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Hello my friend! :)

It is the 10th of August, so here it is, a new article for the “Haarbande” (translated something like hair gang :D)! You can find the posts of the other members here. :)

This month it is all about our “four favourite” hair product and this time I don’t just want to show you my current favourites but think about it in another way: If I would move and could only take four things for my hair with me, which ones would I choose? :)


Small spoiler: I cheated a tiny bit :D.

1. Tools

1.1 Detangling brush


I use many brushes, a detangling brush, a massaging wooden brush for my scalp and one with boar bristles to spread the sebum.

If I had to choose only one, I would take my tangle Teezer Salon elite, because it does’t tweak and is just perfect for the basic detangling of my hair.

1.2 Invisibobble


My invisibobbles are so fundamentally in my daily life, because even though I have my diy fake ficcare, my diy leaf hairclip and many hair accessories, I use on invisibobble most of the time. They don ’ t tweak, they hold my hairstyle together and I barely feel them.

This is why I don ’ t include them: They is always one on my head, so I don ’ t have to carry one with me :D.

2. Shampoo


So fundamental is my shampoo. I use the shine shampoo by Terra Naturi, I presented it already in this article to you. Right now I am trying to wash my hair with rye flour but I am not sure if this will supersede my shampoo. :)

3. Conditioner


I searched for a good and cheap natural conditioner for a long time and finally found the hydrating conditioner from Alterra. I bought it many times now and still love it! :)

4. Leave-in


Last but not least I need some leave - in. It what hard to decide weather to choose aloe vera gel or oil but I think my hair ends need some heavy extra care like oil. My favourite one is the summer hair oil by myrto naturalcosmetis. :)

What are your four essential hair products?

Lot's of love,


9 thoughts on “Favourite four [Haarbande]”

    • I have unfortunately just a fake Ficcare, me sitting a bit too bad, so my choice was quite unique. :) At some point I keep the original me sometimes, that makes a significant difference determined!
      Liebe Grüße!

  • 4 I find things for the hair as the absolute minimum, because otherwise I use already more. With our collection, we are already very similar, because also me shampoo/condi is very important.) I had omitted the LI for the benefit of staff of hair =.)

    LG Jodiie

    • Yes that's true, told me it was just more or less 5, at a pinch I would have omitted the oil but then I don't want my hair better in a few months on the “Island” see :D as a hair stick I should get me sometimes :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • Hi Julia,
    I find quite minimal four products. I need always my tangle Teezer Salon elite, the ebelin spiral braid holder, the mysalifree organic shampoo mixed with the Lavera sensitive shampoo, Tanamera extra virgin organic coconut oil as a conditioner and Batiste dry shampoo medium & Brunette.
    Liebe Grüße
    Nancy :)

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