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Hello my friend! Unfortunately this article is not available in english yet, it what translated automatically. If you wish a translation please contact me or write a comment.


Hello my friend! :)

“Flashback Friday” is today's theme of the hair band with a small feature: Also you can specify your post on Haarbande.de and take part in this month. I'm incredibly excited about, What are various articles of this time with this!

My hair have changed a lot in the course of life. As a child, I had long hair, until I eventually decided in elementary school to cut me short. From this point on, the color and the cut has several times changed, they have been always short, until two years ago.

Shortly after graduation, I had a pony and decided to become a once-blond. Then it went off to the hairdresser and the result was one of the worst hairstyles, that I ever had. Spotty dyed, unevenly and with a cut, He was maybe once said in a different decade. Completely distraught and shocked I then arrived at my friend, the me then spontaneously a Bob cut, easy to save at least something.

image 33

Two weeks later I went to a different hairdresser to again save the hair, What is actually reasonably managed. In the later months I've dyed to always the approach, What is super worked.

But at some point, a 2012 around I wanted to not constantly dying after and Ombré was in the coming, so I dyed a transition me without further ADO, What though not as perfectly natural Balayage (It was also still not there :p) came out, I liked but still super good. However, as the trend was getting bigger in the next few years, were my hair back to Brown. And then a terrible Red. I find a single picture of it, because I found it so awful. I liked it, so little, I used herbal hair color at the end to finally get off the last Red Shimmer. To do this, there is also a old article on the blog.

About two and a half years ago, I decided to grow my hair long, just to see, looks like the whole. In Vietnam I went with this intent to the hairdresser and he gave me even a last short hair cut, so that the hair can grow evenly in the following months and years.

image 35

Well and now I have suddenly long hair, without me as a typical “Longhair” to see, Maybe because I've worn so long short hair and had never great problems, me to cut off the hair. As it is in future, I can not say, of course, it can be, that I'm from whim to the hairdresser and have suddenly short hair, but currently, I like the length. :)

My favorite herbal hair color “"honeyblonde"” dye I regularly, something to care for and just because I like the orange-and Red Shimmer. :)


My most favorite picture is from the kindergarten period, shortly after I tried, gave me with this wavy scissor “Waves pony” to cut. :D

image 36

Why I look so at a kindergarten photo? The photographer told me, I should not so goofy grin, and then I him (rightly) angry with a half, half sad look punished. Thank you, Dear Mama, you still got the photos, so I have still something to laugh! :)

What have you tried already everything with your hair?

Too many cuts and colours are with or do you have your typical favorite hair style, you love that? :)

What was your worst hair? :)


Lots of love,

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  • Wah Julia please delete my last comment, Since it has posted something wrong, I don't know why :o

    I wanted friends eigl. write, I totally like the reddish glow and the kindergarten picture is herzallerliebst :-D

  • This kindergarten is just for the smooch! Pony as well as facial expression! And I bet, You can watch now still as sweet grim! :)
    Blond like you not so much, the current Red-Brown is super nice!

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