so impressive, especially when they are so pretty regularly, as in your picture.
    Many greetings

    • Many Thanks! The first hair style appealed to me, because it is theoretically quite easy and straightforward, Maybe I get out even better with practice. :) I'm wearing a twisted and braided hair perhaps again, thats me too much effort just for every day :D

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