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Hello my friend! Unfortunately this article is auto-translated. If you don ’ t understand something or want a handmade translation, Please contact me! :)Hello my friend! :)

Today I want to my experiences of the frog & Rossmann event to share with friends, on which I was invited recently. :)

In the following report I would like to pass on a few of the exciting information and answer the questions, that I made on the social media channels. :)

After a few hours train ride I have been received with many other wonderful bloggers at the frog's main headquarters in Mainz.


The whole building is a complex project, what its electricity from various renewable energy sources, wie z.B. Wind power- and solar panels on the roof, as well as geothermal energy refers to. The noises produced in addition more energy than it consumes. If you care, You can find here more information in one Promotional video by Werner & Mertz or here at Ö


The beautiful interior design as well as the many innovative and sustainable approaches has excited me, plug into the building.

Arrived in the lovingly decorated Conference room, waited for a delicious lunch at first, and Enerbio snacks on us.

www.kevinmuenkel.dePhoto: © Rossmann

I am pleased also the frog frog was present and Melanie and I could not otherwise, as to perpetuate us together on a photo. :D


Then the frog team introduced himself and began us more about their products, Production processes and the company's philosophy to tell.© Rossmann

The journey is the reward

Since 1986 has set itself the goal of frog, to develop sustainable cleaning products for everyone. There was really a cleaning products company on environmental protection are respected, the brand continued frog to bring about the goal of a change. It was much more difficult than it is today, sustainable products for sale, since they are associated with a slightly higher price and customers were less willing to pay this difference.

Frog decided consciously (and remains to this day in this decision), not to go on the stock exchange, but an owner-managed company to stay. Only in this way is guaranteed, that the team new, can continue to implement innovative and sustainable ideas, without the stakeholder engagement “braked” to be.

The brand frog, stands for nachhatige products, that contain no animal ingredients and are as efficient, as the chemistry Club of competition.

The products are not naturally, What is located on various factors. The frog team is true to the motto “The journey is the reward” keen, to work further on this issue, some ingredients have also their reasons.

I was asked a lot in this regard before the event, therefore I want to friends shortly “Construction sites” introduce, that frog is still working, which are now. the ingredients, who are maybe not ideal but are employed in reason:

  • The Federal Government publishes a regularly List of products with Micro plastic, What are some frog products. Therefore, Anni had by Annis treasure chest asked, how that agree can the concept of sustainable. It is when the used plastic waxy particles, the z.B. lend its Milky texture of the cream SOAP. According to frog, these particles are filtered out of wastewater treatment plants and are therefore less problematic. Still, the products be converted in June and this ingredient will disappear, Finally it is also a petroleum product. (By the way: A product needs rewording the 10 Months, until it can eventually appear on the market.)
  • An ingredient, the US natural cosmetics bloggers look through the ingredients was negative on sulfate is sodium laureth (SLS). This is a surfactant, Which one manufactured from crude oil will and therefore the natural cosmetic field not be used in may. This surfactant is used, as alternative, plant-based surfactants (e.g.. from sugar-cane or coconut nuts) every now and again can trigger incompatibilities and frog the Compatibility It is very important. But work is underway to replace the surfactant and there are already some products, clean only with plant-based surfactants.
  • Frog also uses synthetic fragrances. I personally am not a big fan of it, just because I have problems with asthma in this often. These fragrances are used but the same performance and the same scent as comparable, unfriendly detergent to achieve and as opposed to essential oils no allergies trigger, also extremely compatible are. For the masses, the frog also want to talk to, is it therefore (How do I find) a good solution.
  • As a last, should something more problematic ingredient Palm oil be mentioned. It handlelt though to certified Palm oil (in any case, which is ecologically better and more expensive than conventional), but in the end, it is difficult to find the exact origin. The company has set itself to the target to replace it even after, Since it is not regionally produced.

What has impressed me very, was this the openness of the frog-staff. While other companies, often with a simple “This is just so.” is dismissed, been here a lot of effort, to explain, why you decided to use of these substances and where frog even wants to continue to evolve. :)

There are also many initiatives by frog, that I commendable and well thought-out sustainable find and where you notice, that a lot of effort is given, to permanently improve something and not “to stop”:

Sustainability at frog

  • The Raw materials for each product as possible regionally grown and are never in competition with food production. For example, only parts are used for the purifiers with bio-ethanol from straw, they are not edible.

© Rossmann

  • The Packaging the cleaners are not produced from new oil, but consist of Recyclate, which is obtained mainly from old plastic Pflandflaschen. But the frog wants to go a step further and uses therefore PET out of the yellow bag, which can be sorted out with a specially developed Laserspektrografie. This is an innovative step, because still too much of a yellow bag as a cheap fuel to the waste. Now there is ca. 60% a frog bottle made of recycled PET bottles and already 40% Pet out of the yellow bag. Bio plastic is not, Since this is obtained almost exclusively from sugar cane and this can be cultivated not regionally. By the way: You can see the difference of a recycling bottle for a bottle of fresh oil produced only on something murkier Gray bottle neck. :)
    PET recyclate
  • Instead of the standard principle “Cradle to grave” (Cradle to the grave), When frog “Cradle to cradle” enforced. The target is the ideal of a cycle in which the old plastic (as above explained) completely to a new product recovered is. Instead of eco-efficiency (do less bad) is more about eco efficiency, so develop a cycle.
  • Frog avoids the use of animal ingredients and slaughterhouse waste, how they are used in products such as fabric softeners and gall. Although I am convinced, to make use of every part of the animal, but as a vegetarian or vegan that makes sense. Therefore the stain remover is also “As gall” and works perfectly for me: He got my white bag on the morning before the event coffee is expired I again gleaming white without any problems in the evening. :)
  • For many of the products are Refill Packs available, need the less plastic.


  • It will only little and discreet advertising switched and counted more on personal recommendation. So the saved budget can the products and new, benefit sustainable ideas.
  • There is a a lot of will to improve more and more and not content to stop at a point. This is confirmed by the EMAS certificate, where is reviewed annually, whether be changed active something positive or only the previously achieved changes persisted.

More questions were:

Lina (lunatik_und_bluete on Instagram) asked: “I would be interested where the products are mainly producedThe response by frog: “Nearly all products are made in the main production plant in Mainz. Only a few are in our second seat Hallein (AT) produces. We get the ingredients as individual commodities from different regions - these are then mixed into the recipe creation in Mainz/Hallein together. For example, are u.a for our deployed surfactants. the rapeseed oil from Germany or the olive oil from Italy related.”

Was also asked on Facebook, whether it soon liquid or solid shower gel and shampoo and toilet paper from Frog will be. According to frog are slow (as you can see on the cream SOAP) thought about products in this direction, but still not planned.

Production processes

After an informative lunch, we were able to also take a look behind the scenes and in the production of frog:


Because it looks so beautiful and I could watch the plants for hours, Here are some GIFs! :)

I present to you: The production of a frog toilet cleaner (at least a part of it). :)






Fascinatingly, not true? :)

Since customers all over the world must be supplied, It needs to keep a corresponding high bay warehouse to all the many products to the shipping. This is messy or. dynamically built and is therefore particularly efficient.


Soapy fun

To make your day, smell we most recently in the labs at our own detergent create.


As a basis, the sensitive served Spülmitel, which we could spice up some color and scent.



© Melanie from Nixenhaar

Out came my personal, fragrance-neutral detergent in a dark ocean- which are now. Space blue. :D


After a delicious dinner and nice conversations, as well as a wonderful walk with the dear Melanie from Nixenhaar expected me in the hotel room a new frog, as well as eye makeup remover and Micelle water of Alterra plus a decent Cap sleep.

Frog + Rossmann_Event_Hotel

A hearty breakfast was later then again time to make it on the way home. A small workout thanks to a variety of new test objects by frog including. ;)

At this point, I would like to thank for this enchanting event, It was organized not only lovingly by Rossmann and frog and run, also the openness we bloggers or. Customers surprised me enormously positive. So, critical issues were not only accepted but even desirable to advance the debate around sustainability and trend-setting products.


Finally, I would draw attention even on a small special full of food, the US has been given for the return. It's here at to a somewhat unconventional Lunchbag made from cellulose, which wash off leaves.


The material feels, like a mixture of leather and cardboard and is actually easy and quick to clean. A few minutes later it has dried out completely.


Oh, I think she's beautiful, for me a real alternative to the classic pail! Do not you agree? :)




You can find more articles about the event at Nixenhaar, Rossmann and Frog. :)

You take care when cleaning products sustainability?

Are you using perhaps frog products?

Did perhaps ask the frog team?

Lots of love,



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