Light as a feather – My summer essentials

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Hello my friend!

Last week, as the temperatures climbed higher and higher it became clear: Spring is gone and got replaced by summer!

Our flat gets so hot, only a fan can save me.

The natural products I choose can be described in just one word: They have to be light as a feather.

federleicht - summer essentials

That's why I'll show you my summer essentials today, the ones I don't feel on my skin. :)


1. Soft makeup

Do you know what sticky makeup at hot temperatures feels like? A no go for me! I only do use thick foundation for special occasions, otherwise I choose one of these skin improvers: 


Summer makeup 


1. alverde – Pure Teint Make-Up (20 pure sand)

Still my favourite thin make-up! It doesn’t accent dry patches in summer, has an acceptable coverage and feels just fantastic, not sticky at all! Also you only need a few drops, so it lasts very long.

2. Benecos – Natural mineral powder (light sand)

Even lighter as make-up is this great mineral-powder by benecos! The longer you work it into the skin, the better does the coverage get and even is comparable to liquid make-up. The finish is extremely natural and the skin looks perfected but not fake at all.

3. Lavera – Natural mousse makeup (03 honey)

This mousse make-up is a bit like the pure teint make-up and leaves a beautiful finish, not too matt, not too shiny, just some glow. This colour is a bit too dark for me in summer, but it has a light coverage and blends well, so it doesn’t look like a wrong shape. The colour is okay, if I use my self tanning lotion. :)

4. alverde – Cream To Powder Concealer (20 Ivory)

If my skin has only a few flaws, I prefer covering them instead of putting make-up on my whole face. This one has an incredible coverage and changes its texture, so it is not sticky at all. I bought it so many times and maybe I’ll buy it again soon, because the colour gets a bit too light in summer.


2. Fine spray mist

What is more refreshing, than a fresh mist of the favorite floral water?

Summer toner


1. Dabba – Chamomile Water*

I got some DABBA flower waters at the Vivaness fair and right now I use the full size of chamomile water. All of the hydrosols have a great caring effect on the skin and feel very refreshing. I use it many times a day, because it is conserved with fermented radish and only lasts two months after opening it.

2. Rose water

This is my favourite rose water and it is one of my favourite hydrosols. I filled it in a spray bottle so I don’t have to use a cotton pad every time. :)

3. PRIMAVERA – SOS spray *.

I wrote about this here and it is not just good for warm weather but also for exams!

4. farfalla – Refresh body spray *.

This body spray smells fresh and fruity, just like a summer cocktail! :)


3. Light facial care

My dry skin needs care! Very important for me: No sticking!

Summer care


1. Luvos – Building up face fluid*

I love the texture of this fluid but unfortunately my skin doesn’t like the alcohol in it. Sometimes I use it never the less, because it feels so great. Maybe I’ll buy the serum, the ingredients are nearly the same but it doesn’t contain that much alcohol.

2. Zuii – Flora Foundation primer (mauve)*

Oh this primer is so fantastic! I would love it even more, if it had another colour, because the mauve makes my slightly tanned skin a bit too light and a bit weird in summer. So I use it as a night care for a exceptionally soft skin. :)

3. alva – Hydrogel

This hydrogel was my favourite one last summer, too. It gets absorbed quickly and gives a moisture boost.

4. Myrto natural cosmetics – Day cream S *.

Very new to my routine is this cream by myrto that doesn’t contain irritating fragrances. The texture is richer as the ones above, but it still gets absorbed quickly on wet skin.


4. The breath of fresh fragrance

Last year I discovered natural scents, and I love these ones for warm temperatures: (The scents of PACIFICA are not pure natural cosmetics!)

Summer perfume 

1. PACIFICA – California star Jasmine

A simple and fresh scent, as light as a feather: My favourite one in spring and summer!

2. PACIFICA – Hawaiian Ruby guava

This one is warmer and very fruity and makes you want to eat some tasty summer fruits.

3. Acorelle – Jardin of Thés *.

Is there anything fresher than cold ice tea? I don’t think so! :) This perfume by Acorelle is just that fresh and was one of my favorite products in 2014. I don’t like it in winter but in summer it is perfect!

4. MARMOZEL – Jasmine *.

You only need a tiny bit of it and it reminds me of a summer flower garden.

5. MARMOZEL – Rose *.

The rose scent is a little more intense but still not penetrant and wonderful if you like the smell of roses.

6. Pacifica – Tucson blood orange *.

This is exactly what fresh blood oranges smell like! Just like you would make some fresh blood orange juice, lovely! :)



Which products of yours feel light as a feather on your skin?


Lots of love,


PRSample *.

26 thoughts on “Light as a feather – My summer essentials”

  • I wanted to also consider the powder by benecos me.
    My disaster at the time: I use sunscreen on your face and actually I would like to still cover, alverde with powder or the make up, but then I can not apply the sunscreen without it degenerating into a disgusting graffiti... have you got an idea ?
    wanted to try it with tinted sunscreen (Sundance/DM, I use Yes not only NK) but that was only a LE and nowhere to get :(

    • The mineral powder of benecos really is my favorite, about right for the price / performance ratio! I have a little trick, the I also glare will introduce, have tried both to mix? I mix is always too dark Foundation with sunscreen and usually I get out exactly when the skin tone, which I would like. :)

  • First of all I must say times, how lovely are your posts – in the sense, that you are giving a lot of effort and you can also see that. Compliment for this :)
    In the summer I virtually never reach to perfume, I got it because like easy “fragrance-free”. Come in the face of a maximum powder or mineral Foundation (thin layer). I have also greatly reduce face cream in summer, as regards the amount of the order. A serum without fat component works best. In the summer, I'm really very minimalist and give as little as possible on products on the face.

    • Oh love many thanks, It makes me very happy, that comes with you so! :)
      I'm also super sensitive, What's perfume, throughout the year, I can no longer smell conventional fragrances, you are much too intense. Featured are all just very slightly noticeable to the luck and refresh me on warm days, I can understand it but totally, you're using rather no perfume in summer! :)
      Even though I love to use very many products, I think, that minimalism is not so wrong in the care. :) Which serum are you using for example, If I may ask? :)

  • And, I know that! In the summer, I very often have the problem, I always sweat glycerol and fatty alcohol under the light creams with a lot specially, and it me a little heat bumps. I then like to attack to the face cream by Martina Gebhardt. Of them I need but only a mini lot, because it is very greasy. But somehow my skin it seems still more clear to come. This year I'll try it with the face cream by myrto, which you mentioned in your post. I am curious, how she does without the usual emulsifiers, and whether the phenomenon of heat bumps it is formed. I'm worried because of the daily sun protection. I hope, that my skin so better clearly comes, When it is hot. :) ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

    • I have luckily fewer problems with glycerol, but with alcohol, I'm pretty much! This is very interesting, Thanks for sharing this tips! The sunscreen is unfortunately too little sticky with me, but Furthermore I must ignore, This sunscreen is just too important! Fortunately, I have little problems with it, I am but thanks to much learning and any terrace or balcony anyway just more inside than outside, so not so often need sun protection.

      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • Flower water are so great. You pass me personally as a perfume. At the moment also sunscreen enough for me + Moisture serum as day care and my skin turns red not, good enough for me even the weißelnde effect as balancing color :D

    Liebe Grüße

    • Oh ja, that's right! You're absolutely right, for a light scent in the meantime they are ideal! :) How convenient! :) I need to mix mostly still slightly dark Foundation to the sunscreen, I will be pretty white, I have however the sunscreen of alverde, the really intense whitening. :)

      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • A nice post! He reads just as light as a feather, how the products are apparently. (And by the way I really like the spring photo megagern!) Hydrolates are currently also up again very popular with me and I want also to lighter scents. I don't need make-up almost completely, I am well provided with Mineralfoundation and BB cream, anything else would be too heavy. The use of too much fun Sera in the summer, I agree!

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Thank you! :) Hydrolates are just great! So refreshing but still I have the feeling to cultivate something on my skin… and the scent! :) I kinda just a BB cream by benecos and it's also quite heavy, Therefore, only light textures in question come with me, as these new “light” Make-Ups. :) Liebe Grüße! :)

  • Love Julia, What for a beautiful product mix for the summer (: .
    Alverde pure complexion and also the alverde cream to powder concealer that also count towards my everyday Favorites. Like you I need now in the summer but also a darker shade of the concealers. That speaks for the great color selection for light and very light skin but I find (: .
    I like the benecos powder in the summer also particularly, preferably about sunscreens, Since's great frosted!
    In the summer I love nothing more than Mineralfoundations anyway! The finish, Opacity, Comfort and light skin improvements myself back.
    A few days ago, I got my first Dabba Hydrolate (Apple) started, but unfortunately unfortunately I'm so spoiled from my previously used SantaVerde toner, so that the spray mist at Dabba not fine me is enough. Very bad, that's why I will return to SantaVerde again or for the time being in the SantaVerde glass bottle with the great spray head water to the Apple * hehe *..
    The products of luvos and myrto interest me even longer. Liebe Grüße (: .

      • Thank you so much! :)
        I also find that, the cream to powder concealer is one of the brightest, good opaque concealer NK products at the drugstore, I agree. That's right, the Mattierungs effect is really good! :) This is a good idea, so you have fine spray mist and can still try the DABBA Hydrolate! :) The bottle I would necessarily keep and always boil and reuse, If it works so well! :) The Acorelle scent is so fresh and the only, the I really, really likes. :)
        Liebe Grüße :).

  • The fragrances sound great, in the summer I like light fragrances very much on me. I've already eyed Pacifica, me not married but. I like fruity fragrances namely very much, but also the flowery variant sounds good!
    I have test experience of Acorelle even fragrances, as Rose was my absolute favorite course (must Yes, as a rose fan)

    • Bake the cupcakes at vegan boutique can you, by the way the order after samples (which are now. sprayed test strips) ask for the Pacifica perfumes, I sent to myself bought two get plus samples and then me again two, because the scent on the test strip has liked me so much! :) Agreed, the rose smell also very tasty, I kind of like the scent but only sometimes. :D

  • By Marmozel had I heard yet and looked me right away on their Web site. These are really beautiful things :) and so pretty designed :)) You don't know, whether you can directly purchase or whether any German Web shop has?

    • Hello Manuela, the design is really beautiful! As far as I know you can order until now only directly from the site and then paid for a shipment of €7 in the EU (from €60 free shipping). For me, I had to also sign, It could be a trace here so, I'm not sure but. The matters are quite wonderful but really small, so get a fright, that the products are so tiny, they are very economical. :) The perfumes in the picture are z.B. Full sizes :).
      Liebe Grüße!

  • I also had the benecos powder, but unfortunately not quite. Therefore I currently like to use the mineralfoundation by alienor, She comes out with very little ingredients and can be on-demand strongly or less strongly a. I use it currently as a concealer.
    Many greetings
    the duck

  • A very nice and interesting post!:-) You've outdone yourself again even. My care looks like now in the summer: Morning and evening I cleanse my face with the Sapful almond cleansing lotion by Weleda. Because it is beautifully soft and doesn't dry out my face. Then I use my rose-Aloe Vera toner from Logona without alcohol and that I keep in the summer in the fridge now and every now and then also for refreshments in between using. Then comes only still a lightweight gel at the moment I use of Alterra pomegranate serum , which I also stocked in the fridge in the summer to the easier. Ready! I don't need makeup in the summer basically there to be, I'm somewhere in the evening invited. Otherwise the Sun cannot be missed of course. Since the eco cosmetics tinted face moisturizer with SPF is with me 15 in the usage.

    • Many Thanks, that's so sweet of you! :) Cleansing milk I like also very much the almond! I've seen quite a few times in the Rossmann the Alterra Granatapfel serum, was always satrk and I bought it not, Maybe I look at but even it :D. I imagine also super practical a tinted face moisturizer with SPF in the summer! :)

  • Hihi, Since I read so just your post and my ears are freezing, Since we have below-zero temperatures felt in Munich :-)
    I find it so exciting fragrances, I smelled so some of you on the Vivaness, gorgeous!

    • Here I give you absolutely right, I was yesterday in Munich and it was really chilly, Here, it's just not much better. :(
      So a bit more summer is in there but ;). And, the Pacifica perfumes are really fantastic, I know just love some more, What is this, but my demand was unfortunately always not yet responded :S.

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