First aid for dry winter skin

Hello my friend! :)

After I was now very often asked, I will show you today My tips and tricks for dry winter skin. I even get unfortunately very fast dry skin and heating air and cold in the winter are not optimal.

But fortunately there are some routes again radiant, moisturized skin get – Even in winter!


Up removing oil

Probably gentle product for removing makeup is oil. For this you can use an oil of your choice, which can you take good, e.g.. Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jojobaöl, Castor oil or a mixture of several oils. Simply gently massage into the skin and subsequently with a damp, Remove warm washcloth, was removed until all the oil and make-up. If a little film on the skin remains, should he completely move in a few minutes, otherwise you may be used to a rich oil or it may not be washed enough.

The Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm Balance Me is an oil blend of emulsifiers were mixed, so that they can be washed better. It also contains small exfoliating particles.

If you are living too oily, you can also Product use, the in addition to oil also contains emulsifiers and can therefore be washed off easily. A Product, that since I like very much is the “cleanse and smooth face balm” Balance of me. Great cleaning oils and Cleansing Balms has Julie Beauty of hunting by the way in Post same name presented.

Surfactant Cleaning

If you do not get along so well with pure oil and rather ordinary cleansers want, how about with surfactant-free facial cleansers? You cleanse nevertheless almost always thoroughly, irritate the skin but much less. Examples would be e.g.. the Cleansing Cream Dr. Hauschka, the Maritim Reinigungsmilch of SensiSana, the Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Milk or the Sensitive Cleansing Emulsion of alverde. The last two I have already tried and am tremendously pleased with it, the Skin then feels velvety soft! :)

The Sensitive cleansing emulsion of alverde cleanse the skin very gently, without drying it excessively.

Oil as care

My personal salvation in winter Facial- and body oil. Although one would think, that it is terribly greasy and sticky on the skin, pulling it in a matter of seconds, when it massaged into the damp skin. Even much better than body lotion or cream, I personally find. Afterwards the skin feels cared for, soft and fresh to! For the face rich one to two drops, for the body a about Peanut Large portion, Of course, this depends on the richness of the oil. It's best to begin at once with a few drops, then you realize quickly, how much your skin needs. Oils are also more great for the hair, so you can to Rest, the Oil after still on your hands, Gently massage into your hair ends. A great care!

The Search for a suitable oil is sometimes easy, best you buy only just samples or cheap oils and look, how well your skin can tolerate and whether you like the smell. Because you can then quietly sometimes at the grocery store an oil of lesser quality to try Buy, so you can estimate roughly whether this could be anything at all and most oils taste also still outstanding. Of course there are big differences in quality, but much can not go wrong there. You should pay attention only in favorable oil, that it is pure oil and no other substances are added. With me now are some oils in the bath, I mix as needed or used individually.

My facial oils, from left to right: Jojoba oil from Müller, Chamomile oil from Taoasis, Almond oil from Weleda, Facial Oil Rose Otto von estelle & Thilde, Argan oil from Moroccan Naturals

Rich day care

In addition, it helps, buying a richer cream for colder seasons. There are often extra- Product series for dry skin and also Night creams can make a big difference!. I reach sometimes to Anti-Ageing Produkten although this is in age very pointless. As long as no “strong” Ingredients like retinol contained is not a problem and does not harm young skin, on the contrary, since the formulations are usually richer, gives you a boost of moisture cream!

The alverde cell active series (PR-Sample) is also rich and pulls away very quickly, without sticking.

Oil in day cream

You have no desire specially a new cream to buy? No Problem! Mix just a few drops of your favorite oil in your cream. It is rich, the oil pulls a fast, as it combines with the cream and the dryness of the face returns! :) Could not be better, or?

Makeup with care

Even during makeup you should make sure, that you care decide not for a product austrocknendes. Either you buy a Foundation, which is advertised as grooming, or you shuffling some oil or cream in your normal Foundation. I use just e.g.. das 24h Fresh Make-Up von Alterra, although not covered as much, for my skin but maintains instead dries.

The 24 Fresh makeup of Alterra contains the makeup also a care-share.

Oil with Mineral Foundation

In the summer I love Mineral Foundation, because they allow companies simply natural and beautiful in my eyes finish can do magic. In winter, I want to give it up not. No Problem, when the Powder mixes easily on the back of the hand with oil and then applying! A great tip from Pretty Green Where|man, the back brings the Glow in the face!

No desiccating Concealer and Co.

Not only powder, also highly opaque concealer is often dehydration. Therefore rather omit, Mix with care and use a richer product! Luckily, there are cream products like cream blush or highlighter and the lipstick, it is advisable, creamy textures, which are less well pigmented use. That just is fashionable red lipstick and I wear it like super, is very counterproductive, I know. Nevertheless, I do not begrudge my lips, with bright Terra Naturi lipsticks “soft coral” and “rosewood” in between time and again a little break.

Nourishing Mask

Once a week you can also pamper your skin with a nourishing mask really. I personally love the Care Mask of Lavera, But there are other products on the market great. But there are also great DIY Recipes e.g.. here with avocado and yogurt.

Not care

As soon as I respond with comprehensive care of my dry skin in winter, usually happens following: My skin is suddenly unclean. That's because, I usually make the mistake at the start and spread the maintenance throughout the entire face. This really is mainly my T-zone and center of the face dry. So I take care of my cheeks and the area of ​​skin on the jaw and suddenly get pimples. I start then but einzucremen only the T-zone and only the small amount on your hands in the rest of the face to Distribute, so the impurities disappear again. So eighth best close attention, which parts are really dry and not care the rest of your skin! :)

Regularly but gently Peelen

As one forgets once einzucremen skin enough or oiled and already is the Coated with dry facial skin cells. Before eincremt should again be every now and then the Skin very gently exfoliate to remove those dead scales. Otherwise it may be, that the Care draws only in the scales and not including in the skin, the lechtzt after care. Importantly, that thou very gentle peelst, otherwise trocknest and irritates you skin layers including and have an opposite effect. Very well this works with a Konjac Sponge or with a Facial Brush, where you only gently on the skin touches without pressure.

The Konjac Sponge of For Your Beauty (Rossmann) is in black for blemished skin and available in white for normal skin. Unlike ebelin product (DM) it is sold dry and contains no added synthetic preservatives.

Cream showers replace the Eincremen

So important is the gentle cleansing of the face, it is also for the body. I hereby give to, that I am extremely lazy, what the whole body lotion am. Nevertheless, no problem, because I try to in winter Cream showers to grab, make the subsequent creaming almost superfluous! I especially like the Care showers of Weleda, but the alverde Cream Oil Shower with cocoa aroma was also one of my favorites.

I hope I could help you with my advice and some wish you radiant, moisturized skin, even in winter!

What is your First aid for dry winter skin?

Liebe Grüße,


22 thoughts on “First aid for dry winter skin”

  • Very nice blog post (: …you have the options described good and everything justified toll! Also I have discovered lately oils for me. On the body I like it for some time (and also find, that they move very quickly on wet skin), but for some time I also use the face of oil Alterra (Pomegranate). Unfortunately, I have now and then impurities…that gives me your tip just right: only maintain the drier places close them and only the rest on the tendency to blemishes facial features. I'll try it (: …The Balance Me Reinigungsbalm sounds very interesting. But I also want time to try avocado oil for removing makeup. Coconut oil also has always worked very well, but the film then was so strong, I had to wash it off with a second cleaning product. However, I have also taken no sponge / rag for removal of coconut oil, but my hands (: …The Konjac Sponge Rossmann I have gained me, However, I use still the Original Konjac Sponge and am very satisfied (: …Liebe Grüße.

    • Thank-You! I hope, I helped you with the tip! :) The face of oil Alterra with pomegranate sounds so exciting about! :) Avocado oil I just also at home, which is the oil on the cover :). So far, I like it very much, It also combines well with cream and is still a bit rich :). Personally, I like coconut oil, unfortunately, less, it works for me, but is not the optimal oil for me.

  • With oils I care for my skin also super happy, now even better than with creams. If you're in the shower with a little baby oil (or other oil) einölst, then you have after einzucremen also nice soft and radiant skin without you :)

    Liebe Grüße

  • So I have here now time to install a little criticism, which are now. what to say points, where I disagree :D
    1. For me the Konjacsponge brought absolutely nothing, As regards the removal of scales. Not even the youngest, he managed :/
    2. Cream showers would be nothing for me, because that simply is not really clean, since they are much too rich. Just Deocreme one does not get so from. Thus, I could not with something simple showers.
    3. I do not think, that surfactant-free cleaning “thoroughly cleanses”. I had the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. This is indeed times, if you are not wearing makeup- But even then I feel somehow worse, after I've used it, precisely because it leaves this movie :D
    4. Even with oil I can only abschminken, When this takes place in combination with an oil-soap cleaning. The face must be easy squeaky clean with me, before Cream / Oil Depends.
    5. I hate oil in her hair! That's because, seem to be somehow like fire and water that my hair and oil. Oil, no matter what, dries them even more from, and I've got already tried. But simply does not work. That's why I always have to smile, when all say, there is nothing better for the hair than oil. That really just depends on the hair structure.

    I complain only slightly, because your advice sound as universally valid and have with me many proven ineffective and poorly. Must be said yes sometimes :D

    I myself have dry skin in winter, especially in the T-zone and really bad on the nose. But one must also distinguish, why a person has dry skin, because that can come on the one hand by too little moisture or too little fat (or both). It helps absolutely nothing, if you need moisture and only permanently oils and rich creams and skin Foundations plan, which is the skin only dry out more. So I have made namely. And I have already often read or seen, how to complain that, that rich creams etc. would not help her skin. Is precisely because, that the skin will no fat.

    I think, First you should first find out, what the skin is missing, before you start, they patch up with fats and oils, once said exaggerated.

    But now times to, what I do against my dry skin. For the body I just take high superfatted soaps and if that is not enough, Make body lotion at the, who need it just :) Or I bathe all one to two weeks time in a really rich-greasy bath additive (as Badeschoki of Soaparella or bath cream of Welland).

    For the face I have the last few weeks in the evening always used my Pai oil, am i + m moisturizer and the dry parts were still a layer of lanolin Welland. This went quite well, even if my nose is always a problem case :D For a few days now I'm testing the Akamut pomegranate seed oil, because my Pai oil is empty. I mix it just to my moisturizer :) Let's see, what does my skin to :D
    If I remove the makeup, I let my nose always in the way,. She's really unschminkbar in winter, no matter how severely I have cared for them. Once there is no matter what form it Foundation, you can see tiny flakes :D

    Currently I only wear a little powder on the skin Benecos. Have now but also to test an NK BB Cream started. Have a look :)

    Oh man…That was certainly a Roman :D

    Wish you a nice Sunday!

    • Hi Mo!
      The Konjac Sponge was rather an example for very sensitive skin, In addition, I've found, that it makes differences, such large pores is such a sponge, the new by Rossmann is stronger with me, as my old sponges. Of course, the result is not comparable to the effect of a washcloth Peeling, it was rather an example for very sensitive skin :). I use it often in the shower without detergent and he takes flakes and excess fat from well, without giving rise to new. :)
      With cream showers I have experienced, that they clean more, than you think, If you fail at your Deocreme that is naturally goofy. There is always a first familiarization if you like the feeling quietschsaubere, I personally prefer the meantime, however, the well-kept feeling the squeaky front, even if the course is subjective perception.
      Even with the surfactant cleansing creams are with me so, if I then go with Hydrolat and a cotton pad on the skin, not remain the least bit makeup with me left (wherein the course arrives again on the Foundation, it may well be using a heavily pigmented) the oil dissolves the makeup before and it goes like this even easier down than with some soap, I personally find. But for my eyes, I use the Alterra Waschschaum, because I do not have dry eyes, I should add perhaps above. Pulls the oily film then with you not a? A Double Cleansing Method would be yes then recommend to you, I've done well at the beginning, because me the oil film has irritated, So wash only oil and then the remains after removal with a gentle soap. I remain therefore prefer in cleansing creams, because they are mild enough for me and the light oil film pulls away completely after some time with me.
      That oil in the hair will not work with any true, because it depends on, whether the hair needs oil or proteins and the extent to which. This was more so a Tip, if you do not know what to do with the excess oil and many works well, I think you realize quite quickly but if that has an effect for the hair. I myself use in addition to oil now and then to Protein Conditioner maintain optimal to my hair :).

      Of course you are right, so universally the tips were not meant, those are more my tips, I've so been found for me and help also the people around me. :)

      Of course it is important to use moisturizers or just massaging the oil into the moist skin, so that the moisture moves in and emulsified with the oil. The oil is intended more as a protection not let out the moisture again, quasi the protective barrier in winter. In the summer, my skin has very different claims, but in the winter I need to protect myself from this additional protection to air heating and refrigeration. Creams consist basically yes even of water and oil, present in an emulsion and then penetrate the skin.

      Excessively soaps are a fun way the “quietschige” To have sense and not too dry, because the feeling is so characterized, that the skin is withdrawn from the skin's own fat, we are still maintaining the soap to. Lanolin is also a great care, is yes lanolin and has very fabulous properties, I also liked the Martina Gebhardt creams so!

      Of course you're generally right, without creams and only with oil not works well and if you need a sense quietschsauberer skin, also do not work some tips above course :).

      No Problem, I welcome your comment very long, many thanks! :)
      You also have a wonderful Sunday! :)

      Liebe Grüße,
      Julia :)

    • Good Comment – so the reader will also get other easy tips or ideas.

      I've made the experience, that the skin is not good also because of essential oils / fragrances easy, no matter which direction. Dry or greasy, scaly or whatever. Since I use mostly scent free and quasi-irritating care, Much has changed! Maybe you try it out.

  • What a great and especially extensive post – wow. :)

    It helps me this winter very, that I command my mixed mineral foundation with oil (thanks for the link!) and my skin is thus protected at the same time during the day by the oil somewhat from the cold. Because my oil but not enough to take care alone, I take in the evening then to face cream for a little extra moisture. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • I love oils HND welcome your tip to very :-) Have I recently, incidentally, also as an Argan Roller ordered, he smells a bit strange – smells like your?

    When cleaning I no longer sit on oils, Slimming is just always connected with mechanical friction. With the very attractive low-cleansing milk CMD (neutral) I am happiest, My skin also.

    Often I massage few drops of oil on the cream into the skin, to seal the moisture, especially when I'm out longer (with child) or car ride, the air conditioner makes my skin really ready. For the argan oil scooter is also super.

    And my Uoga Uoga Mineral Foundation currently comes even as oil mixture in the face :-)

  • HM, I actually have no real tip for dry winter skin. I reach then often richer products, but not all of it I like to also apply duration, because my skin but then it does not tolerate. Mostly I use then just a little more nourishing masks and stick to my usual day cream, because I can not tolerate this better in the long run.

  • A very nice and interesting article!
    Ohhhhhh Weleda showers anyway generally Weleda products I adore!!!:-) Since they are just super nourishing.
    As for what oil for the body. I have me now finally a beautiful lavender geönnt relaxation oil from Weleda lavender relaxation to match the shower and I have to say love me after showering so rub.
    But the tip of @ H.V. with the baby oil also sounds very good.:-)
    Occasionally, if I make a face mask. Then I use then instead of a face cream, the beautiful fragrant almond oil from Weleda before going to bed.
    On my lips comes during the day currently the Melvita 2-in-1 Honey Lippgloss.
    What do you use lip care? I would be interested times what you have to lip care products and so are using? What are your favorite Lippenpflegeprodutkte?

    Have a nice Sunday, I wish you, and a good start into the new week tomorrow!:-)

    • Many Thanks! :) I love them too much, simply an incomparable silky feel on the skin after showering! The lavender oil I imagine great, I have next to the shower nor the Lavender Relaxing and does his job super. :) The Melvita Gloss I know not yet, but it sounds super!
      For my lips I use now and then my homemade lip scrub (s. DIY recipes), Burt's Bees and a lip balm and a Lenz, regularly. Very intensely nourishes the way “Everon” Weleda, I also like very much! :)
      You also have a wonderful week! :D

      • The Weleda Lavender Relaxing I imagine I look great in turn before!:-) Unfortunately, we do in our jetztigen Wohung no bath tub, but only a shower. And my parents live, unfortunately, 200 km at times just drive past removed shortly and to go swimming.:-(

  • That's a great detailed article :-)
    I fortunately no major problems with dry skin in winter. If times is critical in much drier air heater and I do not know what, after which the skin reacts halt, then helps me have a rich treatment mask.
    At oils I dare unfortunately still not really ran. After the article the other day when Julia I am again become curious times but the first attempts to Cart. And you make me curious. I'll probably have some games set a favorable oil for testing.
    With coconut oil do I remove every now and then my makeup. But I know this halt oil film, the zurückbliebt on the skin and not pulls. So it's probably the wrong oil, I've just learned. I'll have to maybe really test through just a few oils.
    Thanks for the suggestion :-)

    • Thank you! :) You happy! :) I have become big oil-Fan, skin feel afterwards is wonderful. So much can not go wrong also, maybe you try it indeed times with a low-cost oil and look how your skin reacts to it. And, so it may be, that you that coconut oil is then too intense, you can wash it off even more and then with a smidgen soap or, if the film continues to bother you, and is also found in other oils, simply “normal” Clean and then clean, damp skin massage oil. Willingly! :)

  • The Konjac Sponge I have and I think he's really super.
    It perfectly complements the daily facial cleansing :)

    Dearest Greetings,
    Nina von

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