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Faire und nachhaltige Ohrstecker von UnikatKantine, Oh Bracelet Berlin und Veva / Contigo


The switch to natural cosmetics has been done for a long time now but I am currently working on another change that is a bit slower. On Instagram, I occasionally show pictures on my journey to fair and sustainable fashion. This development takes time, especially since I don’t buy a lot of new, fair clothes, that wouldn’t be sustainable either, but only buy clothes when I need them. In general, my buying behaviour has changed a lot in recent times, as I was inspired by Marie Kondo’s famous book “Magic cleaning”. Thanks to her principle, it has also become clear to me which things will stay in my life for a long time and which quickly become unsightly or are no longer appealing to me. In this way, one learns a lot about oneself and perhaps starts to buy more expensive but higher quality products.

Up to now, for example, I have mainly worn costume jewellery. There’s nothing wrong with that either, I still like to wear some pieces of my jewellery every now and then. In the case of absolute favourites, however, I quickly noticed how the paintwork slowly dissolves, the pieces become unsightly or break down. The big exception is my high-quality jewellery: a necklace that I received in my childhood, a few pearl earrings with silver, a gift from my mother and finally my golden ring, which I got from my boyfriend many years ago for my birthday. I still wear them all regularly and they almost look like new. Nevertheless, even well-made costume jewellery can last a long time. I am still a student, so I’m looking for jewellery that isn’t made of pure gold because it’s too expensive for me at the moment. When purchasing new pieces of jewellery, it is essential to me that they have been produced fairly and are manufactured as sustainably as possible.

Today I would like to show you my fair/sustainable earrings, which have recently wandered into my jewellery box. The jewellery in this article was either bought by myself or given to me by my family. :) I’m currently still looking for small creoles and other somewhat larger earrings, but for work and everyday life I find ear studs great, because they are a little more discreet and not so much noticeable. The second part of the article is just as exciting: There I have listed a few jewellery brands that produce sustainable and fair, there are also rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more. :)


Unique canteen

Handcrafted fashion jewellery from Berlin

My sister discovered this beautiful pair for me at the Mauerpark flea market in Berlin and gave them to me as a gift. Unikat Kantine is known for its very unusual, in Berlin handmade costume jewellery. These include cherry earrings and even more fancy things! A nice article about the brand, which in my opinion is still underrepresented online, can be found here

I love the design and for me, they are neither too conspicuous nor too discreet. :)

Handgemachte Modeschmuck-Ohrringe von UnikatKantine aus Berlin Handgemachte Modeschmuck-Ohrringe von UnikatKantine aus Berlin

Handgemachte Modeschmuck-Ohrringe von UnikatKantine aus Berlin


Oh bracelet Berlin

Handmade gold and silver jewelry from Berlin

These beautiful Monstera earrings (29€) are completely new because after I unfortunately had no luck with a lottery and I have been wishing it for it for a long time, so I bought them myself. All pieces of jewellery from Oh Bracelet Berlin are handmade in Berlin, most of the materials used are from German production. The earrings themselves are made of stainless steel platinum-plated with gold. The so-called gold-filled process is used to achieve a particularly thick gold layer and thus a long lifetime. By the way, I used this nice, included jewelry box for all the photos in this article. I really like the small size of these beautifully shiny earrings, they are discreet and yet a little playful. Have you seen the beautiful engraving on the back? I love those details. :)

Handgemachte vergoldete Monstera Ohrstecker von Oh Bracelet Berlin Handgemachte vergoldete Monstera Ohrstecker von Oh Bracelet Berlin

Handgemachte vergoldete Monstera Ohrstecker von Oh Bracelet Berlin




VeVA from Contigo Fairtrade shop

Handmade, fair produced jewelry from Thailand

I do buy almost all fair clothes on the internet. This is because the selection here is extremely small to not available locally. That’s why I was all the more pleased when I discovered the Contigo Fairtrade store in Erfurt. Full of bags, jewellery and delicious coffee it immediately put me under its spell and I just couldn’t get past it. My expectations were not disappointed! Contigo has its own transparent Fairtrade system, which is to ensure fair trade and when you buy a product, you get a origin information, which is an important source of information. One of the partner jewellery labels I discovered is Veva from Thailand. Since 2006, Veva has been a silver workshop with 31 employees. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in a complex process. The workshop is well equipped, there are extraction systems, protective screens for silver polishing and good lighting. More details (even salary) can be found here in the Contigo Wiki, a great initiative to provide transparency for the customer.

Immediately I fell in love with the two hexagon earrings (26€), they are made of silver and gold-plated. The surface is slightly roughened so that they sparkle beautifully in the sun and have a semi-matt finish.

Handgemachte, vergoldete Hexagon Ohrstecker von Veva / Contigo Fair TradeHandgemachte, vergoldete Hexagon Ohrstecker von Veva / Contigo Fair Trade

Handgemachte, vergoldete Hexagon Ohrstecker von Veva / Contigo Fair Trade


Surel ceramic Weimar

Local: Handmade ceramics / silver jewellery from Weimar

Last but not least: Don’t buy only “Made in Germany”, but rather locally. As I mentioned before, it’s really hard to get some nice local jewellery, but on the pottery market last year I found this pair of earrings from Surel Keramik from Weimar. The only problem is the silver stick, which is a bit too thick for my pierced ears. But I find the blue painted ceramic so beautiful that I have worn it very often since then.


Keramik-Silber Ohrstecker von Surel Keramik aus Weimar

Keramik-Silber Ohrstecker von Surel Keramik aus Weimar




More sustainable / fair jewellery:

While some of the above earrings came into my possession by chance or as a gift, I also actively searched for beautiful, fair and sustainable jewellery. The following list is therefore a bit like my wish list and I hope to be able to make a few of the following favorites a small place in my jewelry box in the next few years:




Concrete jungle

In the Concrete Jungle Manufacture, jewellery pieces made of a special material are produced in cooperation with regional companies in Germany: Concrete. They do not use a commercially available mixture, but special concrete with glass and carbon fibres, which has an extremely high compressive strength and looks perfect even with small moulds. I especially love the combination of white concrete and gold leaf.



Makaro Jewelry

Anyone who loves beautiful stacks made of different bracelets, but also beautiful gemstone jewelry is in exactly the right place. Not only the design of the many bracelets and necklaces is great, I also like the concept: The handmade gold plating is at least 100 times as thick as conventional gold plating, so the piece of jewellery wears off much slower and you have a lasting pleasure in it. I love the beautiful bracelets and rings (very suitable for Instagram;)), my personal favourite is the “Bina button necklace” with a beautiful Labradorite.





Pik fine

In the Pikfine Manufacture in Cologne, Nora and Clara and their team have been producing gold, silver and brass jewellery as well as leather bags made of eco-leather since 2011. Almost 3/4 of the collection is produced in Germany, the rest by partner companies in Greece or Turkey. Both sisters were dissatisfied with the usual exploitative methods of jewellery making and decided to make changes themselves. In order to produce as sustainably as possible, many pieces of jewellery are recycled silver or gold, some articles also contain conflict-free precious metals. My tips: The triangular earrings “Triangle” and the small golden creoles. All in all, however, all pieces of jewellery are beautifully minimalistically designed.



External format

Fremdformat manufactures produce unisex jewellery which is made from industrial residues. For example, recycled gold or silver. In addition, all kinds of precious metals and gemstones from the jewellery industry are not used as they are often mined under poor working conditions. This is the basis for noble but purist jewellery made of brass, copper and stainless steel. The packaging is also made of recycled materials and the servers run on green electricity – for the founders Julia and Steffi it is important that production is as sustainable as possible. By the way, the old German names of the jewellery are really great! If you are looking for a special individual jewellery, you should take a look at the customisable, hand stamped earrings or pins, which can be provided with different numbers and letters according to your wishes.




People Tree

You may already know People Tree from their fair fashion range, because they produce feminine, fair clothing, of which I have some favorites in the wardrobe (for example my wonderful balloon dress). For more than 20 years, the brand has been working with Fair Trade craftsmen and farmers in developing countries and has been the pilot project of the World Fair Trade Organization to certify clothing. But did you know that People Tree also makes handmade jewellery? These included earrings, bracelets, rings and chains made of copper or brass. Under each product you will find more detailed information about the fair operation in which it was manufactured. I love the “Simple circle earrings” and the “Double Bangle” bracelet.


Cecelia designs jewlery

The jewellery from Cecelia Designs Jewlery not only gives the owner great pleasure, it also helps the environment by planting a tree for every product sold. It is handmade and the product line ranges from artificial leather earrings to 14 carat gold jewellery. On my wish list are the “Rachel earrings”, because they are extremely similar to a pair of my very beloved fashion jewellery earrings, which I can’t wear much because of the material. These are much more sophisticated and thanks to the real jewellery they are also more durable.


Edge of Ember

If you prefer luxury jewellery, you’ve found the right address at Edge of Ember. Production takes place under fair conditions in Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand, which forms a sustainable basis for the existence of the producers. Fair wages and sustainable materials are their top priority. The design is great, real eye-catchers are for example the “Satori hex” or “Facet gold” earrings, my personal favourites are the somewhat simpler “Converge gold hoops”. 



Of course, these brands are just a small selection that meets my personal taste, it was great to see how many fair and sustainable jewellery brands there are now!



You can find even more fair and sustainable jewellery in these shops:

Avocado goals






And here are some other interesting articles about it:


Elisabeth Green

Fräulein Immergrün






Feel free to post more fair/sustainable jewellery links, brands or stores in the comments!



Do you like to wear jewelry?

Have you found sustainable and fair jewellery yet?

How do you like the earrings?

Lots of love,

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  • My favorite brand in terms of fair jewelry is A beautiful story. I like love more pieces. Recently also geometric and golden. Plug I your Montsera also love. As well as the chains of external format.
    For jewelry, I find it somewhat difficult to differentiate what exactly sustainable, fair etc.. As. Locally must be therefore not synonymous., Although it is certainly better than six and co. Trying to say, This is a topic, I must deal with the further. I find it easier the differentiation in real jewelry.

    • Thanks for the tip! :) Will I look right now! That's right, It's not that simple, Maybe I should edit the above still, so that it is clear: Local and handmade means just, that production is usually fair but not necessarily raw materials. Many dear greetings!

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