Spring Cleaning: Brushtree

Hello my friend!

Spring really motivated me, to clean the apartment completely again, do you feel like this, too in spring?

But not only cabinets, drawers and shelves are cleaned thoroughly, and beauty tools such as Brushes or sponges regularly need a proper wash.

So I want to show you something today, which has revolutionized my weekly routine:


A Brushtree!

About a year ago I have to Instagram two pictures posted:


The alverde Pflanzenölseife Verveine (vegan, 100g for ~1 €) I use still for cleaning, it smells wonderfully fresh! Sometimes I use a facial massage pad, but mostly just hands, that's my opinion on the fly easier and so hot dries the soap my hands not out. Nevertheless, I cream then always.


For a long time I hang my brushes after washing on. This has the decisive advantage, that not only the careful cleaning, but also passes on drying no water to the sensitive splices the brush fibers. Thus, the brush lose less hair and be spared. I usually do the, as in the picture above, With Clothespins. As our shower curtain attached to a clothesline, I push him just to the side and then insert gradually the individual brushes fixed to the brackets. That takes some time, but well worth it and also I have a feeling, that my fluffy helper dry faster. :)

A short time ago I love to Instagram in Metro2222 discovered a brush tree and decided, that I also need absolutely anything. :)

For as simple as the idea with clothespins, so cumbersome, it is again the brush remove, if you want to take a shower, no matter whether they are completely dry, or not.

So I a on AliExpress from China for ~ 10 € including. Shipping in white (There are also black) ordered. To order, unfortunately you need a credit card. After three weeks, he came without any problems and intact with me at, Shipments under 22 € are exempt from customs duties. You can order it from Germany, but for a much higher price and I suppose, that he is originally from China as well.


I particularly like, he quickly made three individual parts assembled leaves. Therefore, I can practically it after use in a Stow drawer and he is nowhere around. The disadvantage is, that the design a little bit shaky, I only hinstelle the tree, I do not care.


The brush tree has small openings of flexible plastic, in which one the Push brush from below can. This works out quickly and without a lot of pressure, that too Pulling upward is easy. Sometimes they stuck not perfectly straight, which can be but within seconds Correct.


My highlight: Even my kleiner Kabuki fits in one of the large openings, only the really huge brush (which also does not fit on clothespins) So be dried horizontally.


Are only once every beauty tools clean again and stuck in the brush tree, I put it close to the window, so that they can dry more quickly by the sun!


My Conclusion:

For 10 Euro you can definitely not go wrong! The brush is ideal tree, the everyday helpers to dry gently and saves compared to clothespin method some time.


– Through a plug-in system is the Pinselaum easy to stow.

– The brush gently dried.

– He is relatively inexpensive (10€).



– The flexible rubber dirty quickly and attracts dust. But he can be wash easily.

– The brush tree wobbles a little bit.


 By the way: Also sponges should be cleaned regularly. At Vivaness me the tip was on The-Konjac Sponge state given, that a regular use Konjac Sponge boiled every week with hot water should be!


Since I try my, already nachgekauften often, Sponge of For Your Beauty (Rossmann) also regularly disinfected so!


What are your Tips for brush cleaning?

Which Products do you use to get really clean to your beauty Helpers?


Dearest greetings,


19 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Brushtree”

  • Rossmann has thick cushioned laundry bag in spherical form for BHs. There I give my Konjacschwämme and then wash them with my 30 Degree Delicates. Only then is all dirt out (I believe clay masks so that) and the cooking is worth.

    I use my time as it says, namely as long, how they can be used and not crumble, crumble or fall apart. So that I can wash them regularly, I have always mehrerr sponges at the same time at home.

    The brush tree looks good, but I think, I continue to 'conventional' dry. Maybe that will change, If I get even more expensive brush. Show thank you for it!

    • Oh this is so a great idea! I use sponge my Konjac only in the morning in the shower and wash it out after use with a gentle cleanser, so he is never really dirty, but I could try sponge that with my Dr.Hauschka, I remove the masks to use :).

  • Cool! I believe, I need too so a brush tree. I found totally prima already your brush on the Clothesline, could not realize but still it, Therefore, I will probably sooner or later on as a sapling back attack. Thus I would clearly have a better feel. Thanks for the tip of the order. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • And, This is also so a problem the Clothespin method, that you just pretty much consumes! In addition, the clothespins are perhaps not the ideal for the surface of the brush. :) I'd love to! :)

  • HM, Phew … and. So I have no particular tips for brush cleaning. I clean them with the sonnet SOAP and finished ;-)) Then I put out just them to dry, so far still no brush has dissolved with me and also hair somehow never lose my brush. Apparently I have wonder brush. Find so a sapling and the idea alone still kind of cool and stylish, would not buy but it me :-)
    I love my brush, have for several years now but always just the same, few in use: The stinker by RT for Foundation, for the Rouge also RT and powder pressing with small Kabuki by AB on. Concealerpinsel is irgendsoein NONAME-thing. Since I'm using no eyeshadow, was it again, from time to time one Eyeliner Brush. Anyway I love brush (especially if they are fluffy fluffy, or stained, or simply just beautiful), but the reason WINS and therefore have I also only the few.

      • Oh ja, fluffy brushes are something great! I have but also so my team, which I then also usually wash, others are used only occasionally or I have already given you ^^. I ever came up with the idea, When I have real techniques, and still other brushes as tip read, as no water to the glue appears to allow, and so started to ensure. Of course, I can not say, How many hairs would have lost my brush, If not I would dry them, can also be, It doesn't even matter. :)

  • Oh, This is so a great thing. I always hang my normal brush, but I never knew when the Kabukis, how I best can fix it. There so a sapling is super. I would just put it, that the cat doesn't think that a new toy. :)

    • And, the Kabukis also nowhere get fit with me, that's why they were stored just lying ^^. But you must look at large Kabukis, whether they fit, alverde above is quite small! Hihi, that would be of course goofy :D.

  • Ah, This is so a cool idea! Reminds me a bit of my jewelry tree. Very handy!
    Damage, that he is made of plastic, but otherwise that would be probably difficult with the through-hole system.
    The investment is worth in any case even considering!

    • Hihi true! :) And, This is really a shame, I actually prefer myself do this, wooden z.B. but unfortunately not a good plan to thought :S. That's right! I think to myself, that he will keep even quite awhile, Therefore, price and material for me is acceptable, If not ideal. :)

  • Haha, what there is not about x.) .
    Sounds virtually! I wash my brushes always with my shampoo (previously I have used baby shampoo, but NK shampoos are so as smooth) and she recover back then mostly in my brush container to dry. Upside down, it would be better for the stem, but so far my brushes keep very good (: . Liebe Grüße.

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