Farfalla Cellulite Challenge + benecos winners

Hello my friend! 

I hope you had beautiful Easter and have the few sunbeams, who now and then look can well exploited! :)

Today I would like to show you something about the 4 Weeks Cellulite Challenge von Butterfly tell, I've pulled more or less strictly in the past few weeks.

Here I have already told them briefly, The Challenge consists of a Eating plan, some sports exercises and a nursing program with the action package. This includes a Shower Gel (150ml for 9.90 €), a Peeling (100ml 19,80 €), a Body lotion (150ml for € 26.90) und ein Gel (150ml for € 34.50), all Certified Natrue and vegan, Miracle from the silhouette series of Farfalla.

In addition, it contains a Towel, that you can conveniently fold over into a small bag, a great idea! :) The whole package has been provided free of charge and with no conditions available to me. It costs here e.g.. 72€, So at 19 € cheaper than the individual products.

The package content has been able to convince me differently during the four-week application.

The Products

Silhouette Miracle – Shower Gel *


The shower gel has a wonderful fresh scent and wakes you in the morning in the shower really on.


 It has a gelatinous, not to liquid consistency.:) 

Ingredients Shower Gel
Aqueous-alcoholic extract of ginger, Sugar surfactant from coconut oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (washing-active amino acids), Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (washing-active amino acid ester), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (Sugar surfactant), Blend of natural essential oils, Xanthan, vegetable lactic acid, Birch sap *. * Certified organically grown

Based on the ingredients you recognize, except that the glycerin, the lactic acid and the vegetable glycerine contain nourishing substances.

Therefore feels the Skin after showering while beautifully taut an, jedoch little cultivated. However, I have to say, that I otherwise almost always Cream showers use and therefore quite spoiled am ;).

Silhouette Miracle – Body Scrub*


 Much more care is the Peeling her. It's my second favorite product can convince me absolutely out of line and has!


The Consistency is thick, where it made a rather viscous mass and many small sugar granules there. These are not sharp, but have nevertheless a discernible effect. Upon contact with water, the mass is milky and less viscous. After a short time the sugar particles dissolve when massaged into the skin almost entirely on. Thus, one does not irritate the skin by excessive peeling and hardly wasted product, because it washes away little, massaged but the most. What remains is a tender, wonderfully groomed skin.


Ingredients Body Scrub
Sucrose*, Sunflower oil *, Vegetable Glycerin *, Orange water *, Sucrose Laurate, Almond oil *, Coconut oil *, Jojobaöl *, Blend of natural essential oils, Soybean oil, natural vitamin E. * from organic farming

Where do the maintenance in this scrub comes, can be seen when looking at the ingredients. In addition to the sugar-Peelingteilchen, Glycerin and orange water contains more oils: Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and soybean oil. 

This is a product of which I could well imagine nachzukaufen.

The only drawback: It takes for an application already quite a bit of product, Unfortunately, the amount on the back of the hand on top of the photo is not enough.

 Silhouette Miracle – Body Lotion *


We come to the Creaming! For this purpose, in a Set Firming Body Lotion included.

Ingredients Body Lotion
Aqueous-alcoholic extract of ginger, Sunflower oil *, Birkensaft *, Vegetable Glycerin *, Lauryl Laurate, Blend of natural essential oils, Fettalkohol, Fettsäureglucosid, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (Fatty acid esters), Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Arginine, Xanthan, Longanfrucht extract, Gellan Gum, Soybean oil, natural vitamin E. * from organic farming

As with the other products, are the ingredients well in order, Ginger, Birch sap and Logan fruit extractmust against cellulite act.


The Consistency is creamy, they can be easy to spread and absorbs quickly. In addition, it is relatively odorless. A firming effect I can actually find and also a Ordinary care action I ask for the application determined. Not quite as intense as in body oils, perfectly adequate but just right for me. Right now in the summer it will be super comfortable, as it pulls away quickly and slightly cooling acts.

Silhouette Miracle – Firming Body Gel *


My allerliebstes product from the series is this Body Gel. One senses, as the Stimulates blood circulation while massaging and draws enormous away quickly. It reminds me of serums for the face and has a similar, firming effect. So, the skin feels afterwards smooth and well moisturized an.

Ingredients Slimming gel
Aqueous-alcoholic extract of ginger; Birkensaft *, Propanediol, Vegetable Glycerin *, Blend of natural essential oils, Xanthan, Rotalgenextrakt, Longanfrucht extract, herbal Phythinsäure, Arginine. * from kontr. organic farming

As thickener xanthan and seaweed extract is used. Again, find ginger, Birch sap and Longanfrucht extract.


The consistency is very thick, similar, jedoch not quite as hard as jelly.


On top of the product is a be Massage Roller, which allows you to gently roll after application on the skin. He pinches the skin together something and so promotes circulation, you should gently approach. Bruises are excluded, unless you rolled wildly through the skin. For me, a super Feature des Gels

The Plan

For the full schedule, check here.

The Challenge runs four weeks far. Here, the shower gel and twice daily is the week to exfoliate and use a shower at the end hot and cold alternately. The body is alternately creamed with body lotion or body gel and the “Problem areas” with the Massage Roller (5 Minutes per side) massaged.

In addition to this maintenance program should also Sport make. This consists of daily yoga exercises or targeted“Toothbrush exercises”. In addition, one should practice interval training or a self-selected sport.

Last also should be on the Nutrition pay attention, in the plan some recipes included, Basically: As little sugar and spending a lot of proteins, Fats and carbohydrates many mediocre.

The implementation

I have to admit, that there is probably no worse time for the Challenge may be as in the Examination time. The time for the care I could take my, because I was planning to me as short break for me, between learning a.

Even the athletic part worked quite well, thanks 7 Minute workout. It is a Training method from the USA, the day only 7 Takes minutes to complete, but it should take all the muscles. You train 12 Exercises 30 seconds and then has a break from 10 Seconds. You can also buy several rounds in a row exercising and so the 7 Prolong minutes.

Personally, I like the exercises very much and may rather bring myself to 7 Minutes to give full throttle, to go as jogging for half an hour a day. In spite of my asthma I get the exercises every now and already after a few days I realize, as I become stronger and the exercises become more adept me. Which gives much motivation.


I use a App on your phone, because there is massive on the App Store (both free and chargeable). This is practical, that one of the start of the exercise will be announced and you so not have to look at the clock. All exercises can be found but e.g.. even here, or just google after!

The part of unfortunately not working hat, was the Diet. Because you can not do anything unklügeres, as in the To waive testing phase on sugar. That might have worked, if I had already used a few weeks and months it, so it was unfortunately impossible. I just could not think straight, because I lacked the sugar. So I reached the end yet again for sweet, if possible healthy and noticed the difference immediately. What me otherwise more help, is “healthier” Sweeten, with different sweeteners  (Stevia, Licorice, Rohrohrzucker,…) to the cravings for chocolate and Co. to tame and thus “überflüssigem Zucker” to go out of the way.

The Result

 Although my diet has deteriorated almost at this stage thanks to the tests, is my But became significantly firmer skin and the Legs slightly thinner. I think, that the daily sports and massaging were decisive. So I am very pleased about the effect! The plan with the healthier life for me is not risen despite Challenge, the food was quite on track. But hey, more brilliant, I could still notice an appreciable difference!

My Conclusion

 I'm going to the Continue to use products now (there is still a lot left!) and alsomassage daily. I would buy more Body Scrub and the gel, as just a scrub of Annemarie Börlind is queued, probably only the latter. Shower gel is not available on time not for me – I love cream and showers with body lotions I'm not quite happy, I'm just more of the body type of oil. :) Maybe I use sometimes other products with the massage roller and see what comes out, then the intensive firming effect is probably missing.

If you are unsure, Can you incidentally also a Probeset with small sizes of the shower gels, the body lotion and the Körpergels (and a fragrance) Buy for 10 €.


Now I would also like to still announce the winner of benecos Sweepstakes:



Enable JavaScript to see the video.



Congratulations sciura!


Did you as a Challenge tried before?

What products do you use against cellulite?

Massaging to get your skin or. do you use a massage roller?


Dearest greetings,



PRSample *.

13 thoughts on “Farfalla Cellulite Challenge + benecos winners”

  • I have the gel with the roller in use. Unfortunately, my skin clearly remembers the high alcohol content, She dry out quickly, If I Goo not what rich afterwards. Find failed hence the formulation. But the scooters are enjoyable and I notice beautiful circulation!

    • Oh that's so bad! I have to say, I have a slightly dry skin just in the face and I therefore had no problems on the body. Normally I use cream showers anyway and need in the summer actually cooking any care. After the gel my skin feels soft and smooth. Very good to know, that then maybe you can get problems with dry or sensitive skin. Thanks for the hint!

  • The challenge sounds interesting, also when I get such products more skeptical. I think, that sport brings more then clearly. I imagine such toiletries as a nice complement, doubt but, that the result with sports alone, so without the skin care products, would be really bad (at least with regard to the streamlining).

    • Here I give you absolutely right! Only by care not get away determined cellulite, They promote the positive feeling rather just after exercise. :) There can be a slight firming effect of the care, wie z.B. also with hyaluronic acid in Gesichtsseren, the effect is then but only for a short time!

  • Funny, I was thinking about earlier still, that you were going to report soon from the challenge :-)
    I had because of my allergies and my concerns written Farfalla but received no reply. Since I will have to check again.
    I had a small samples of a firming crème of Börlind and she was top! I see even more such products as a complement to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There were really super product against cellulite and especially against after pregnancy bellies, I would quite loud “Here” Scream :-D
    By the way, I like those 5 Min workouts very well. Thanks for the app tip!
    Dearest Greetings

  • OHA, firming products, actually that make an impact – not very often there! :) Where there was involved daily training probably also instrumental.
    Maybe I should try out the scrub or gel.

  • Hello!

    Damage, that not really worked with the diet, but there's so many other things during the exam, you need to focus on the, that's quite understandable.
    My better half “forces” me also, to be sporting a little active. Although not every day, for this but also longer than 7 minutes. After the first time I had horrible muscle aches (Stairs was the naked horror), but from time to time it was easier; now I can (again) easily 30 Do squats per set, If you me 2-3 Pause in between are minutes.
    With the care I do (unfortunately) nothing at all for streamlining, at most times contrast showers (so 3 times a year maybe). But is also a body scrub in the shower, but I use it only occasionally on the legs, so no hair wax. But as a part of the massage would be possibly worth…

    Love greetings!

    • Yes exactly, but I will watch now soon something better for my diet :). This is really nice, great if your better half that motivates you! Such a Massier device there are also individually to buy, in most drugstores. :)

  • I liked the products is also very, but much more because of its consistency and a refreshing scent, as for the (promised) Lifting effect. ;)

    Personally, I am of the opinion, that woman can improve your cellulite through sports and nutrition. Such products have a maximum support. But even then I doubt, they make a big difference. ;)

    Liebe Grüße,

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