Baked metal

Hello my friend! :)
This post has made really slow in coming, however, I think should be the new LE of Terra Naturi should not be overlooked!
In my Müller drugstore was unfortunately supplied very late, because the NK store brand also not even has its own website, is there anyway somewhat difficult decent info herzubekommen!

Metallic Sensation LE von Terra Naturi

Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Aufsteller
The LE consists of a golden shimmering highlighter, two lipglosses (once in a Nudeton and even in a berry tone, as well as three eyeshadows (lila, turquoise and gray brown / taupe).
They all come with the NaTrue Logo provided.
Das Shimmer Powder kostet 4,79€, the lip glosses 3,49€ and the baked eyeshadow 4,49€.
Terra Naturi is the NK-own brand of Müller drugstore and only available there.

Swatches + Assignment

Here I have all the products you geswatched!
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Swatches Metallic Grey Metallic Green Metallic Violet Golden Highlight Glossy Glitter Glossy Mauve
As you can see, act the intense eyeshadow
and cover the swatches.

Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Swatches Metallic Grey Metallic Green Metallic Violet Golden Highlight Glossy Glitter Glossy Mauve
In addition, I have made one more photo in the shade,
because I think you can see it nice, how the bright colors!
This contract was pleasantly, fixed almost buttery but not creamy (because it is so baked products) and I could this high opacity achieve although I drove only once or twice with your finger on the products. On the skin, they have all felt comfortable.
As the testers were still almost untouched, I have the color “metallic green” and “metallic grey” applied probehalber and was quite happy with the result. As I am rarely really loud colors, I also used little of the product, too little, because when I wanted to photograph my impromptu AMU, is unfortunately been very little from the left eye shadows.
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE metallic grey green Tragebild
Especially the dark tone disappointed me slightly, the ENGELSKA Eyeshadow surprised me, however, with a really pretty shine, as a deliberate highlight on the eye!


Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Inhaltsstoffe
The ingredients of lip glosses I find quite good, for Vegans suitable is the colored Gloss, because it contains carmine. Moreover, in both products perfume of essential oils contain.
When Highlighter and eye shadow is positive to me, that do not contain talc is.
The ingredients are therefore not the very best on the market, not bad in my opinion but it was good and for the price! :)
Bought I have only once only the Highlighter, I the Shimmer and color really nice find! Thought I had him but rather for the summer, because it just about matches my current color.
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden HighlightTerra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight
Really nice are the Structures, So the mix of lighter and darker shades, the paint color depending on the above can be individually.
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight
Such is the baked Highlighter up close from!
Da er so looks nice, but I'm trying almost all of my to pack solid decorative items in a pallet (this also is coming soon post ;)), I have tried it remove from the packaging, depotten to say.
Although in my baked eyeshadow worked great from Lavera, I am unfortunately absolutely come to my limits here and have acquired the following knowledge:
“If a baked eyeshadow can not be solved at the beginning: Do not try by force!”
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight
Unfortunately, it is broken by the Depotten, for that you can see
but the really nice structure of baked highlighters!
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight
And with the macro lens you can see it even better!
The end of the song: The Highlighter is almost completely broken! (No Problem, for which there is alcohol, but this soon ;))
Interestingly, however,, that (as with almost all baked products) a is smaller ceramic floor under the product, But what yet lets the Highlighter appear much larger and with more content from outside!
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight
The ceramic tiles under the highlighter is quite high!
From the boiled Cover of an old powder was then my little “Bowl”, in which I then crumbled pieces laid and some alcohol daraufgab. A piece of cling film, everything once flattened and it's back intact!
Terra Naturi Metallic Sensation LE Golden Highlight Palette
This is what the “rescued” Highlighter from!
Not as bad as I think!
I am beautiful very excited as he sets out to my summer tanned skin, at the moment it shimmers all well, is only easy to detect and virtually not at all be seen on photos!
In the summer I will post then carrying pictures! :)


Overall, the LE quite successful, the Colors are not maybe for everyone apt, Nevertheless, the individual products well done and also the Ingredients are fine!
A beautiful LE or would you rather it Passing? Are there too flashy colors or at least a nice change?
Dearest Greetings,

8 thoughts on “Baked metal”

  • Oooh, I may well suffer the highlighter, What a pity, I get here so fast on Terra Naturi. Hmpf! In the understated Sheen would be just right for me :-D

  • I stood before this LE, but the eyeshadow have disappointed me as a whole also tend, especially since they were all very similar to the effect. And also the remaining products were not as mine, especially since I no friend of Carmine and co. bin…
    I would have taken with probably also most likely the highlighter, because he liked very much.

    And agrees, It's quite annoying, that Terra Naturi no own website etc. hat. I had researched it more often like to for some products.

    Liebe Grüße :)

  • Thanks for showing, you get with this otherwise really hardly. Now I must guess over at the Miller. The highlighter looks really quite appealing.
    Many greetings,
    the Alex

  • I bought the gray eyeshadow in a first step and two weeks later the other two still do this, Since so awesome I find the grey! With the right(!) The job works fine brush and the three colors can create many beautiful spring fresh AMUs! Unfortunately the grey LS to the ground is like me but (I am a forgetful!) and break gone. May I ask, how you've pressed exactly the highlighter? What alcohol did you take it and how much?

    The highlighter is unfortunately quite dark on the swatch for me…but since I brighten just the me from the CC LE have allowed, for me it is the bear. ;)

    • Ojeh, with the dish his I very well know that ;). So at best you are buying alcohol from the chemist's and tropfst then a few drops on the remains of your eyeshadow. So, that remains a little bit above it, and some is absorbed. I'm always a kitchen towel under the product, not so much is filthy. Just a piece of Clingfilm on it and either with the fingers press or with a subject, which is round or. slightly smaller, like the “Potty” in it's crush into. You'll notice, that leaves some alcohol to the side and the rest mixed well with the product. Now carefully pull off and wait until it is dry again! :I pressed D the highlighter in a plate cover, Best looking to a shallow container or pans friends, because it is easier with the presses!

      I hope I could help you! :)

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