Holiday hairstyles [Haarbande]


Hello my friend! :)

Today it’s all about easy festive hairstyles!

The first hairstyle is pretty easy, just twist your sides to the middle of the back of your head and use a pretty hairclip!


For the second hairstyle I used this tutorial by the freckled fox but braided the lower part normally, because my hair is way too thick to twist it in the end. :) Also I added some gift ribbon and made small mistletoe hairclips.



How do you like the hairstyles?

Do you wear special hairstyles at christmas or new year?


9 thoughts on “Holiday hairstyles [Haarbande]”

  • Die goldene Blattspange ist total hübsch *.* Schöne Frisuren! Die erste gefällt mir Besonders, allein schon wegen dieser Spange.
    Der Weihnachtspin is süß xD Leider seh ich das Endergebnisbild irgendwie nicht, There exists only a long white gap in the blog :(

    • The Barrette is by RAI and was even relatively inexpensive, but I like her a lot :). HM, in the desktop version, it comes with me, only mobile not, actually there is a second slider should be visible, Thanks for the hint! Have corrected it now, you would have to see it again, Maybe it takes something to load :)

  • yours are become hair long wow! I have just again by almost 7 CM adopted – a shoulder-length cut suits me better. But the long hair are great.
    I could make to still your first hair with some simple waves ;).

    I find it really cute and have managed your and Valandriels hairstyles!
    Greenest greetings

    • Many Thanks! :I'm still a bit surprised D every day in the mirror, really I have not gotten yet, I think, Anyway, I really like the length! :) I totally like shoulder length hair, have worn it long so :). Thank you so much, I'm very happy :).Liebe Grüße!

  • I find the first hairstyle also at its best! To you I could see very well a Gibson tuck present. This is unfortunately no longer with me because of the length. Was not so hard to make the, can a manual look at friends Yes =.)

    Liebe Grüße

    • Thanks for the tip, I was looking for just that, must I necessarily try, I've worn so a similar hairstyle a few years ago :). Liebe Grüße! :)

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