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Je mehr ich mich mit Naturkosmetik, Inhaltsstoffen und auch Nachhaltigkeit beschäftige, desto mehr weitet sich diese Thematik in meinem Leben aus. Meanwhile, I'm looking increasingly for fair Bio-Mode and would like to also feed conscious. Geht dir das auch so? Da ich Studentin bin, kann ich natürlich nicht sofort alles umstellen, but little by little I see quite a change in my life.

I wanted to therefore necessarily even from the “Fair Handeln” fair, I have visited it on the ninth April! It was next to some other fairs from the 9th to the 12th of April in the fair Stuttgart (Germany).

After I had picked me my press card at the entrance, went there already going on and I ran in the direction of Halle 3, the half with the Fairhandeln Fair, the other half was filled with the creative fair.


Yoga World

But on my way there, I could not stop by short unlike in the atrium at the Yoga World, where it's all about Yoga and Ayurveda.

Immediately I remembered the well-designed booth

Amazing Yoga



The online store sells stylish fashion and pretty accessories of different brands, so you also visually has a lot of fun doing yoga.


The multicolored clothes was really like to Yoga!



In cannamoda clothes are made from hemp fibers. I think for a long time, that this plant should be much more widely distributed, since they can provide a lot more mass of raw material, with the same supply of nutrients and space, wie z.B. Cotton or wood. The clothing is rather simple and I would wear rather than Basics.

Your Super Foods


Michael and Kristel love Superfood, but do not see a, so you have to be limited to the positive effect of one or two of these nutrient bombs. That's why they sell different superfood blends, with which one can enjoy the benefits of very different ingredients, without spending more, than for the same amount of a single superfoods.


Not only the idea, also a wonderful taste of a smoothie with one of the mixes has me absolutely from “Your Super Foods” Convincing concept! 

Well fortified, I came in Halle 3 an, the actual target.




 At the stand of Fair Trade I realized some of my favorite products in everyday life again. With this e.g.. delicious chocolate biscuits (a pack rarely lasts more than a day in my home :P) and the Organic Pepper of the Lidl Fairtrade brand “Fairglobe”, and the Terra Naturi cotton pads and Buds, Aerosols.



An Austrian company, of which I had not heard anything so far, war Lemberona. The food producer sells a variety of products from oils on rice and quinoa to dried fruit- and nut mixtures. The Peculiarity: All foods are from organic farming, fair trade and vegan (even the packaging).


I was allowed to nibble at the stand some of the treats and was blown away. The first picture shows the Tibetans mix, which was compiled according to the teachings of Tibetan monks.


My absolute favorite was the wonderful chocolate almonds and cinnamon.


Sugared almonds with raw cane sugar to make not only visually, but also culinary specialties ago.

After a very nice conversation I had fortunately move, otherwise I would probably still leergefuttert the whole state! 


On some level Rapunzel was going on, Still, I could still wonderfully entertained me and some take on the diverse product selection.


Available from May this year is the new Dattelsüße, a sweetening, which consists of one hundred percent dried dates. It can for baking, Cooking, be used in cereal or yogurt or oriental dishes, So an all-rounder!


Even coconut oil I have found here, one of my absolute favorites in the kitchen, the oil dragging and against dry skin.


The Rapunzel Kokosmus I test the way and just like it enormously happy! Although it is less suitable for personal care or the oil pulling, but it even healthier, because it consists entirely of crushed pulp of coconut.

Rapunzel recipes

Do you know the way already the great Rezeptdatenbank WithRecipe Finder Rapunzel? It's just a, what you have in the fridge and even tells Rapunzel, which courts can conjure up!


POW Fashion


Besides the many sweets there was also quite a bit of sustainable fashion to see.

Particularly beautiful and varied I found the shirts of POW Fashion.


One can already tell I: You will soon learn more about it ;).


Youth Initiative Baden-Württemberg

FairHandelnStuttgart_jutedrucken 1

The Youth Initiative Baden-Württemberg had a small booth on site.

There you could print using Screen printing is one of two different motives on a jute bag.

FairHandelnStuttgart_jutedrucken 2




For Greenpeace one takes a great deal with the topic of environmental protection, I found especially the Fish Guide and the detox project for clothing companies interesting.

 Bread for the World

Very informative, my visit was at Bread for the World. There is cleared up this year a lot about malnutrition. The fascinating thing: Attention is paid not only to countries, where many people, living in poverty feed deficient, but also on modern society, the increasingly false and unhealthy malnourished.

FairHandelnStuttgart_brotfuediewelt (1)


Play Fairtrade products a role in your life?

Which of the featured companies you know?



Dearest greetings,


9 thoughts on “FairHandeln Fair (Stuttgart)”

  • A very interesting and nice report. I'm doing exactly as you überigens! Since my transition to natural cosmetics I also try in other areas say: To ensure food and clothing on quality and ingredients. Of course, as you yourself say that's already as a student or unemployed not necessarily so. But I quote at least attempt it as best they go. What Schockokekse you eat the so happy? Where to buy? Have now made me really curious as schocko-Nachkatze!

  • Wow, a great report! The show I had not on the screen, was ich total schade finde, as Stuttgart is not sooooo far away from here. The pictures are great and I think, that I had a lot of fun at the fair. Find the place annually?

    Of course Rapunzel is my term, many other companies I did not know. But I know the feeling all the better, when you start thinking about the beauty suddenly on the sustainability of the whole lifestyle – probably an inevitable process, once you get started. All the better, when fairs are also in this area and you were admitted as!

    • Thank you! The exhibition is small but perfectly formed :). In addition, parallel running other fairs, to which you have access with press card, For example, the Slow Food or even Yoga World. :) She finds, as far as I know, every year and is not a trade fair, therefore accessible to everyone. I was a visitor a few years ago already times there. :)
      I also found it really nice, to be admitted there, especially since it already is a trade fair, which is located in the same subject area. Of course, you already feel the difference, how to be accepted by the various booths as a blogger, as opposed to a trade fair as Vivaness. I was looked at as some very funny, which are now. lies ignored, I am, however, simply moved on and I have different chat where nice :D.

  • Hach it looks pretty! To be happy, I would have been there too :-) Clothing from hemp fibers I find quite wonderful: comfortable to wear and resource-friendly than cotton. Unfortunately, there is this still not sooo beautiful cuts and much still looks after Ökotussi.
    The coconut oil from Rapunzel is the way my dearest coconut oil :-)
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Agreed, Hemp is quite underestimated, precisely because it is actually a so light and fast-growing raw material! Hihi true, I said yes why, it is rather basics ^^. Modern Hanfkleidung, but that's it! :)
      Liebe Grüße!

  • A very nice post, I would have liked even been there…I have to remember for the next time. :))) The Rapunzel brand is me very sympathetic, who so great products in their range. On the date syrup, I am pleased just extremely, because I bake a lot of dates and that will really be a relief.
    Liebe Grüße :)

    • Many Thanks! I also have a very good impression of the brand and the recipe database is just fantastic! That's really ideal! I'm curious, When will I find the date syrup in health food store!
      Liebe Grüße! :)

  • My girlfriend was buying hemp clothes the other day. She also had the idea of a fair like this. I don't remember how we came to look at this anymore. But it is also a small eco and pays great attention to, that she lives as sustainably as possible.

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